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5 Tips on Getting Weddings Published

August 20, 2014

Getting your wedding published, whether in print or online, is something a lot of photographers (and brides!) really love.  It’s so great to see your wedding featured somewhere, and everyone loves a little publicity. 🙂

Sometimes it can be a bit of a long road to getting your weddings published, but hopefully these tips will help you get them featured!

1)      Details. Details. details.  Most blogs and print magazines are looking for lots of details!  This means that whether you’re a bride or photographer, you want to have lots of details.  As a photographer we take LOTS of photos of every detail that’s a part of the wedding.  Not only do our bride’s want these photos (they’ve spent lots of time and energy creating them!) but this is what the blogs want to see.  If you’re not sure what details to get, Two Bright Lights has a great pdf on detail photos to take.

2)      Choose only between 100-150 photos to submit.  This can be a big deal.  Publishers are not looking to scroll through hundreds of photos to see which ones to feature.  They want you to narrow the photos down, which will make their job so much easier!   When you’re choosing photos, remember to choose all the detail ones.  Do choose some bride & groom, and a few bridal party photos, but make the selection very detail heavy, since they’re trying to give other bride’s ideas on how to plan their wedding.

3)      Research Blogs before you submit. Blogs are looking for different photo styles and different styles of weddings.  Make sure your wedding will be a good fit before you submit!  There are lots of different types of blogs out there, and just make sure it fits with the theme of their blog.

4)      Add personalized details & vendors to submissions. The more personal you can make the submission you send in, the better it is!  Is the bride wearing a grandmother’s ring?  Make sure you talk about it!  Are the details something that ties into the bride & grooms’ love story?  Let the publisher know.  The more unique the story of the wedding, the better it is.  Along with this, make sure you have all the vendors who worked with the wedding, so the blog can give proper credit to the vendors involved.

5)      Don’t give up!  Rejection is going to happen.  A LOT.  Blogs get SO many weddings submitted to them, that sometimes they have to be super selective on what they feature.  Sometimes they just have a lot of a certain type of weddings in their queue so they don’t need another one in that style.  Sometimes it’s the wrong season.  There are so many different reasons that a blog will not accept a wedding, but don’t let it discourage you!  Just keep submitting the wedding, following the 4 steps above and you’ll find somewhere to have it featured.

Hopefully this helps you out!  I know these are 5 things that I’ve learned over the years to help me get a much higher rate of published weddings than I ever imagined.  Happy submitting!


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