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Free Photography Printables & Guides! — Live Snap Love

Yep, that’s right, free photography printables and guides for you!!!

I know first hand just how confusing learning photography can be at first, and after teaching thousands of students how to master their cameras in my Auto to Awesome program, I also get to see exactly where most people get stuck or overwhelmed.

Which is why over the years I’ve created a number of printables for new photographers, based on where I see people have the most problems with.

And to make life easier for you, I’ve rounded them all up in a FREE resource library! That means you can simply go into the library, and download whatever takes your fancy.

If you’re ready to dive in, just go here to get access!

But if you’d rather have a sneaky peek at what’s in there already, keep on scrolling to see what we have for so far….

Manual Settings Cheat Sheet Printable

One of the areas I know you can get stuck is starting to choose your settings yourself, rather than letting the camera choose them for you.

So in this simple one page guide, I lay out which Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings you should use for different types of photos, along with reminders of what each one does, and how it affects the look of your photos.

Print it out and keep it handy when shooting so you can confidently and quickly set your camera in manual mode, but these settings will also be useful to know if you’re shooting in Aperture Priority mode too!

90 Day Photography Learning Blueprint

Another thing that can stop new photographers in their tracks is feeling overwhelmed with all the knowledge out there. It’s like you’re being pulled in 20 different directions at the same time, and you don’t know what to focus on first (or next) to get the results you’re looking for. The result is, you waste time trying to do Step 10 stuff, but because you haven’t learnt Step 2, it doesn’t make sense and you want to throw your camera against the nearest wall :)

This blueprint lays out the photography learning path for you, so that you can get where you want to be in, you guessed it, 90 days. Of course you can go faster or slower if you want (Many people get through our Auto to Awesome course in just 6 weeks for example) but that’s a good time to be able to take everything in.

Print out the guide, so you have it to refer back to and it will keep you on track and moving forward, and most importantly, focusing on the RIGHT things.

Which Lens KickStarter Guide

Knowing which lens to get is an important decision, because let’s face it, they’re pricey, and you want to make sure that you get the right one for you, and what you shoot.

My which lens kickstarter guide lays out for which lenses are good for which types of photography, and we also have example images from each lens, so you can see them in use in the real world!

The Essential Gear Guide

Photographers love to talk about gear, but how much do you REALLY need? After the non-negotiable of needing a camera for photography, what should you invest in and what should you leave on the shelf?

This guide cover the essential gear for new photographers, so you can get what you need, and then get onto the thing that will actually move the needle for you in photography - learning how to use them :)

“Pro Tricks for Professional Level Photos” Free Class

OK, so it’s neither a printable or guide, but it’s so darn good that I had to put it in there :)

In this free class, I go over exactly what lifts your photo from being a snapshot into a more professional, wall worthy image, along with tips and tricks to help you take better photos TODAY (well, actually, in just one hour )

How do you get into this nirvana I hear you ask? Simple, click the image below, enter your name and email address and within seconds an email will whoosh into your inbox with a link to get to the secret part of the website where all these goodies are waiting for you. And, yes, it’s totally, 100% free.

As always, if you think others will find this resource helpful, then share the love! Simply pin this to your Pinterest boards, or share on Facebook or Instagram, or send to a friend - both them and I will thank you for it.

Thanks so much for being here, and I’ll see you in the library!

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21 Free Photography Cheat Sheets (Download Today)

My mission is to make photography simple.

And the free cheat sheets below will help you to learn photography fast.

They’re great if you want some quick tips for the various topics we cover.

But if you want something more comprehensive…

Our 52 premium “Quick Capture Cheat Sheets” have been designed for fast reference and easy learning.

And they’re the perfect visual tool to help you master photography…

Quick Capture Cheat Sheets

Take your photography to the next level with these easy-to-follow cheat sheets!

Buy from ExpertPhotography


Quick Capture Cheat Sheets

[ExpertPhotography is supported by readers. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little bit of money. Need more info? See how it all works here.]

Free Cheat Sheets: Photography Basics

We start off this list with six photography cheat sheets focused on the basics of photography.

It’s important that you understand how to master your camera settings and exposure before you start venturing into more complex topics.

From shutter speed to camera types… this is everything you need to get started.

The Exposure Triangle

For most photographers who are just starting out, understanding the exposure triangle is key to taking great photos.

The three elements of this triangle are aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. All three need to be balanced in order for a photo to be well exposed.

When to Use Each Shutter Speed

In photography, shutter speed is one of the most important factors to consider before pressing the shutter.

It can affect your image in many ways, from how sharp it looks to how much motion blur there is.

There are a few guidelines in the photography cheat sheet below that will help you decide which shutter speed is appropriate for each situation.

The Aperture Scale (And How it Affects Depth of Field)

To shoot in manual mode, you must be able to control the aperture, but it’s not always easy to understand.

