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3 Tips to Get Your Weddings Published

June 25, 2014

We love seeing our weddings featured on blogs!   However, when I started trying to get weddings featured I really had no clue all the work that would go into it, and what the process was like.  I would submit a wedding somewhere and if they didn’t accept it it was a really big blow.  It’s been a process to figure out how to get weddings featured, but I’m learning along the way, and now it’s much easier and rejection is not as harsh. 🙂

1.  Take the right photos.  This is a big one.  Details, details, details.  That is pretty much what all wedding blogs are looking for.  Two Bright Lights actually has a great list of all the photos that publishers are looking for (you can sign up for a free account and get it), but here are a few that are really important:

Bridal details:  dress (several shots), shoes, rings, bouquet, perfume bottle, necklace, earrings, veil, hairpiece, old/new/borrowed/blue, all paper products (invitation, programs, etc)

Ceremony details: location without people, close up of decorations, unity candle, programs

Reception details: full room shot, table shot, close up of decorations, plus anything and everything the bride has brought to the location 🙂   The more you take, the more chance you have of being published

2.  Gather all vendor information before the wedding.  When you’re submitting weddings to be published, the editors want to know who to credit.  It’s very helpful to have all this information from the bride before the wedding because you can go ahead and submit the wedding whenever you’re ready then.  It can be hard to gather all this information after the wedding is over.

3.  Re-submit the wedding to another blog when you’re rejected.  Yes, rejection happens ALL the time in the publishing world!  Don’t take this as a bad sign, though, and just re-submit the wedding to another blog.  There are so many reasons a editor might not publish a wedding you submitted, and you can’t take it personally or stop submitting it.  I have been rejected countless times, but, for the most part, just kept submitting and eventually it will get published.   This is why I like using Two Bright Lights for my submissions, since it’s so easy to resubmit the wedding to another blog.

So there you have it…3 tips that I’ve learned to help get my weddings published.  Hopefully they’ll help you, too!



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