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Newborn baby photo shoot ideas

43 Cutest Newborn Photo Ideas to Try Yourself

There’s nothing cuter than a newborn baby. They really are a bundle of joy with their squinting eyes, button noses, and tiny hands and feet. Newborn photography captures these precious early moments. It’s about creating adorable images of newborn babies that parents can cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for newborn photo ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have a list of them that you can try at home and in the studio. And we’ve also got some essential newborn photography tips, so your photoshoot goes to plan.

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43 Newborn Photo Ideas

Now it’s time to get started with the newborn photo ideas. Baby photography can be a tricky business. And babies aren’t always the most cooperative models.

You need plenty of newborn photoshoot ideas to get great results no matter the baby’s mood. We have two sets of baby photography ideas anyone can try.

The first set of newborn photo ideas are poses you can do at home. They don’t require any special equipment and everything can be done with natural light. There are photo ideas for both parents. And you can even get the pets involved too.

The second set of newborn photo ideas is for the studio. These newborn photoshoot ideas use more props and accessories. And they’re about creating themes, using different styles for some fabulous baby photography. We’ll start with several newborn photos ideas at home. In this section, ideas are simple and easy to produce. You don’t need much equipment. And any props you need will be part of the baby’s normal apparatus.

1. All Wrapped Up

When a newborn baby leaves the hospital, they spend most of their time wrapped up in blankets. It keeps them safe and warm from the elements. And with only the baby’s face peeking out of the blankets, it makes a fabulous newborn photo.

© Aikomo Opeyemi

2. The Mother’s Embrace

The loving embrace of a mother is the best place a newborn baby can be. The mother’s instincts are to protect and nurture. And it’s where the baby feels the most secure during the most vulnerable time in their life.

Having the mother hold the newborn close makes an excellent newborn photo. They’ll forget the camera is there. And you’ll be able to snap some beautifully tender and natural photos of mother and child.

© Halfpoint

3. In The Father’s Arms

The father also plays a crucial role in the development of newborn babies. And capturing natural moments between father and child is an excellent newborn photo idea.

Let the father hold the child close. Don’t distract them with too much direction. Let them relax so you can get natural photos. You’re looking for candid intimacy between the subjects.

© Iuliia Versta BO

4. Face to Face

This newborn photo idea is another natural moment. The mother holds the newborn in front of her. She supports the baby’s back and head, so they’re face to face.

Let them feel the connection between one another. It’s ideal if the baby is awake, but you’ll still have a fab shot if it’s sleeping. The mother can whisper or sing to the child to add extra tenderness to the newborn picture.

© Zach Lucero

5. Face to Face (Father)

Include the father into your newborn photos as much as possible. They often don’t spend as much time with their baby girl or boy as the mothers. They want photos they can cherish too.

This newborn pose gives the father a moment alone with the newborn. You and your camera will be there, of course. But give them some space, and allow them time to ease into the pose. You’re guaranteed a sweet newborn picture.

© Josh Willink

6. Mother and Child Sitting on the Bed

The bed is an excellent location for newborn photography. It’s comfortable for the mother and safe for the baby. It’s a safe space where people can move freely. And the comfort of the subjects will help you achieve relaxed and personal photos.

This full-body shot shows how naturally the mother handles and cares for her child. You’ll have smiles and blissful facial expressions. But there’s the rest of the body language too.

© Jonathan Borba

7. Focus on the Hands

You’ll find many newborn photo ideas just by looking at their tiny hands. People are fascinated by a baby’s hands and feet. They’re so small and delicate they always draw attention.

It’s an easy shot you can get in any location. And you can use a shallow depth of field to concentrate attention on the hands.

© Dominika Roseclay

8. Hand Comparison

When looking at a photo of a baby’s hand, it’s sometimes hard to see how tiny it is. That’s why making a hand comparison is a superb idea for newborn photography.

You can lay the baby’s hand into the mother’s or father’s. The difference in size will emphasize the fragility of the tiny fingers. And it’s one of those newborn photo ideas that show us how far we have to go when we grow up. It’s a long journey.