In the photography cheat sheet below, we show you the relation between aperture size, exposure, and depth of field. Memorise this! It will make your life easier.

Types of Cameras

There are many different types of cameras.

A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR camera) is a professional quality camera that has interchangeable lenses. It produces high-quality photos but requires a bit more practice to operate than other types.

Point-and-shoot cameras are less expensive and easier for beginners to learn how to use because they don’t require manual adjustments or special skills.

And the other kinds? Read the photography cheat sheet below and find out the most important things to know about them…

10 Steps to Focus Stack Correctly

Focus stacking is a great way to get razor-sharp images that you may be missing from your photography.

It’s also an absolute lifesaver for macro and close-up shots where the depth of field can be very limited. However, it can take some time and patience to learn how to do it correctly. This photography cheat sheet will help you out!

10 Steps to Taking Good Pictures

The idea of taking a good picture can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. There are some simple steps you can take that will make your pictures look better and more professional.

In this photography cheat sheet, I’ll show you 10 easy things you can do to help improve the quality of your photos right away.

Photographing People

Now that you understand the basics of photography, the next step is to practice taking photos of people.

There are many different situations you can shoot in, ranging from romantic couples photography to formal family photos.

Our photography cheat sheets below explore them all…

15 Tips on Photographing Families

Every family has their own unique story. And, through photography, you can capture who they are and create a beautiful visual record of their time together.

7 Creative Family Photography Ideas

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration to spice up your family photography, then this cheat sheet is just what you need.

We’ve compiled 7 of our favourite ideas that are sure to bring out the creativity in anyone!

10 Tips to Improve Your Environmental Portraits

Good environmental portraits will tell the story of their subject. Your model’s immediate natural surroundings will give the viewer insight not only into their personality but their everyday life.

This cheat sheet will provide 10 tips to improve your environmental portraits.

How to Capture Romantic Couples Photos

Capturing an intimate moment between two people is not always easy.

Couples can often feel awkward and shy in front of the camera, which can lead to disappointing photographs.

Here are some tips to help you capture romantic couples photos without any stress or embarrassment:

Wedding Photography Checklist

You’ll be on your toes the entire day of the wedding – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This checklist will help you make sure that everything is in order for a beautiful celebration and beautiful memories.

Creative Photography Cheat Sheets

One of the most difficult aspects of photography is getting creative with your photos.

If you’re a beginner photographer, this can be really tough! There are so many options and techniques to use that it becomes overwhelming.

That’s why we created these cheat sheets for you! They go over a number of different styles and offer helpful tips for all the photographers who want to get more creative with their images.

4 Steps to Mastering Creative Night Photography

Creative night photography is a new and exciting field for many photographers.

Many of these beginners are looking for ways to improve their craft, but don’t know where to start.

This cheat sheet will outline four simple steps that can help you master the art of creative night photography in no time!

Spiral Light Photography Cheat Sheet

This is one of the simplest forms of creative photography.

All you need is a low powered flashlight and a piece of string (how long is up to you).

With a simple setup and long exposure, you can capture some really cool photos.

Creative Still Life Photography Cheat Sheet

Photographers are always looking for new ways to challenge their creativity.

Creative still life photography is a great way to do this because it forces the photographer to think-outside-the-box and create something unique.

Niches of Photography

Once you have some experience with photography, you can start experimenting with different niches to find where your passion lies.

That’s why we’ve collected a bunch of cheat sheets covering various topics, from pet photography to food photography and more…

12 Tips to Improve Your Nature Photography

Nature photography is a great hobby for people of all ages, but it can be difficult to get the perfect shot.

Here are some tips to help you improve your nature photography!

Pet Photography Cheat Sheet

A pet is a member of the family, and capturing their personality on camera can be just as important as photographing your children.

Here’s an easy-to-follow pet photography cheat sheet for taking great photos of your pets!

iPhone Photography Tips for Better Photos

Everyone has a camera in their pocket, but not everyone knows how to use it.

The iPhone is one of the most popular cameras around the world and can take some really amazing photos.

Here’s an iPhone photography cheat sheet with 12 tips to get you started:

10 Tips for Improving Your Food Photography

The goal is to make your food look appetizing and delicious without making it seem too artificial or processed.

And below is 10 tips to make food photography easy for you.

Professional Photography & Social Media

Once you’re ready to sell your services or share your photos online, these photography cheat sheets are going to be really helpful.

10 Things Your Photography Contract Must Include

I know how difficult it can be to put together all of the necessary information for your photography contract.

This is why we’ve compiled 10 things that every photography contract should include.

How to Write a Photography Model Release Form

A photography model release form is a document that grants permission to the photographer to use images of the subject in their work.

If you’re unsure whether you need a release form, this cheat sheet will help walk you through it!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Post

Is your Instagram feed looking a little lacklustre? Do you want to get more likes on your posts? If the answer is yes, then this cheat sheet is for you.

