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September 9, 2013

Since our wedding season started off this Spring, I’ve been spending a lot of time designing wedding albums.  It always makes me happy to open up our album designing program and start designing albums.  I’ve realized how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunity to design amazing albums for our couples, and how thankful I am for the program that makes it all possible!  We use Fundy Album Builder, and it’s a really powerful program for album designing.  The upgrades they came out with at the beginning of this year were phenomenal, and really made our album design process much easier!  Every program has a learning curve, and once Becky and I learned how to use Fundy, we found it was really a perfect fit for us, and our style.  Our biggest problem now is limiting the number of spreads we design!

wedding album design with photos of bride

We love the simplicity, yet elegance of the spreads we’re able to design with Fundy.  It can be a challenge sometimes finding the right photos to tell the story of the day while still keeping the wedding albums stunning and gorgeous.   Crowding photos on a page takes the impact of an album away and we’re careful with our photo selection to try to make sure that doesn’t happen!   We want our couples to look at their wedding album and be amazed, not just see lots of photos crammed on a spread.   Thankfully, Fundy makes it easy to create these impacting and simple spreads.


Inspired Photography by Susie & Becky
Creative Maryland Wedding Photographers

  1. Andrew Funderburg says:

    Thank you so much guys. What a wonderful surprise to find this on a Monday morning..

  2. Susie says:

    Thank you!! We love Fundy. 🙂

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