© Anna Shvets

9. All Three Hands

Many newborn photo ideas incorporate the child and the two parents. And this pose makes a sweet and touching newborn picture.

Having the three hands together symbolizes the parents working together to nurture their baby boy or girl. You have the contrast in size. But you also have a touching metaphor for care and affection.

© Iuliia Versta BO

10. Focus on The Feet

The feet are another feature that works well for newborn photography ideas. Like their tiny hands, they’re a source of much interest from admirers.

© Sen

11. Baby Feet in Adult Hands

Using the hands of adults is a fantastic idea for heart-warming baby pictures. The contrast between the baby’s feet and the adult’s hands shows us just how tiny a newborn baby is.

© Laura Garcia

12. Sleeping Close Up

It’s more likely that the newborn will be asleep than awake. But you can still try some excellent newborn photo ideas when they’re napping.

You can get close and take a photo of the baby’s face. Be careful not to disturb the baby, so perhaps use a lens that allows you to get the close-up from a distance.

© Nappy



The baby will probably need feeding at some point during the photo session. You can use this time as a break. Or you take the opportunity for some intimate newborn photos.

Breastfeeding is an intimate activity. Something that’s only shared between mother and child. You’ll capture some stunning baby photos if you’re respectful with your camera. Don’t intrude if uninvited, and don’t disrupt the mother and child.

© Fanny Renaud

14. Over The Shoulder

When the newborn baby is awake and alert, you need to be ready with your best newborn photo ideas. Even when they’re lively, babies can’t support themselves. But if the mother or father holds them to their chest, you’ll get a great shot of the baby looking over the shoulder. It’s a great pose because you can see their face in all their glory.

© Mac_Sim

15. Both Parents Holding The Newborn

Including both parents makes for some interesting newborn photo ideas. And this one is simple in construction but powerful in message.

Both parents holding the newborn baby at the same time symbolizes their teamwork. It shows how they’re working together to care for and protect their new child.

The parents can look at the baby. Or they can look at each other with a loving look. Both options make powerful newborn pictures they’ll be proud of.

© Jonathan Borba

16. Baby Lying on the Father

Babies can sleep pretty much anywhere. And you can use that for some lovely newborn photo ideas. The father can get comfy on the bed, lying on their back. The newborn baby can then lie on their stomach and chest.

© Iuliia Versta BO

17. Triple Portrait

This type of shot is the perfect way to bring all the family into your newborn photography. The mother can hold the baby in her arms, pointing the tiny face towards the camera. And the father can sit behind the mother, looking over her shoulder.

It might seem like a standard portrait. But it’s a newborn photo idea that expresses unity and togetherness. It demonstrates the love shared between all three people in the photo. It’s a family united.

© Tanyax333

18. Take A Walk Outside

Newborns can’t travel far. But if you’re lucky enough to have a garden to work in, it’s a fabulous location for some newborn photo ideas. Of course, only try this in appropriate weather. If it’s too cold or hot, keep your photo session indoors.

The mother and father can carry the newborn around. They can have it in their arms or a papoose. You’ll get some fabulous shots of the child in the glorious natural light of a sunny day.

© Kyle Niebler

19. Include the Dog

Bringing the family pet into the photo session is great to liven up your newborn photo ideas. Dogs are beloved animals. And they’re just as much a part of the family as any human. As long as they’re well behaved, you can snap some baby pictures with the dog.

Don’t force anything. You don’t want the animal or the newborn to become uncomfortable. Let the scene flow naturally so you can capture some candid family pictures.

© Sarah Chai

20. Newborn with Older Sibling

The newborn might not be their first child. So for more fun newborn photo ideas, you can include their older brother or sister. They can lie together on a bed or sofa. Or, if the older child is strong enough, they can hold the newborn.

© Zoe Graham

21. The Whole Family

Bringing the whole family together makes for some excellent newborn photography ideas. It turns standard newborn photos into memorable family portraits. You can have the parents and all the siblings. And don’t forget the pets!

© Iuliia Versta BO

Newborn Photo Ideas In The Studio

Now we’ll move away from the home environment and look at newborn photo ideas for the studio. This section will have more of a focus on props and conceptual ideas for newborn photography. And there are some newborn photoshoot ideas for baby girls and baby boys.