For more social media help, check out our social media ebook.

Quick Capture Cheat Sheets

Take your photography to the next level with these easy-to-follow cheat sheets!

Buy from ExpertPhotography


Quick Capture Cheat Sheets

Where can I find free pictures for photo printing?

By Aleksey Tyazhelnikov Recommendations Free Nature Stock • Gettyimages • Google • Pexels • Yandex

To order high-quality printing in a printing house, you must use high-resolution digital images. In most cases, such photos can be found on the Internet.

It is important that you comply with applicable laws and do not use copyrighted illustrations for your own purposes. Consider the simplest and legal ways to find free pictures and photos on the web. nine0007


Overview of free stocks and photobanks

Photostocks and photobanks offer excellent conditions for searching and purchasing high-quality digital images of various subjects. These platforms feature tens of thousands of illustrations and photos. Let's take a look at three of the most popular resources.

Free Nature Stock

Free service Free Nature Stock specializes in uploading high quality photos of nature and the environment. For ease of searching, all photographs are divided into categories, including wildlife, plants and minerals. nine0007

In total, the database contains 50,000 unique author's images. Pictures may be used for commercial purposes with or without attribution.

Stock: freenaturestock.com

Pexels stock

Pexels stock is very popular in the EU and CIS countries. This service contains about 20,000 high-resolution images on a variety of topics.

You can register your account and use all kinds of tools for work. In accordance with the accepted license agreement, the use of downloaded images for commercial and non-commercial purposes is allowed without attribution or reference to the source. nine0007 Stock: pexels.com


Gettyimages is the world's largest image bank with over 200 million photographs in its archive. Some of the images are provided to customers on a free license basis.

To use the free feature, just copy the special code and paste it on the landing page of your site.

Photo bank: gettyimages.com

How to find high-resolution images on the Internet? nine0017

The easiest way to search for pictures on the web is auto sorting. To start this process, you should do the following:

  1. go to Google;
  2. in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the "Pictures" icon;
  3. in the line that appears, enter the keywords for the search;
  4. click the Enter key.
Google image search

The system will return a large selection of photos according to the request specified in the command line. The user needs to choose from the proposed range of images of the desired resolution. nine0007

If the resolution of the found image is not enough, follow these steps:

  • return to Google, to the photo search section;
  • click on the camera icon and go to the "Upload file" tab;
  • select a file on your computer's hard drive;
  • use the "All sizes" option, then the service itself sorts pictures with this image as the quality decreases.

Google Image Filter

To search for large images, you need to use the same function as in the previous case, and clearly formulate the query.

After the results appear, you should refer to the "Tools" option located directly below the toolbar. Next, a new menu bar will open. In the "Size" item, you must check the box next to the "Large" category.

Yandex 9 image search options0017

The principle of searching for images in Yandex is similar to working in Google. Open a browser window. In the line below the request, click "Pictures". The system will provide a wide range of thematic images.

To continue working taking into account specific parameters, it is worth clicking on the icon with the camera located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select a suitable image file from those available on the PC or enter the URL of the image.

After downloading the file from the computer, Yandex will display a selection of similar images available on the network with different sizes. If an image URL was entered into the command line, Yandex will display similar or maximally similar options. This will indicate the resources where they can be found. nine0007 Image search Yandex

Copyright protection for photos and illustrations in the Russian Federation

When choosing an image on the Internet for photo printing or other purposes, you must remember about copyright. If the owner of the picture finds that it is being used illegally, he can go to court and win the process.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation Ch4 provides for several types of liability for copyright infringement on images from the network:

  • civil - payment of monetary compensation to the right holder;
  • administrative - imposition of a fine;
  • criminal liability, up to imprisonment.

How to use images from the Internet without breaking the law?

Lawyers warn that it is very dangerous to choose the first images from Google or Yandex search results for personal use, as search engines pull up images from third-party resources, many of which may be protected by copyright. nine0007

Many photostocks and photobanks offer some of the images available in the database for free use, but this condition must be stipulated in the license agreement. Usually, the author is indicated next to the image, to whom you can contact if you have questions.

Online printing of photos in the Priant printing house

Priant printing house will perform professional photo printing in Moscow with delivery. Special technical equipment allows you to make high-resolution printed images in any format, including small photographs for family albums or entire canvases for internal and outdoor advertising .

Ordering large format printing from Priant has the following advantages:

  • large selection of media, including banner fabric, mesh, film, paper;
  • fill density adjustable from 360 to 1440 dpi;
  • use of persistent environmentally friendly dyes;
  • reasonable prices.

Orders for photo printing are accepted online. To do this, you need to fill out a special form on the site and upload a file with an image. Processing of received applications is carried out daily from 10.00 to 21.00. nine0007 Printing delivery Priant

You can pick up the finished product by self-delivery or by using the services of a courier service. Delivery of printing products is carried out in a neatly packaged form, which guarantees the complete safety of the contents.

