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Best Buy Camcorder and GoPro Action Camera Deals

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Best Buy

Looking for a way to capture better video on family holidays or when you're doing something interesting? Best Buy has announced a sale on a range of camcorders and action cameras.

The camcorders on offer will likely get you much better video than your smartphone would, making them perfect for things like making home videos, taking on vacation, and so on. The action cams, on the other hand, are great for attaching to a helmet or clothing, or simply getting better video than your phone in a smaller form factor.

Check out Best Buy's camcorder and action cam deals below.

Camcorder deals

Best Buy

There are a number of camcorder models on offer from Best Buy, and they range in price. Ever since the advent of the smartphone, the humble camcorder has come a long way, thanks largely to the fact that it needs to offer far better video quality. Camcorders can often zoom better, record for longer, and have swappable batteries.

  • Get the Sony Handycam CX405 from Best Buy, $179.99 (originally $229.99) [You save $50]
  • Get the Canon Vixia HF R800 from Best Buy, $219.99 (originally $249.99) [You save $30]
  • Get the Canon Vixia HF W10 from Best Buy, $318.99 (originally $349.99) [You save $31]
  • Get the Sony Handycam CX675 from Best Buy, $499.99 (originally $599.99) [You save $100]
  • Get the Sony Handycam AX53 from Best Buy, $849.99 (originally $999.99) [You save $150]
  • Get the Sony XDCAM PXW-Z90V from Best Buy, $2,599.99 (originally $2799.99) [You save $200]

Action cams deals

Best Buy

If you're into extreme sports or want something that's nice and tough for taking on the road, then an action cam is the way to go. Best Buy isn't offering as many deals on action cams as camcorders, but there are still three great GoPro models, and they're well worth considering for those who want something to capture their surfing, skating, or anything else.

  • Get the GoPro Hero7 Black action cam, $349.99 (originally $399.99) [You save $50]
  • Get the GoPro Hero7 Black Limited Edition action cam, $349.99 (originally $399.99) [You save $50]
  • Get the GoPro Fusion 360-degree action cam, $299.99 (originally $599.99) [You save $300]

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Camcorder Best Buy Deals


Best Buy and Home Depot drop security cameras linked to Uyghur surveillance

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Lorex and Ezviz will be much harder to find, but hard questions remain

By Mitchell Clark


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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

According to TechCrunch, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowes will no longer be selling security cameras from Lorex and Ezviz after the outlet reported on the brands’ parent companies’ involvement in supplying the Chinese government with surveillance tech.

According to the US government, both Dahua (Lorex’s owner) and Hikvision (Ezviz’s owner) stand implicated in human rights violations and abuses in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. They have reportedly helped supply surveillance equipment for monitoring ethnic minorities. One of the largest oppressed groups is the Uyghurs, a largely Muslim ethnic group the Chinese government is accused of putting in detention or reeducation camps, using as forced labor, and more.

The home security cameras and systems from Lorex and Ezviz aren’t banned from sale in the US, despite restrictions from the Department of Commerce on their parent companies. However, when TechCrunch reached out to retailers about Lorex and Ezviz’s links, Home Depot and Best Buy reportedly promised to stop working with the companies. Home Depot cited its “standards of ethical sourcing” as its reason for pulling the products from its online store, and while Lowes reportedly didn’t respond about the matter, Lorex’s products were pulled from its site.

Lorex security cameras are still available for purchase on Best Buy’s site

Best Buy told TechCrunch that it would be “discontinuing its relationship” with the companies. However, Lorex’s security cameras still seem to be available on its site (and certain models are even on sale). Searching Ezviz turns up no results. Home Depot and Lowes’ search systems don’t return anything for Lorex either; while the latter shows results for Ezviz, all the products are listed as unavailable.

Best Buy’s site still shows many Lorex products. (Screenshot taken on October 25th, at 1:40PM ET.)

These surveillance issues aren’t only limited to security camera companies. The US government has limited how US companies can work with drone maker DJI by adding it to the Entity List after reports raised concerns about its drones also being provided to police forces in Xinjiang. DJI’s consumer products are still allowed, but companies would face similar ethical dilemmas when it comes to selling DJI’s products as they would for Lorex (though DJI is a bigger name in drones than Lorex is in home security). Best Buy didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about whether it intends to keep selling DJI’s drones and cameras. 