22. Color Wraps

When you’re working in a studio, you can play with conceptual color schemes. You can wrap the newborn in a colorful blanket. And the surroundings can be a matching color.

Newborn photographers need a good collection of colorful materials in their studio. The parents might be fussy about colors. And they might want to color code the photos depending on whether it’s a baby girl or boy.

© Adele Morris

23. Matching Hat

If you want to make it in the business of baby photography, you’ll need some good baby hats. And you’ll want them to match the colors of the other accessories. You’ll need “boy colors,” “girl colors,” and everything in between.

© Adele Morris

24. Lying On A Fluffy Blanket

A thick fluffy blanket is an excellent prop for newborn photos. The soft blanket is comfy for the newborn. And it has the appearance of a fluffy cloud, giving the images a dream-like quality.

© Katrina Elena

25. Colorful Bow On The Head

If you’re working with a baby girl, a pretty bow is a perfect accessory. It adds a splash of color and helps to identify the baby. Newborns look alike, so a bow on the head indicates you’ve got a baby girl. It highlights their femininity.

© Emmalee Couturier

26. In A Deep Basket

A basket will give you some fantastic newborn photo ideas. And if you have a deep basket, you can try a Moses-style newborn photo. The deep sides keep the baby protected. And it’s easy to move around the studio if you need to make changes.

© Christian Bowen

27. Ornate Wicker Basket

You can also fill the basket with soft blankets, so the newborn baby sits at the top. Using an ornate basket shows how small the newborn is. It’ll give you some adorable newborn photos.

This style of baby picture gives the newborn an ornamental quality. It highlights how small and fragile they are.

© Matthew Osborn

28. Make a Nest

Natural themes fit well with newborn photography. After all, having a baby is the most natural process in the world. And your new baby sleeping in a nest makes for a sweet newborn photo.

It gives the newborn a fresh, just-hatched appearance. The nest makes the baby feel brand new.

© Tawny Nina

29. With A Cuddly Toy

A cuddly toy is a great way to add extra cuteness to your newborn photography ideas. Cuddly toys mean a lot to small children. They’re friends and companions through thick and thin. And they are always all adorable together.

© Ivone De Melo

30. Cuddly Toy and Matching Knitwear

Having a few sets of cuddly toys with matching knitwear for the baby will guarantee you never run low on newborn photo ideas. It strengthens their friendship and bond. And it’s a newborn photo sure to melt anyone’s heart.

© Edward Go

31. Matching Hat and Bow Tie

If you want to turn your baby boy into a little man, a matching hat and bow tie combo does the trick. Costumes like this are a great way of bringing humor into your newborn photography. A pair of glasses is another excellent accessory for a funny newborn picture.

© _drz_

32. Floral Flat Lay

Floral flat lay photography is a separate genre of photography. But if you make the newborn baby the centerpiece of your layout, you’ll have some excellent newborn photos. Flat lays are full of color.

You can make them seasonal by using flowers that bloom in spring or summer. Or you can use colorful fallen leaves for an autumnal arrangement. Holly and evergreen boughs are perfect for a winter-themed newborn photo.

© Shelby Miller

33. Floral Headdress

Using flowers adds splashes of color to your newborn photography ideas. A floral headdress or headband works perfectly with a baby girl. But you can use “boy color” flowers if it’s a photo session with a baby boy.

© Mendy Revanus

34. Miniature Bed

You need many newborn photo ideas for a sleeping baby. So using a miniature bed as a prop makes perfect sense. It’s adorable and makes the newborn baby look bigger than they are.

© Nyana Stoica

35. Create A Themed Set

You can get inventive with your newborn photo ideas by creating sets and setting scenes. You can create a woodland realm with trees and toadstools. You can even make woodland critters inhabit the scene.

Children love fairy tales and magical stories. They can inspire some creative newborn photoshoot ideas. You can get creative with set designs and costumes to make something truly magical.

