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Mommy and baby photo ideas

20 Sweet Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas to Try in 2022

There are many variations of mommy and me photoshoots. These can be portraits with a small child or teenager, images with an adult offspring, and generation pictures with a granny.

However, how to arrange a creative and memorable mommy and me photoshoot to make customers order your services? In this article, I will share with you the most creative ideas for shooting, locations and poses.

Top 20 Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas You Should Try

1. Picnic

Capturing children and parents on a picnic is one of the classic family photography ideas. Before your photoshoot, you should think over all the props and prepare them. A picnic basket with food and drinks, a blanket, colorful paper decorations, lanterns, and other things will help you take engaging shots.

To make a family look natural in the pictures, give them time to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera. Encourage them to play or do their usual outdoor activities. When you notice that they don't feel embarrassed in your presence, you can start taking pictures.

Take the time to choose a picnic location. A pile of rubbish or some dull buildings in the background can ruin even the most beautiful spot.

2. Hug


A hug is one of the most natural and common mommy and me poses. For a memorable portrait, position the mom facing away from the camera, and the baby should look at the camera. The child can close their eyes, look to the side or directly into the lens.

Keep in mind that even with the most creative mommy and me photoshoot ideas, you won't be able to sell your photos if you don't know how to edit them well. If you have no experience, you can contact our professional service. A qualified team will quickly improve your pics to make them meet the industry’s standards.


Cooking Together

Invite mom and kids to bake or cook something together. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for fun family photo ideas as it allows children and parents not only to get memorable images but also to have a great time together.

Just like other cool mommy and me picture ideas, it might be challenging to implement since it is quite difficult to keep the children’s during a photoshoot. They quickly get tired and throw tantrums. However, by offering them some activity, you involve them in the process, and they will not perceive it as a photo session.

4. Body Paint

If moms are interested in art, it is a great idea to decorate them and the baby with non-toxic body paint. Capture the process when they paint each other and the final result. This idea is also great for maternity photography. In this case, you can paint the belly with bright colors or characters.


Wearing Fancy Dresses

Some people want to look more elegant and festive in their pictures. So, you can offer them a fancy dress photoshoot. This is one of the best mother and daughter photography ideas. Changing interesting outfits is always fun and girls enjoy it.

You should advise moms not to wear dresses and clothes that are too restrictive for movement, since it will be difficult for them to assume family portrait poses. Loose-cut dresses and suits will make them feel more comfortable. Besides, you can benefit from the fabric movement which adds more visual interest to the photo.

6. Wrapped in Fabric

It is a very touching and delicate idea to wrap the baby and mom in lightweight fabric, like chiffon. As a result, the picture will look like the best works in the fine art photography genre. This idea is also great if you're looking for artistic maternity photo ideas.


Fashion Shoot

You can offer trendy moms keeping up with the times to combine mommy and me photoshoot ideas with fashion photography. While this idea may seem like a fake to someone, it's a good solution for stylish Instagram moms, bloggers, and those who like to experiment.

To take stunning pictures, you should learn more about the main rules of studio photography and find out how to handle lighting equipment.

8. Incorporate Props

When preparing for a photoshoot with the youngest children, you should stock up on some toddler or newborn photography props. Use colorful balloons, toys, a photo-worthy book, and bubbles to lure the kid and implement your mommy and me photo ideas. You can also enhance the photoshoot's theme by bringing in the appropriate props.

9. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most touching moments you can use as a mommy and me photoshoot idea. Capture nursing sessions to convey the inextricable bond between mother and newborn.

You can also take pictures of mothers feeding babies from bottles. This is an excellent solution in cases where a woman cannot breastfeed. Such photos look no less memorable and sensitive.

10. Jumping on a Bed

Photos always look more attractive and dynamic thanks to movement. This is a great easy way to get beautiful candid photography. Ask mom and kids to jump on the bed. It is usually fun and the natural smile on the child’s face is always eye-catching.

When capturing motion, you need to keep in mind the correct shutter speed settings to avoid blurry images. Experienced photographers set the shutter speed to 1/500 or higher to make photos look sharp and clear.

11. Sitting with a Baby in the Lap

To make the difference in height between mom and baby less noticeable, you can ask the woman to sit on the ground and take the kid in her lap. This is one of the best mommy and me poses for photographing at home. You can also use this pose when implementing outdoor portrait photography ideas. Do not forget to bring a blanket. You will get cool dreamy images against the backdrop of beautiful nature.