In a statement to IPVM, a surveillance-focused outlet that co-reported the story with TechCrunch, the president of the World Uyghur Congress said that it’s “unacceptable that there are still American companies directly helping further” the group’s oppression. The statement could apply to retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club, which continue to sell Lorex products, but it could also apply to tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and more, which have been tied to suppliers that reportedly used forced Uyghur labor.

Despite the US government saying that China was committing genocide against Uyghurs, a report from The Dispatch says that the country didn’t admit a single refugee from the minority group between October 2020 and September 2021. The report cites difficulties escaping China due to checkpoints and video surveillance, a maze of red tape, and “lack of urgency” when granting asylum as reasons for the shortage of admissions.

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10 mistakes when buying a camera | Articles | Photo, video, optics

A camera is not only an intricate device, but also a decent investment. Therefore, mistakes when choosing a suitable camera are undesirable. However, we are often mistaken. Therefore, we have collected 10 popular mistakes that most often lead to choosing the wrong camera.

Source: Digital Trends

1. A cool camera will give good photos

An expensive fancy camera can give the user a lot. Shooting speed, autofocus accuracy, high aperture, etc. But all this is just technical specifications. Just as the best brush and paint do not make the owner an artist, so the best camera does not guarantee masterpieces. In order to get the result, first of all, a skill is required, and then a camera.

This does not mean that you should skimp on technology: cheap or outdated technology will not be able to cope with your requirements if you are planning to seriously get into photography. But if photography becomes just a hobby for you, you should not invest in the most expensive equipment at all. Most of the professional features may not be needed, so the expense will not be justified.

2. It is not necessary to research anything in advance

The ideal way to get the most information about which camera is better to choose is to do a full research. To begin with, it is worth deciding on the goals, and then carefully study the characteristics of the cameras and their specifics. It is far from always worth relying on what consultants in stores will tell you, because their task is to sell goods that are available, and not to advise what is suitable for your tasks. Therefore, in this case, the responsibility lies entirely with the buyer. The good news is that most of the information is available online, so anyone can prepare and make a choice before heading to the store.

Understand the different types of cameras and their pros and cons. Be sure to look at examples of photos without processing. All this knowledge will be useful to you not only when buying a camera, but also in further learning photography.

Source: HotRate


Don't rely entirely on reviews

Reviews are very convenient. When real users talk about the disadvantages and positive aspects of the device, you can be sure that they have no third-party motives. Is this true? Not really. We are not talking about the fact that the network is full of fake reviews, although sometimes they appear. But almost everything has both fans and haters. As absurd as it may sound, some users can't stand Canon cameras, for example. And no positive characteristics can convince them. And so it can be with almost every product. So don't worry too much if you come across a review that says this is the worst camera ever because it was released under a specific brand. Pay attention to detailed reviews with examples and explanations, and be prepared for the fact that there are no comrades for the taste and color. Also, do not pay attention to subjective comments: if you are not used to the location of the buttons on the previous camera, then the problem on the new one will not affect you.

4. Do not forget about accessories

Of course, there are buyers who are only interested in buying a case, but these are most often not beginners at all. If you are buying a camera for the first time, be prepared that the body itself will not be the only waste. You will need a lens or multiple lenses, a spare battery if you intend to do long photo shoots or shoot events, a fairly large memory card or cards, a camera strap, a case or bag, and of course photo editing software. All these are absolutely necessary things, the cost of which will have to be taken into account when planning the starting budget. Sometimes you can save money by buying a kit kit, which includes a lens in advance. But everything else will have to be bought separately anyway. So avoid this common mistake and immediately consider everything that may be useful to you in the future.

Source: YouTube

5. Don't spend your entire budget just because you can. There is nothing wrong with this, of course.

But great opportunities do not mean great needs. In other words, you don't need to spend money on features that you definitely won't need. Unless you intend to do astrophotography, you should not take a special lens just for the sake of it. There is no need to chase a full frame sensor if you have no idea what advantages it provides. A significant difference is usually determined by key parameters, so it is worth paying attention to them. Many cool features will actually be useless. If you're buying a video camera, don't focus on photo features, and vice versa.

If you want the coolest camera, this is also a question, because the indicators can be different. In short, don't fall for the gimmicks, because in the end many of them are nothing more than publicity stunts that won't work.

6. Don't focus on the little things

The camera is a complex structure, and a lot is based on small elements and details. For a professional user, this can be a serious problem if he knows exactly what he needs from the camera. But for a beginner or an amateur, as for many serious users, these little things may not matter at all.