© Taksh

36. Use Seasonally Themed Backdrops

Incorporating the season of the baby’s birth is another element you can add to your newborn photography ideas. You can have a backdrop for each season of the year and additional props. Purchasing the backdrops is one option. Or you can make them yourself.

© Taksh

37. Create a Prince or Princess

If you’re creating themed sets for your newborn photography, a tiny crown is a superb prop. It’s only a small item, but it’ll turn your baby boy into a prince and your baby girl into a princess.

© Taksh

38. Black And White Portrait

Newborn photos ideas can come from other areas of photography. Black and white portraits aren’t usually associated with newborn photography ideas. But they can make some powerful baby pictures.

You want the baby to stand out. If the baby boy or girl has light skin, use dark-colored blankets. And if the baby has dark skin, use light blankets. The contrast will give you a sophisticated newborn baby picture.

© Kjorgen

39. Make It Snow

It’s good practice to have some festive newborn photo ideas. Many parents want to use their newborn photos as Christmas cards to send to friends and family.

You can use fake snow in the studio, but always make sure it’s non-toxic. And rather than sprinkling the snow on the baby directly, sprinkle it between the camera and the newborn. This way, it will look like it’s snowing, but the baby is unaffected.

If you don’t want the mess of fake snow, you can add the snow in post-production. You won’t have the on-set excitement. But there will be less cleaning up involved.

© Shelby Miller

40. Try an Aviation Theme

Young boys love planes, trains, and automobiles. And using these as themes can give you plenty of newborn photo ideas, especially if you’re working with a baby boy.

The aviation theme is particularly fun for baby boys. You can have a plane for them to sleep on, with an accompanying hat and goggles. A thick fur rug makes an excellent carpet of clouds. And it also creates a safe environment for the newborn baby.

© Katrina Elena

41. Fisherman Theme

If aviation isn’t their thing, maybe you can turn to the open ocean for some fun newborn photoshoot ideas. A baby boy dressed as a fisherman in a tiny boat makes for a fabulous newborn photo. But you can try similar ideas with a baby girl too.

You need a small boat frame for the baby to lie in. You can fill it with a soft blanket to make it comfy for the baby. And the knitted costumes will make the photo even more adorable.

A blue shaggy rug works well for the sea below. Or you can use wood or thick card painted blue. Using real water is not advised for safety reasons.

© Katrina Elena

42. Animal Costumes

The natural world is an excellent source for newborn photos ideas. Kids love animals. And combining newborns with cute critters will produce wonderfully cute newborn baby pictures.

Nature themes are fabulous fun for newborn photo sessions. That’s why newborn photographers should have a good collection of knitwear animal costumes. You’ll need animals to suit a baby boy and others to suit a baby girl.

© Katrina Elena

43. Flamenco-Style Dress

Adult-style dresses can add the wow factor to your newborn photo ideas if you’re working with a baby girl. You can pick many styles and color themes. But the red and black of a flamenco dress is dynamic and strong. And with the added flower headband, your baby pictures will definitely draw attention.

© Rusty Canuck

Newborn Photography Tips

Before you start a newborn photo session, you should consider our newborn photography tips. They’ll help you get the most out of your sessions so that you can snap some special newborn pictures.

1. Be Prepared

Baby photography is a delicate business involving equipment and props. And the early weeks of a baby’s life are stressful for the parents. To make the newborn photoshoot go as smoothly as possible, you need to have everything ready in advance.

2. Be Flexible with Time

Newborn babies aren’t professional models, so you can’t expect them to stick to a strict shooting schedule. When they want food, they need to be fed. It doesn’t matter if you were just about to get a great shot. The needs of the baby come first.

A good practice for a newborn photo session is to give yourself more time than you think you need. Make the photo session longer than you might for a shoot with older children. You might not use all the extra time. But you’ll have a buffer for any breaks the baby needs.

3. Be Flexible With Location

For many professional photographers, their studio is their workspace. But when it comes to newborn baby photography, you should be open to doing photo sessions in the client’s house.

Taking a newborn baby anywhere can be stressful. It’s not easy for the parents or the baby. Doing newborn photoshoots at their home is an excellent idea. It makes life a lot easier for mother and child.