12. Touching the Cheek

This pose perfectly conveys the close bond between mother and child. You can also ask the mom to play with the baby's hair or touch their cheek. Seize the moment and photograph their genuine emotions and reactions from this interaction.

13. Holding the Baby Up in the Air

To embody one of the most beautiful mommy and baby photoshoot ideas, you need to take pictures from the back or the side. This pose is also great for silhouette photography. A sweet kiss between mom and baby would be a great variation on this idea.

14. Sitting Pose

Differences in height between mom and baby can ruin the composition, so you should find a way to hide it. Ask the woman to sit down and leave the child standing by. Photos look more balanced if the faces are on the same level.

15. Side-by-Side

You can also play with the difference in height in a fun way by photographing from a distance. I often use this pose with various family photo outfits ideas to bring focus to mother and baby clothes. This approach allows you to emphasize the close relationship between daughter and mother.

16. Baby Against Chest

Another cool pose that allows you to show the connection between mother and child is a woman holding the baby close to her chest. Using this idea, you will get incredibly cute and touching pictures. It will be a great addition to mother and son photography ideas.

17. Nursery

If you specialize in newborn photography, you probably know that it can be problematic for a family with a small baby to come to your studio or other shooting location. In this case, a photo session in the nursery can be a good solution. Mom and her baby will feel more relaxed and comfortable in a familiar environment. Plus, many parents spend a fortune decorating their child's room. Why not take advantage of a beautiful location and capture precious moments during the mommy and me photoshoot at home?

18. Beach

If there are beaches nearby, do not lose the opportunity and take advantage of this location. The best time to embody your mommy and me photoshoot ideas on the beach is sunset and sunrise. Seashells and sand can be useful natural props for you.

When preparing for a photoshoot on the beach, choose a location without passers-by, houses, or wide-open sand. A spot with tall grass, dunes, driftwood, and distant trees will be a nice choice.

19. Forest

When looking for great photography locations, you shouldn't be limited to studio and home. Parks and forests can be great shooting locations depending on the season and weather. Talk to the mom about taking photographs during golden hour. You can implement a lot of stunning golden hour photography ideas using the magic power of light. Choose locations that have some visually interesting elements, such as a fallen tree in the photo above.

20. Colorful Building and Graffiti

You can find many captivating spots in the city as well. Take a closer look and find places with graffiti art on the walls, aesthetically beautiful colors and textures of buildings, and other interesting elements. Look for homes that best suit the family's temperament and your mommy and me photoshoot ideas.

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50+ Newborn Photography Ideas - Best Tips and Tricks!

Newborn Photography Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration

Is there anything sweeter than newborn photos? The scrunchy little faces, sweet wrinkles, and rolls. It’s a stage you will want to remember forever. That is why today we are featuring the perfect way to savor that precious newborn stage with all the best newborn photography tips.

Whether you are a skilled photographer or someone who just likes snapping their own photos, we have come up with the best tips and ideas for capturing those perfect newborn pictures. After seeing all the cute baby picture ideas, you won’t want to wait to set up your own newborn photo shoot!

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided these ideas into categories.

Table of Contents
  1. Newborn Photography Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration
  2. 20 Newborn Pose Ideas
  3. 14 Newborn Prop Ideas
  4. 5 Newborn At-Home Photography Tips and Ideas
  5. 6 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas
  6. 6 Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

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20 Newborn Pose Ideas

It is always great to have ideas and suggestions for posing your baby! Knowing a couple of poses beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get your picture just right. Here are some of our favorite poses for your newborn session.

1. Newborn Cozy Family Pose – There is nothing as sweet as a new family member! Snuggle up together as a family, and snap a few precious pictures with your newest addition! If you’ve got a baby girl, make sure you’ve snagged some of these cute baby bows!

Family poses with newborn and toddler for pictures

2. Pose with Only Daddy – A sweet cuddling and kissing pose is a great way to capture the love between a dad and his newborn!

Newborn poses with dad for her newborn photography session

3. Pose with Only Mommy – Is there anything as beautiful as the bond between a newborn and their mother? We also recommend a swaddle blanket for a cozy, happy baby. This floral swaddle featured gives us ALL the feels!