Please note that if you are buying a DSLR or mirrorless camera for amateur photography, many parameters will not be fundamental. Kit kit with lens can cover most requirements of beginner and hobbyist. In this case, just do not get carried away with the details, this is a complex and lengthy process that is not always needed. In this case, of course, we must not forget about the study.

Remember that there are many different ways to compare cameras, and every photographer evaluates devices according to their own standards.

Source: music4india.in

7. No need to be distracted by discounts and promotions

A discount or special offer can greatly distract the buyer. A camera promotion can lead to a very good price, but you should never be distracted and rush to make a purchase solely because a good offer is in effect.

The camera that is eligible for the promotion is not necessarily the one that suits you. If you are in no hurry to buy, then the best option is to wait for the best price on the camera you have chosen, regardless of the available discounts.

You should not buy, for example, a travel camera if you plan to shoot portraits or do not travel much. The main thing is that the camera suits your lifestyle and shooting, otherwise, if you encounter disadvantages or inconveniences, you will either return the camera or not use it. The saying “the miser pays twice” is more relevant here than ever. Therefore, decide in advance on a price range that is comfortable for you and, if you come across a successful promotion or discount on the selected camera, use it, otherwise you should not deviate from the original plan.

8. Don't buy a camera without a purpose

So, the first rule of any purchase is to know exactly why you need a camera. This is the basis of any purchase and it applies to any technique. Based on the goal, you choose the model. Therefore, never make a purchase without having a certain understanding of your own tasks. This is the easiest way to buy what doesn't suit you.

But we do not always know exactly what we plan to shoot, for example, beginners often experiment. Fortunately, in such cases, too, there is a way out. Some pros recommend focusing on lifestyle rather than possible potential plans if you're undecided on the genre. If you are interested in different types of photography, then the best option is an interchangeable lens camera. Thus, you can choose a portrait, wide-angle or telephoto lens, depending on specific tasks. As for the characteristics, try to choose universal ones. Again, don't chase price, it's not an indication of opportunity.

Source: Digital Camera World

9. Don't listen to random advice

If you're buying a camera, be sure to do your research. But what you should not do is listen to the advice of everyone in a row. Even if your friend or relative takes pictures, this does not necessarily mean that they understand the subject. Therefore, even if you listened to their advice, do not take them for granted. Check the information, compare the received "testimony" with those that you get from more reliable sources.

And, as with online reviews, try to weed taste preferences from technical indicators. Another case is if there is a professional photographer among your acquaintances. He can not only give useful recommendations that will help in the selection and further shooting, but also allow you to test your own technique. The latter option is the most preferable, since it is always better to try out what you plan to purchase in practice before buying. This is the best way to find out if the camera is right for you.

10. Do not buy an untested used camera

Used cameras should be purchased with extreme caution. This is recommended to be done exclusively by those or with those who understand the technical side of the issue. There may be a lot of damage in the chambers that will not be visible to the naked eye. Things like scratches on the sensor are not easy to see right away, but this already means that the camera will need additional repairs. The same goes for all the internal mechanics of the device. This may explain the too low price. Therefore, when it comes not to new equipment, but to used goods, certain knowledge is needed. If you do not have them, do not be fooled by the cost and seemingly profitable offers. The best strategy is to purchase a new device with all warranty documents.

We hope that you will find our recommendations useful and try to avoid mistakes. Remember that a camera is a device that, with the right choice, can last for many years and it is worth purchasing it with this intent.

How to choose a freezer for your home: expert advice

The home refrigerator freezer is not capable of holding the entire harvest of skilled gardeners. Separate freezer the camera will solve this problem and help keep the crop almost intact.

By the way, hunters, fishermen, and livestock owners have the same problem - food preservation. and birds of various sizes.

Selection criteria:

  • Volume
  • Layout and dimensions
  • Freezer class
  • Quick freeze function
  • Freezing power
  • Control
  • Energy consumption class
  • Noise level
  • Climate class
  • Additional functions
  • Brand


Freezer Indesit SFR 100

Minimum freezer volume 90 l. Maximum - 600 liters. Which to choose?

Practice shows that a family of 3-4 people has enough volume of 150-200 liters. But these are average figures that do not take into account crop yield or livestock productivity. In addition, in an upright freezer, other things being equal, enters less than the horizontal one.

