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5 Ways to Prepare for your Personal Branding Session | DC Headshot Photographer

October 29, 2019

Personal Branding Photography has become more and more popular in the last few years. Brands are becoming about people, rather than products, and it’s been a fun evolution to watch. It also means visuals are becoming so critical.  If you’re someone who needs a personal brand session, here are five things to make sure you implement to maximize your return on the photos! 

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  1.  Give your photographer the information they need well ahead of time. As a personal brand photographer, I have a detailed questionnaire that helps me plan out sessions.  I want to know what drives your business, where you’ll be using the photos (website, Facebook, Instagram stories, Instagram feed, etc), brand colors, brand style, and a lot more.  All of this helps me plan a session that truly fits your brand, and gives you exactly the photos you need to promote yourself online. I know it can be hard to sit down and fill out information, but it’s critical to being able to plan the right locations and session for you! 
  2. Make sure you understand pricing and usage rights ahead of time. I have clear pricing for my sessions and make sure everyone understands it ahead of time.  Also included with all my sessions is the commercial print release, which means you can use these images online, in print, and marketing materials without crediting or asking my permission.  I want all of my clients to get the best use out of their images, without being held back and asking me every time they need to use one for marketing, or be required to credit me in every image.
  3. Choose your outfits before the last minute.  I can’t stress this enough – really, you need to do this!  Making sure you know what to wear before the morning of the session ensures that you’ll have outfits that not only work well with your brand, but that you feel amazing and confident in as well.  This factor alone can make or break your session. I always send out a what to wear guide, but one of the biggest factors in whether or not you’ll love your photos is by making sure you feel incredible in each of your outfits!  
  4. Get professional hair and makeup for your session. Talk to your photographer to see if they offer this (I include this with all of my sessions!)  They will have great recommendations for the style and type of makeup you like. My personal favorite is  something that makes you look polished, professional, and glammed up from your normal day-to-day look. It’s also so much fun to be pampered a little before your session, too!
  5. Relax and prepare to have fun! Let me do the hard work.  Once we get to the shoot, you really just get to sit back and relax.  I know it can be hard, but again, feeling relaxed and amazing is going to make your photos so much better!  We’ll be making sure you love the images as we go along throughout the day, and we can always adjust props and styles as needed, but we want you to come away with stunning photos you can use in a big way!
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