4. Work Safe

Newborn babies are fragile creatures. Whether working at home or in a studio, you need to have the baby’s safety at the forefront of your practice.

Never work alone when taking newborn pictures. Always have at least one other person present. All the props you use should be soft. And don’t work on any narrow surfaces high off the ground.

5. Don’t Use a Flash

Flash photography isn’t a good idea for a newborn photo session. Their eyes haven’t been open long, and they’re very sensitive. A bright flash could damage them.

Use natural light where ever you can. Reflectors are an excellent tool for giving you more control with natural light. And they don’t harm the baby. You can use ring lights and other soft lighting sources. But avoid anything too harsh.

© Olesiabilkei


There are so many fantastic newborn photo ideas you can try. If you’re looking for newborn photoshoot ideas in the home, there are plenty of poses. And you can include the parents, siblings, and pets too.

Newborn photoshoot ideas for the studio are just as important. And there are plenty of styles and themes you can experiment with for fun and fabulous newborn baby photos. Play with props and exciting set designs.

We hope this article has inspired you to create your own newborn photography ideas. You’ll be more than prepared for your next newborn photo session.

Check out our Dreamy Childhood Portraits eBook to create newborn photos you can cherish for a lifetime!

50+ Newborn Photography Ideas - Best Tips and Tricks!

Newborn Photography Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration

Is there anything sweeter than newborn photos? The scrunchy little faces, sweet wrinkles, and rolls. It’s a stage you will want to remember forever. That is why today we are featuring the perfect way to savor that precious newborn stage with all the best newborn photography tips.

Whether you are a skilled photographer or someone who just likes snapping their own photos, we have come up with the best tips and ideas for capturing those perfect newborn pictures. After seeing all the cute baby picture ideas, you won’t want to wait to set up your own newborn photo shoot!

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided these ideas into categories.

Table of Contents
  1. Newborn Photography Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration
  2. 20 Newborn Pose Ideas
  3. 14 Newborn Prop Ideas
  4. 5 Newborn At-Home Photography Tips and Ideas
  5. 6 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas
  6. 6 Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.

20 Newborn Pose Ideas

It is always great to have ideas and suggestions for posing your baby! Knowing a couple of poses beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get your picture just right. Here are some of our favorite poses for your newborn session.

1. Newborn Cozy Family Pose – There is nothing as sweet as a new family member! Snuggle up together as a family, and snap a few precious pictures with your newest addition! If you’ve got a baby girl, make sure you’ve snagged some of these cute baby bows!

Family poses with newborn and toddler for pictures

2. Pose with Only Daddy – A sweet cuddling and kissing pose is a great way to capture the love between a dad and his newborn!

Newborn poses with dad for her newborn photography session

3. Pose with Only Mommy – Is there anything as beautiful as the bond between a newborn and their mother? We also recommend a swaddle blanket for a cozy, happy baby. This floral swaddle featured gives us ALL the feels!

Newborn baby with mom in baby picture session

4. Pose with Siblings – Be sure to include the baby’s siblings in some of your newborn photos! There are so many great pose ideas to capture the love between new brothers and sisters.

Older siblings pose with new baby during newborn picture session

5. Pose Outside – If the weather permits, take your newborn photo shoot outside. Shooting photos outdoors can be a great way to add warmth and color to your pictures with gorgeous lighting. Use this newborn hammock in photos with your little one, and it will give you all heart eyes!

Couple and baby pose outside for a newborn session

6. Parents Kissing Photography Poses – Feel the love with new parents and their sweet newborn with a kissing pose.

Parents kiss while holding newborn baby

7. Swaddled Newborn Pose– In general, newborns love to be swaddled. Keep them happy during your photo shoot by wrapping them up “snug as a bug” in a muslin blanket–plus, they make for some beautiful images!

Twin girls pose in cozy swaddles during their newborn photography session

8. Baby Between Parents Pose – It feels like this time with a newborn will never end, but someday you will be SO glad you got a photo of you and your spouse with your new little bundle.