Newborn baby with mom in baby picture session

4. Pose with Siblings – Be sure to include the baby’s siblings in some of your newborn photos! There are so many great pose ideas to capture the love between new brothers and sisters.

Older siblings pose with new baby during newborn picture session

5. Pose Outside – If the weather permits, take your newborn photo shoot outside. Shooting photos outdoors can be a great way to add warmth and color to your pictures with gorgeous lighting. Use this newborn hammock in photos with your little one, and it will give you all heart eyes!

Couple and baby pose outside for a newborn session

6. Parents Kissing Photography Poses – Feel the love with new parents and their sweet newborn with a kissing pose.

Parents kiss while holding newborn baby

7. Swaddled Newborn Pose– In general, newborns love to be swaddled. Keep them happy during your photo shoot by wrapping them up “snug as a bug” in a muslin blanket–plus, they make for some beautiful images!

Twin girls pose in cozy swaddles during their newborn photography session

8. Baby Between Parents Pose – It feels like this time with a newborn will never end, but someday you will be SO glad you got a photo of you and your spouse with your new little bundle.

Newborn baby lies between parents in an intimate family pose

9. Pose on Tummy – Something about the tummy pose just makes you want to snuggle those babies, doesn’t it?

Newborn baby peeks during his newborn pictures on his tummy

10. Holding Baby Against Chest Pose – Cuddle up with your newborn babe by holding them up against your chest for a beautiful photo.

Mom and baby cuddle for a sweet baby picture

11. Hands on Cheeks Pose – There are lots of variations of “hands on cheeks” that don’t require a professional photographer or a composite image. I just love the sweet details of the face you can get with this pose. 

Newborn baby poses with fist on cheek

12. Parents Blurred in Background Pose – Create some depth to your photos by placing the parents in the background of your pictures. Learn how to achieve a beautiful depth of field on your phone camera.

Newborn baby sleeps with parents watching and blurred in the background

13. Classic Smiling at Camera Pose – Capture the joy of the new parents by having them smile at the camera with their darling baby. Out of all your baby pictures, this will be an on-the-wall kind of print for sure.

Parents smile at the camera while holding their newborn baby

14. Newborn Photography Baby in Hands Pose – Take some close-up shots of a newborn in their parent’s hands! This is a great way to show just how tiny they are in the beginning.

Newborn baby head held in parent’s hands

15. Lying Down with Newborn Pose Idea – Create a cozy and beautiful picture by lying down with your new bundle of joy!

Family lies down on bed for newborn pictures together

16. Newborn Over Shoulder Pose Idea – Peek-a-boo! Place your newborn over your shoulder for a sweet newborn photography pose!

Baby sleeps on shoulder for newborn pictures

17. Newborn on Lap Pose Idea – Show off your newborn by placing them in your lap for some adorable newborn baby pictures. This simple pose leads to some beautiful pictures and is great for calming them if they’re not so keen on getting their picture taken.

Newborn baby poses on parents lap as they gaze at him for newborn pictures

18. Parents Looking Down at Newborn Pose – Here is another great pose idea that incorporates the new parents. Capture the emotions and love of the newborn’s mom and dad by having them look down at their new baby.

Parents hold and look at baby in the nursery for newborn pictures

19. Lying on Back Pose – We love the simplicity of these photos! No props needed, just a sweet picture of a beautiful newborn.

Newborn baby poses with hands behind head while lying on their back

20. Awake and Alert – Sleeping newborn photos are so sweet, but don’t underestimate the power of a darling, wide-eyed baby. Simply lay them on their back like the pose below, wait for the cute expressions, and you’ll soon have some darling newborn baby pictures.

14 Newborn Prop Ideas

With just one prop, there are dozens of newborn photography ideas to go with it! Props are a fun way to add personality and color to your baby pictures. Here are 14 props that are perfect for your newborn photography sessions.

21. Baskets and Crates – Baskets and crates are the PERFECT newborn photography prop, because they are so versatile. Plus, you can use it as a decoration or storage when you’re done!

22. Faux Fur Blankets – Using faux fur in a newborn photo is popular because it adds texture. Create a soft cushion for the baby by using this comfy material.

23. All White Props – White props look clean and simple and help bring the focus to the cute, squishy baby. Try some white or neutral blankets, chairs, or frames in your newborn photos for a peaceful look.

