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February 4, 2013

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – we firmly believe in giving our clients gorgeous wedding albums.  Our clients care far too much about their photography for us to give them images that they’ll simply file away on their computer.  Many of us *think* that we’ll get to scrapbooking our wedding photos or creating our own album, but… you know how that goes 🙂  Because Susie and I believe so strongly in the value of photography products, we simply don’t offer packages without products.

We also know that, if we’re going to include albums in all of our packages, we need to have a revision and approval process for our clients that is stress-free, and more importantly, facilitates excellent communication.  It’s critical to us that our clients are *thrilled* with their final result and receive no surprises.  So, Susie spent some time last season searching around for a better system than we had, and she signed up for a trial of Fundy Album Proofer.  We both absolutely loved what this product did for our client communication and have used it with every album since.

We simply upload jpgs of each of our draft pages.  From Album Builder’s interface, we can email our clients a link to see their album.  We could even add in music if we wanted to create a little drama and excitement for their first viewing 🙂  From there, they go to another link for proofing.  At that link, they MUST approve, reject, or change each page.  To the left of the page, they leave comments about what they want changed.  This is really, really awesome for us, because there is no ambiguity whatsoever about the pages with no comments.

Generally, we still meet with clients for the first proofing, simply because its the most effective way to communicate about the changes.  We make their changes and go into a second round of revisions, which we can do entirely online, thanks to Album Builder.  We’re ususally done after a second revision, but at most, we only have a few minimal changes during our third revision.

Our album process was so much smoother and quicker for the second half of this season, which enabled us to get all of our clients their albums quite quickly (except when we missed a pair of closed eyes and had to send the album back to the printer – ugh!), and for us to turn our focus to the 2013 season knowing we’ve served our 2012 clients well.

If you’re looking for a better process, check out Fundy Album Proofer – I hope you like it as much as we do 🙂


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