Newborn baby lies between parents in an intimate family pose

9. Pose on Tummy – Something about the tummy pose just makes you want to snuggle those babies, doesn’t it?

Newborn baby peeks during his newborn pictures on his tummy

10. Holding Baby Against Chest Pose – Cuddle up with your newborn babe by holding them up against your chest for a beautiful photo.

Mom and baby cuddle for a sweet baby picture

11. Hands on Cheeks Pose – There are lots of variations of “hands on cheeks” that don’t require a professional photographer or a composite image. I just love the sweet details of the face you can get with this pose. 

Newborn baby poses with fist on cheek

12. Parents Blurred in Background Pose – Create some depth to your photos by placing the parents in the background of your pictures. Learn how to achieve a beautiful depth of field on your phone camera.

Newborn baby sleeps with parents watching and blurred in the background

13. Classic Smiling at Camera Pose – Capture the joy of the new parents by having them smile at the camera with their darling baby. Out of all your baby pictures, this will be an on-the-wall kind of print for sure.

Parents smile at the camera while holding their newborn baby

14. Newborn Photography Baby in Hands Pose – Take some close-up shots of a newborn in their parent’s hands! This is a great way to show just how tiny they are in the beginning.

Newborn baby head held in parent’s hands

15. Lying Down with Newborn Pose Idea – Create a cozy and beautiful picture by lying down with your new bundle of joy!

Family lies down on bed for newborn pictures together

16. Newborn Over Shoulder Pose Idea – Peek-a-boo! Place your newborn over your shoulder for a sweet newborn photography pose!

Baby sleeps on shoulder for newborn pictures

17. Newborn on Lap Pose Idea – Show off your newborn by placing them in your lap for some adorable newborn baby pictures. This simple pose leads to some beautiful pictures and is great for calming them if they’re not so keen on getting their picture taken.

Newborn baby poses on parents lap as they gaze at him for newborn pictures

18. Parents Looking Down at Newborn Pose – Here is another great pose idea that incorporates the new parents. Capture the emotions and love of the newborn’s mom and dad by having them look down at their new baby.

Parents hold and look at baby in the nursery for newborn pictures

19. Lying on Back Pose – We love the simplicity of these photos! No props needed, just a sweet picture of a beautiful newborn.

Newborn baby poses with hands behind head while lying on their back

20. Awake and Alert – Sleeping newborn photos are so sweet, but don’t underestimate the power of a darling, wide-eyed baby. Simply lay them on their back like the pose below, wait for the cute expressions, and you’ll soon have some darling newborn baby pictures.

14 Newborn Prop Ideas

With just one prop, there are dozens of newborn photography ideas to go with it! Props are a fun way to add personality and color to your baby pictures. Here are 14 props that are perfect for your newborn photography sessions.

21. Baskets and Crates – Baskets and crates are the PERFECT newborn photography prop, because they are so versatile. Plus, you can use it as a decoration or storage when you’re done!

22. Faux Fur Blankets – Using faux fur in a newborn photo is popular because it adds texture. Create a soft cushion for the baby by using this comfy material.

23. All White Props – White props look clean and simple and help bring the focus to the cute, squishy baby. Try some white or neutral blankets, chairs, or frames in your newborn photos for a peaceful look.

24. Chairs – Chairs make a great, simple newborn prop–and you probably already have one you can use!

25. Flowers – Add some color and texture to your photos with real or fake flowers. So sweet!

26. Patterned Blankets – Choose any color or pattern for a fun and different photo. These can also be such a fun way to announce the baby’s name with a personalized swaddle blanket!

27. Stuffed Animals – Including a favorite stuffed animal in photos has to be one of my favorite newborn photography ideas. Not only is the photo darling, a stuffed animal also makes for a great size reference in monthly or yearly photos.

28. Wedding Bands – Such a sweet idea, especially to frame next to a similar wedding photo!

29. Birth Stats Props – Such a fun and unique announcement idea–take your baby’s photo next to props with all their stats. You can use clocks, calendars, rulers, letter boards, or newspapers. You can also grab one of these darling milestone blankets for your monthly photos.