24. Chairs – Chairs make a great, simple newborn prop–and you probably already have one you can use!

25. Flowers – Add some color and texture to your photos with real or fake flowers. So sweet!

26. Patterned Blankets – Choose any color or pattern for a fun and different photo. These can also be such a fun way to announce the baby’s name with a personalized swaddle blanket!

27. Stuffed Animals – Including a favorite stuffed animal in photos has to be one of my favorite newborn photography ideas. Not only is the photo darling, a stuffed animal also makes for a great size reference in monthly or yearly photos.

28. Wedding Bands – Such a sweet idea, especially to frame next to a similar wedding photo!

29. Birth Stats Props – Such a fun and unique announcement idea–take your baby’s photo next to props with all their stats. You can use clocks, calendars, rulers, letter boards, or newspapers. You can also grab one of these darling milestone blankets for your monthly photos.

30. Hats, Bows, and Headbands – From a simple knitted cap to a fun character beanie, hats are a great way to spruce up your newborn photos! And as an added bonus, they help keep your newborn warm and cozy during their photo shoot. There are also SO MANY fun bows and headbands to add some style to your photos.

31. Stretch Wraps – Wraps are the perfect newborn photography prop because most babies like to be swaddled! Wrapping up a baby gives them a sense of comfort and security. Stretch wraps make a nice, clean, bunch-free swaddle for photos. (And pro tip: make sure your baby is naked and diaper free underneath–just get that diaper back on quick!)

32. Fall Props – If your baby is born during the fall season, grab some fun props like pumpkins, acorns, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session! This pumpkin outfit is too cute for words!

33. Spring Props – Doing a newborn photo shoot during the spring? Be sure to include some fun props like bunny rabbit hats, carrots, and bird nests for creative newborn pictures!

34. Christmas Props – If your baby is born during the Christmas season, grab some creative props like ornaments, Christmas lights, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session. This Christmas hat is begging for your baby!

5 Newborn At-Home Photography Tips and Ideas

There is something so beautiful and special about capturing a picture of a new life, especially in their own environment! Instead of using props and planned backgrounds, try incorporating the baby’s family and surroundings for a unique lifestyle approach to newborn pictures.  Nothing is more precious than capturing the day-to-day moments in a baby’s life. On the flip side, a DIY photoshoot at home can turn out very professional and be just as magical with a few added touches!

35. In the Nursery -Capture the cuteness of your baby’s room by taking their photos in the nursery. Not only do you capture the sweetness of a newborn, but also the personality of the family in their environment.

36. On the Bed – A great way to get pictures of a family with a newborn is by photographing them on the master bed! It is a very personal space and also helps to show just how tiny the baby is!

37. In the Crib – A beautiful way to tell a story through newborn photography is by taking pictures of a baby in their crib! It’s moments like this when the statement “a picture is worth 1000 words” rings true.

38. On the Couch – Another intimate place to get a wonderful family picture with a newborn is on the couch! It is a great spot to get close and snuggle as a new family!

39. In the Rocking Chair – One of the great things about lifestyle newborn photography is you get the opportunity to document the family’s day-to-day activities with their newest addition! Don’t forget to document a parent rocking their newborn to sleep for a sweet memory!

6 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Capture the growth of your newborn with creative monthly baby photos! Here is a little creative inspiration for capturing your baby’s monthly milestones!

40. All About Baby Monthly Photos and Stats – Such a simple and sweet idea that you can customize with your own baby’s milestones–And you can design it all on your phone!

41. Unique Number Monthly Photos – These are so fun and creative! You can use different items for the seasons (think flowers in spring, eggs for Easter, ornaments for Christmas, etc.) or make the numbers out of the same thing each month.

42. Letterboard Monthly Update – This is such a cute idea for using a letterboard. I love that you can use a cute saying like this one, or write a short update for the month.

43. Stuffed Animal Growth Reference – Using the same stuffed animal in every monthly photo is a great way to show how much your baby grows over those first 12 months!

44. Milestone Photo Blanket – Grab yourself one of these darling blankets, and make milestone photos easier than ever! You can also use seasonal items to mark the numbers for extra cuteness.

45. Monthly Baby Photos in a Basket– Use the same basket, chair, or other prop to show baby’s growth over the first year–or even years to come!

6 Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to help even the most novice of photographers capture some amazing pictures at home.