In fact, a good owner knows how much the workpiece occupies, how long it should and can be stored.

Chest freezer LIEBHERR GT 2122-21001

Layout and dimensions

Household freezers come in a vertical layout, similar to single-chamber refrigerators, and a horizontal layout, similar to single-chamber refrigerators. similar to freezer display cases in stores. In the latter, the door does not move aside, but opens upwards and is not provided with transparent glass. Vertical is called the word "cabinet", and horizontal - "chest".

As noted above, other things being equal, less food is placed in the cabinet. Because they lie on the shelves, and not on top of each other, as in a chest. But the vertical freezer also takes up less space - its width and depth are standard and are, most often, 60 cm each.

Freezer Shivaki FR-1441W

Standard height for chest is 85 cm. Depth (smaller of horizontal dimensions) is also standard, but the width varies. Naturally, on the floor, a horizontal refrigerator occupies a large square.

Chest freezer Biryusa 200VK

Do not think that you can put something heavy on the chest door. She can't do anything at all. put. Therefore, a chest is a solution, rather, for a house than for an apartment.

Freezer class

The shelf life of frozen foods is directly related to the temperature in the freezer. And the temperature is determined device class.

The class is indicated by asterisks - from * to ****.

* — a temperature of minus 6°C ensures the safety of products for a week.

** - temperature below - up to minus 12 ° C. Month - nominal shelf life of frozen products at this temperature.

*** - the shelf life is increased to a quarter, and the temperature drops to 18 ° C.

**** - anything below 18 ° C can be stored for one year. This applies to products that can be kept for such a long time. There are products that, even at temperatures close to absolute zero, spoiled in a couple of weeks.

Quick freeze function

The function is activated in advance, before loading products. The chamber further lowers the temperature to after placing warm objects in it, the temperature returned to the optimum immediately or as soon as possible.

Of course, the power consumption increases and the life of the camera decreases. But the products are stored better, Warm foods don't cool cold foods much.

This function can be dispensed with if the freezer has a high capacity.

Freezer Gorenje FN 6192 PW

Freezing capacity

In contrast to vacuum cleaners and blenders, freezer capacity is measured in kg/day. This indicator indicates how many products the camera can freeze per day to the minimum temperature.

If you keep the chamber temperature below the minimum, the power is increased. But this dependency indirect.

In any case, the higher the power, the faster the food will cool and the less it will defrost. "old-timers" when placing "newcomers" in the cell.

Capacity usually starts from 5 kg/day. Note that this is a very low figure.

Naturally, lowering the temperature of a mountain of food by 30-50°C requires a considerable amount of electricity - you should be prepared for this.


Traditionally, mechanical control is considered more reliable, although modern electronic systems, perhaps, give odds to the old mechanics. The control and indication of the electronic system is simpler.

Mechanics subject to mechanical damage. For example, ice may freeze on the regulator. And with a long operation, wheels and engine rheostats tend to get dirty and jam.

The most advanced electronic control systems can be built into a smart home and controlled temperature from a computer or smartphone.

Freezer ATLANT M 7103-100

Energy consumption class

The more economical the model, the more expensive it is. To understand whether the game is worth the candle, we pick up a calculator and consider the savings on electricity per month. And then we figure out if it's worth the overpayment.

The most economical class is A or A+, the opposite is E.

Noise level

Modern GOST 16317-87 dictates what should be the maximum noise of the refrigerator and freezer, — 53 dB. Although this limit already delivers discomfort.

Traditionally, all household refrigeration equipment is divided into three groups according to the noise level:

  • with low noise - 25-34 dB;
  • medium - 34-44 dB;
  • high - from 45 dB and above.

If you purchase a chest freezer for a private house, and it will stand in the far corner of a basement - high noise level will not be a hindrance. But for an apartment it is better to choose the maximum quiet technology.

Climate class

For hot climates, there is a freezer class called T. environment up to +43 ° C. The standard climate class is designated as ST and has a limitation temperature +38°C. choice in favor of one model or the other.

Please note that some features require more complexity. And complication often leads to a decrease reliability.

Additional features include air filters, advanced display of operating modes and temperature inside the chamber, solutions for the organization of internal space - special compartments for large or heavy objects, etc.

Useful options include child locks and manual or automatic transition in economy mode at partial load.

And here is the forced ventilation of the freezer if it is performed separately from the NoFrost system - complication of the design, additional fans and ventilation ducts.

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