30. Hats, Bows, and Headbands – From a simple knitted cap to a fun character beanie, hats are a great way to spruce up your newborn photos! And as an added bonus, they help keep your newborn warm and cozy during their photo shoot. There are also SO MANY fun bows and headbands to add some style to your photos.

31. Stretch Wraps – Wraps are the perfect newborn photography prop because most babies like to be swaddled! Wrapping up a baby gives them a sense of comfort and security. Stretch wraps make a nice, clean, bunch-free swaddle for photos. (And pro tip: make sure your baby is naked and diaper free underneath–just get that diaper back on quick!)

32. Fall Props – If your baby is born during the fall season, grab some fun props like pumpkins, acorns, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session! This pumpkin outfit is too cute for words!

33. Spring Props – Doing a newborn photo shoot during the spring? Be sure to include some fun props like bunny rabbit hats, carrots, and bird nests for creative newborn pictures!

34. Christmas Props – If your baby is born during the Christmas season, grab some creative props like ornaments, Christmas lights, and cute knit hats for a special newborn photo session. This Christmas hat is begging for your baby!

5 Newborn At-Home Photography Tips and Ideas

There is something so beautiful and special about capturing a picture of a new life, especially in their own environment! Instead of using props and planned backgrounds, try incorporating the baby’s family and surroundings for a unique lifestyle approach to newborn pictures. Nothing is more precious than capturing the day-to-day moments in a baby’s life. On the flip side, a DIY photoshoot at home can turn out very professional and be just as magical with a few added touches!

35. In the Nursery -Capture the cuteness of your baby’s room by taking their photos in the nursery. Not only do you capture the sweetness of a newborn, but also the personality of the family in their environment.

36. On the Bed – A great way to get pictures of a family with a newborn is by photographing them on the master bed! It is a very personal space and also helps to show just how tiny the baby is!

37. In the Crib – A beautiful way to tell a story through newborn photography is by taking pictures of a baby in their crib! It’s moments like this when the statement “a picture is worth 1000 words” rings true.

38. On the Couch – Another intimate place to get a wonderful family picture with a newborn is on the couch! It is a great spot to get close and snuggle as a new family!

39. In the Rocking Chair – One of the great things about lifestyle newborn photography is you get the opportunity to document the family’s day-to-day activities with their newest addition! Don’t forget to document a parent rocking their newborn to sleep for a sweet memory!

6 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Capture the growth of your newborn with creative monthly baby photos! Here is a little creative inspiration for capturing your baby’s monthly milestones!

40. All About Baby Monthly Photos and Stats – Such a simple and sweet idea that you can customize with your own baby’s milestones–And you can design it all on your phone!

41. Unique Number Monthly Photos – These are so fun and creative! You can use different items for the seasons (think flowers in spring, eggs for Easter, ornaments for Christmas, etc.) or make the numbers out of the same thing each month.

42. Letterboard Monthly Update – This is such a cute idea for using a letterboard. I love that you can use a cute saying like this one, or write a short update for the month.

43. Stuffed Animal Growth Reference – Using the same stuffed animal in every monthly photo is a great way to show how much your baby grows over those first 12 months!

44. Milestone Photo Blanket – Grab yourself one of these darling blankets, and make milestone photos easier than ever! You can also use seasonal items to mark the numbers for extra cuteness.

45. Monthly Baby Photos in a Basket– Use the same basket, chair, or other prop to show baby’s growth over the first year–or even years to come!

6 Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to help even the most novice of photographers capture some amazing pictures at home.

46. Beginner Photography Tips on Your Phone– Check out these beginner tips for taking better photos using your phone.

47. At-Home Newborn Poses– Read through this awesome article before your session for some more at-home newborn poses you can try.

48. Learning to Shoot in Manual– Do you have a DSLR camera, but you’ve never really known how to use it? Learn to shoot in manual with this guide, and your photos will look professional in no time!

49. Step by Step Guide to Newborn Photography – This guide has 77 tips for everything you need to make your photo shoot a success.

50. Ultimate DIY Newborn Photoshoot Setup Video– Finally, check out this awesome video. She walks you through everything you need to set up a gorgeous set in your home and even talks about posing! This is such a great way to get professional looking photos at home.