46. Beginner Photography Tips on Your Phone– Check out these beginner tips for taking better photos using your phone.

47. At-Home Newborn Poses– Read through this awesome article before your session for some more at-home newborn poses you can try.

48. Learning to Shoot in Manual– Do you have a DSLR camera, but you’ve never really known how to use it? Learn to shoot in manual with this guide, and your photos will look professional in no time!

49. Step by Step Guide to Newborn Photography – This guide has 77 tips for everything you need to make your photo shoot a success.

50. Ultimate DIY Newborn Photoshoot Setup Video– Finally, check out this awesome video. She walks you through everything you need to set up a gorgeous set in your home and even talks about posing! This is such a great way to get professional looking photos at home.

And there you have it–over 50 newborn photography tips to get you inspired!

Not quite ready for newborn photos? Check out our Maternity Picture Tips and Tricks!

Happy Picture Taking!

Mom and baby photo shoot - mom and baby photo shoot ideas

The birth of a child for every mother is a real miracle, and a professional photo session of mom and baby at home, in nature or in the studio allows you to capture every moment of happiness and get original pictures. At the same time, it can be arranged not only in the summer, but also in the winter season.

Features of preparing for a photo shoot

For a photo session with young children, it is not at all necessary to use a large number of clothes and costumes. It is enough to pick up a few original accessories and interesting hats to get unusual photos. The most important thing is to choose the right background for the photo shoot of the baby. The more diverse it is, the brighter and more interesting the photos will turn out. As a background, you can use various blankets and plain fabrics, as bright patterns can distract children's attention from photography, and then it will be extremely difficult to take a picture. nine0003

Mom participating in the shooting also needs to carefully prepare:

  • hairstyle and makeup - do not make them too bright, conspicuous, while the appearance should be as well-groomed as possible
  • clothing - it should not be expensive evening dresses, but it is not recommended to use a dressing gown, you can choose a wardrobe in the family look style, when there are similar elements in the outfits of a woman and a child, or the clothes are made in the same color scheme nine0012

Ideas for professional photography at home

Small children are real fidgets, so the photographer needs to choose the right moments to capture the first smile, steps, vivid emotions. A photo session of mother and child will take place in one breath, as next to the closest person, babies are not afraid of anything. And although you will have to wait about two weeks for pictures of a mother with a child taken by a professional, it's worth it, because the result of the work will be high-quality photos. nine0003

To make photos with children up to a year old beautiful, bright and memorable, you can’t do without the participation of a parent. A photo session of a mother with a child at home takes 3-4 hours, all this time the newborn is in her arms. Feeding, motion sickness and many other moments allow you to get amazing shots.

Original ideas for photographing a mother with children up to a year old at home:

  • babies under 5 months old mostly lie down - at this time you can take beautiful pictures of a sleeping baby laid by a parent on a pre-prepared background, and with the help of improvised things and clothes you can make your daughter's or son's dream come true nine0012
  • from 6 months, the baby already begins to sit down and crawl - you can put his favorite toy next to him, and when he crawls to it, take good pictures, at this age you can also use soap bubbles, which lead little girls to indescribable delight, and boys

For filming, you can put on a smart dress, an original hat or a headband with a beautiful flower for a baby, and put on a bow tie for a newborn boy or dress him up in an original costume, a bunny, for example, and give him a bright carrot in his hand. Beautiful photos are obtained when a woman breastfeeds a baby. nine0003

Features of shooting in the studio

Photographing mom and baby in a photo studio is perfect for little kids who can't walk on their own yet. Here, with the help of various props, you can create an atmosphere of home comfort, in which both the mother and her daughter or son will be as comfortable as possible. Also, professional photography is necessary if you plan to capture several images at once, which is difficult to do at home. The image for a sleeping baby when shooting in a studio can be selected taking into account the features of the interior of the room. nine0003

The presence of a huge number of accessories in the photo studio will diversify the themes of shooting mothers with children. But at the same time, when going to an event, you should take with you your favorite book or personal items that the baby associates with home. It is equally important to have items on hand that will not only add zest to the finished photographic material, but also be able to amuse the main participant of the event. As a decor, you can use multi-colored lanterns, caskets, bright jewelry, fruits, etc. nine0003

Professional outdoor photography

There are a lot of advantages of professional photography on the street or in your own garden. To do this, you do not need to select special poses, since all participants are more direct, and it will be easier for the photographer to catch a good shot. In addition, photographs taken outdoors contain much more emotions, light, air, smiles and freedom than those taken in a closed room.