28 free photo stocks and photo search sites

Material updated in January 2022. We have added 16 more sites.

A good photograph or a beautiful image is an important part of any article or material. We present you a selection of Internet resources where you can download images of any size and photos in high quality for free. nine0007


  • A selection of photo stocks and photo search sites
  • Instructions for using photo


net Freedigitalphotos.net

The site has a large selection of free images and photographs. They can be used to design materials on websites, in advertising materials, newspapers. Photos are presented in good quality, and the navigation system on the site will simplify the search for the desired image. nine0007


Google image search

Google image search

When you search images on Google, you can customize your search conditions to find images that you can use for free. When searching through images, you need to open the "Search Tools" tab, and then select the one that suits you in the usage rights.

Search the Google image database.



An archive of free high resolution photos that are also suitable for printing. The resource has long been popular and even served as the reason for the appearance in the publishing business of the term "morgueFile", denoting the files found on this site. nine0007




This resource has over 395,000 free images in its gallery. You can search for high-quality photos by various parameters or categories. The site also has a collection of tutorials on working with images and photos.


Free Range Stock

Free Range Stock

Once you have registered on this platform for free, you can use the images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. All photos here are the work of professional photographers. They get paid when users click on banner ads next to their photos. nine0007


The Open Photo Project

The Open Photo Project

A free photo-sharing resource created in 1998. Searching the site is very easy, and all photos on the site are licensed under a Creative Commons license.




Currently, over 40 thousand images are available on the site:

  • photos,
  • textures,
  • backgrounds,
  • logo templates. nine0064

All images are free and available for download. They may only be used for non-commercial purposes.


New Old Stock

New Old Stock

Site with vintage photos from public archives. Photos on this resource are free from all copyrights and do not require copyright.




Totally free photos for commercial and non-commercial use. New photos appear on the site every day. nine0007


IM Free

IM Free

Thematic collections of free images. Since all images are grouped by topic, it is very convenient to find the most suitable one. All images may be used for commercial purposes.




Large online collection of free images and photographs that can also be used for any purpose. A distinctive feature of the resource is an online editor with which you can edit photos before downloading. nine0007


Creative Commons

Creative Commons search.

Creative Commons allows artists to share their work with a wide audience while retaining their copyright. There are 16 available licenses to choose from, each giving different rights to image users. When searching, you can select the type of license and sites that will be searched.


Mockup World

Mockup World.

This site features a variety of design layouts. There are thematic sections: books, fashion, food, signs. They can be downloaded for free as layered PSD files. Then in the photo editor you can add additional visual elements. Particular attention is paid to animated layouts on the site. nine0007

For more information on how layouts can be used, see the FAQ section. When using layouts for commercial purposes, the creators of the project are advised to double-check its license.




Here you will find images that are suitable for sharing on social networks, including Instagram. There are documentaries, illustrations, posters, drawings, magazine covers. To start working with the resource, you need to register. The copyright policy can be found at the link. nine0007




On the resource you will find free images. There are 24 categories in total: logos, graphics, icons, layouts, templates, PSD files, and more. There is also a design blog here.




There are many posters and illustrations here that can diversify the social media feed. There are also collections of graphics, typography, posters, black-and-white photographs.

Website. nine0007



A large photobank that works by subscription. Here you can find photos or vector images. There are 30 categories in total. Among them: science, education, vintage, art, technology, nature, holidays.



Also a large bank of photos and vector images. You can download several photos per day for free. With a premium account, you have unlimited access to even more shots. nine0007 Freepik.


Gratiso Photography

Free collection of stock images. Their slogan is "Really unique, usually funny, always free photos." New pictures are added every week.



Refe Photos

If high resolution is not important for you, then this service will help you find good photos taken on your mobile phone. Everything is free for any purpose of use. You can also subscribe to updates. nine0007 Refe Photos.



Free and largest (more than 2.5 million files) photo search service, supports Russian. In addition to photos, it contains video and audio files.




Free photos for any purpose of use. Lots of categories. By subscription, you can receive collections of new photos to your mail weekly.




Another major free photo stock. Every ten days you can receive a free selection of high-resolution photos to your e-mail. You can also directly send these photos to Dropbox. nine0007 Unpslash.



A popular resource for photographers and designers. Allows you to use site materials based on Creative Commons 3.0.




One of the best picture and photo sites. Lots of images (several billions of pictures, 200 subcategories) available for free use.




A quick way to find the right images for your blog or website. Photos are available for both commercial and personal use. nine0007

The site has many subcategories, the largest of which are:

  • nature and animals,
  • lifestyle,
  • travel.


Wikimedia Commons

Media file repository. Project pages can be edited like Wikipedia.

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