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Frederick Newborn Photography: 3 Girls 3 and Under

June 7, 2018

If you follow Sarah on Instagram, you’ll see that she makes everything look so easy. DIY house projects, Pinterest-worthy parties, weeding the garden at 9 months pregnant, natural childbirth, art projects with her kids, and mothering 3 girls 3 and under, Sarah is one of those rare women who does it all with grace. (She also does it without making those of us who can’t keep up feeling like less!) I spent hours with Sarah yesterday, and she makes it look just as easy in real life. She’s gentle, calm, and skilled at multi-tasking. She lets the little things go easily. It was so beautiful to watch her with her three little girls.

But no matter how easy she makes it seem, I know it’s not. Nursing, changing diapers, cutting sandwiches, responding to meltdowns, living on a toddler’s schedule – none of those things are easy!! I could clearly see that LOVE informs Sarah’s outlook on this stage of life. It’s a love that accepts these difficulties and “counts them all joy”. That wise and sacrificial love is the most beautiful thing I could ever capture. It was such a privilege to take these photos!

Motherhood – parenthood – is difficult. There’s no way around that. Our hope with newborn and family images is that we can capture this beautiful, exhausting season in a way that reminds parents that along with all the stress, children are the greatest of blessings. Sarah, thank you for inviting us in yesterday, and reminding us once again just how fleeting and blessed these days are. I hope your photos fill you with joy!!






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