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Elsa is One! | Columbia MD Family Photographer

January 31, 2018

I’m quite sure that writing an introduction to this post is a waste of time. This adorableness BEYOND BELIEF (!!!!!) is going to draw you like a magnet right past any words I type!!!

So I will only share, very briefly, that Elsa’s naming story is just about my favorite ever. It honors the families of both Lindsey and Joe (mom and dad, of course). From Lindsey’s side, ELSA is formed by the initials of Lindsey and her siblings, Emily, Lindsey, Sam, and Andrew. The name is equally sentimental in relation to Joe’s family. Elsa’s full name is Elsa Caroline, a tribute to Joe’s late mother, whose name was Caroline Elizabeth. It’s so rare to find a name that is beautiful, sentimental, and meaningful to both families. Well done, Lindsey and Joe!!



Lindsey, thank you for letting us photograph your beautiful children!!!!! This is the highest percentage of shots kept vs. shots taken in the history of Susie and Becky photography… simply impossible to take a bad shot of these cuties!!! More than that, thank you for the blessing of your friendship. You are gracious beyond measure, thoughtful in conversation, hilariously witty. Your instastories keep us laughing and your kindness brightens us on our most discouraged days. We love you and your beautiful family!!!!

Xoxoxoxoxo, Susie & Becky


  1. Sally Ann Price says:

    Those are great photos! Both of those children are adorable.

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