For photographing mothers with children in nature, you can choose different places. It can be a joint walk in the park, a playground, a cherry or apple orchard, a field of sunflowers or bright flowers. Trees, grass, ponds, stumps, etc. will serve as decorations. nine0003

A mother with her children can be photographed both in the summer and winter seasons. In summer, nature appears in all its glory, but no less beautiful shots are obtained in the winter season, which, it would seem, is not the most suitable for filming.

There are a lot of options for obtaining original photographic images, here are some of them:

  • you can put a little girl with you on the green grass, and put a fruit basket or a mountain of gifts next to it
  • nine0011 if the baby understands what they are saying, you can ask him to take an interesting pose
  • mother, sitting on her knees, can put her child on her back

The baby does not need photos at all. Parents and the game are the only thing that really interests him. To make the photo session of mother and baby original, it is important to choose the right topic and children's activity, which will not only be of interest to him for a long time, but will also look beautiful on finished photographs. nine0003

20 baby photo ideas by month

The first year of a child's life is so important for his parents that it would be a crime not to remember such memories! That's why I decided to make a selection of 20 interesting and unusual baby photo ideas by month. With these ideas, you will definitely have something to fill your baby's first photo album with!

My baby is one year old! Hooray!

I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by. I still can't seem to believe that she is no longer a tiny baby. It's crazy to me that she's already walking, saying "mom" and some other syllables! But at the same time, watching these changes is so exciting and interesting! This is a huge experience for me, in part I talk about it in article Mistakes moms you should never repeat with your newborn.

Our one -year -old baby is so sweet, energetic and happy, and I am very glad that she appeared in our family. Our monthly collage with my daughter Polina below!

The photo clearly shows how the baby grew up and changed month after month. This is an incredible time when in just a year a child grows so rapidly and turns from a tiny baby into a little person! That's why I advise you to be sure to photograph the baby by months, so that later you can see something amazing. This is one of my must-have items on list 13 things to do after having a baby.

I've seen so many cute baby first year month photo ideas and I want to share some of my favorite ways with you!

Source: 100layercakelet.com/Source: Lauren Bowyer Source: Dani Leigh Photography

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If you are not familiar with my Pregnancy Planner , then you should definitely do it! This glider takes care of all the questions about preparing for the birth of a child. It contains 55 pages of the most useful information to help you stay organized and prepare for the arrival of your baby without forgetting anything (hello pregnant memory?). nine0003

It contains:

  • Keep track of baby's growth week by week and size comparison with fruits and vegetables
  • Calendars and countdown weeks of pregnancy
  • Doctor Visit Sheet and Question Lists
  • Ultrasound commemorative pages
  • Help choosing a baby name
  • Complete shopping checklist for newborn and baby room preparation
  • List of films and books about pregnancy
  • Checklist for maternity bag
  • Birth plan

On top of all that, the glider even includes pages for postpartum notes and birth history, newborn data entry sheets, and a Baby Looks Like tracker! If you are a first time mom, then I strongly recommend that you learn more about the Pregnancy Planner.

Source: frugalcouponliving.com


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Source: theexpectingmamasnetwork. com Source: eatsleepcuddle.com Source: Pinterest

Source: woman-by-design.com Source: hello-my-love.com Source: @Raudah Latif Pinterest Source: whitneycoudrayphotography.com Source: kerihamiltonphotography.com Source: zen.yandex. ru/media/detidoma/5-idei-dlia-foto-vashego-malysha-v-pervyi-god-5db06b7c027a1500ae058031 Source: smilewithfriends.ru Source: @Little Nugget Pinterest Source: awesomealice.com Source: dicasgestantes.com

Aren't these photo ideas insanely cute? If you're planning a month-by-month baby photo shoot, I recommend choosing one of the ideas BEFORE your baby is born! So you can start shooting right from birth and have time to buy the necessary props for the photo. Have you already made a photo collage of your pregnancy? If not, there are 20 original photo ideas here.

Tell me in the comments did you make photo collages of pregnancy and the first year? I would love to see your photos! nine0003

Here is an example of baby photo props from Aliexpress for a penny:

Rug by month Link>>>> Baby photo streamer Link >>> Number of months stickers Link >>> Another photo blanket Link >>>


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