And there you have it–over 50 newborn photography tips to get you inspired!

Not quite ready for newborn photos? Check out our Maternity Picture Tips and Tricks!

Happy Picture Taking!

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Don't miss the opportunity to photograph the first days of your baby's life. Children grow and change so quickly.

Newborn photography - remember about safety

It is very important that during the shooting process the baby feels as comfortable as possible. First of all, he must be warm. The optimum air temperature in the room is 23-25°C. It is better to start a photo shoot after feeding, when the baby is full, calm and ready to fall asleep.

Do not use the flash when the baby is awake! The newborn does not have a reflex of rapid pupillary contraction from bright light. Even the built-in flash will adversely affect the retina of his eyes.

It is best to shoot near the largest window in the room. If your city has few sunny days, then for good lighting, you need a softbox. You can do it yourself or buy a budget option on Aliexpress.

Don't repeat difficult poses that you might see in photos taken by professionals. As a rule, such a frame is the result of combining several pictures, in the process of obtaining which, the assistant insures the baby. Therefore, it is better not to risk it, and just capture the natural postures of your baby. However, even using them, pictures can be diversified.


A few ideas for home photo sessions with a newborn

Sensual pictures of a baby in the arms of parents.

You can ask one of your friends to take pictures of the whole family - such photos are of special value.

Photograph the newborn with siblings.

If your family has pets that are in contact with the baby, take a photo with them too - it's very interesting.

If your camera supports macro mode or you have a macro lens, don't miss the opportunity to shoot close-ups - ears, sponges, hands, heels.

Photograph your baby in front of the things that matter to you. For example, the grandmother knitted booties for the baby, and the aunt gave the first rattle. Such items can be used to create a photo metric with important data about a child's birthday.

If family members have hobbies that can be characterized by certain objects, include them in the frame. It can be, for example, a soccer ball if dad is fond of football, a guitar for parents who are musicians, and the like. In this way, you can easily give photos a special family spirit, make them bright and original.

Beautiful baby photos are often taken on a bed near a window. The simplest and most effective background is bed linen of a single color. This will help to focus on the baby.

When taking a portrait, position your baby perpendicular to the window, head to the light. So the picture will look more natural and voluminous.

The baby can be placed in a toy crib (Aliexpress) or a large basket (Aliexpress). Look how adorable it looks!

Another life hack on how to photograph newborns at home. Often the baby's loose hands get in the way of making a high-quality portrait. Swaddle the baby - this will simplify the task. Diaper + cap set for Aliexpress:

Accessories! Knitted hats (Aliexpress), headbands with flowers (Aliexpress), you can buy them, or you can make them yourself. For wrapping babies, you can buy a small piece of guipure or knitwear (Aliexpress) in a fabric store. Choose accessories in the same color scheme and so that they blend harmoniously with the background you have chosen: they are either contrasting with the background, or vice versa in the same color with it.

While the baby is sleeping, you can put him in a pose and dress him up in a costume (Aliexpress).

Imagine your baby is dreaming. In order to create an atmosphere of sleep, use items that are in your home - different fabrics, colorful towels, umbrellas, ribbons, various toys, etc.

You can buy ready-made props for photography on Aliexpress (felt clouds, moon pillow).

Use seasonal attributes in your home photo shoot. For example, colorful autumn leaves or baby-safe Christmas decorations. It will add a special touch to your photos.

Use different decorations in a photo shoot for newborn girls. Flowers look especially beautiful in the frame, both live and artificial (Aliexpress). For the background, choose delicate plain fabrics. Lace fabrics (Aliexpress) look very advantageous in photographs.

Imagine! Drawings on a chalkboard.

Digital sketches.

Cool inscriptions on clothes (Aliexpress).

Fairy-tale or cartoon character.

You can order beautiful and inexpensive costumes for newborns on Aliexpress (princesses, superheroes, cartoons).

It's a great idea to photograph your baby every month for up to a year. For example, with the same soft toy.

Links to photo shoot props:

  1. knitted blanket;
  2. colored nibs;
  3. cot;
  4. rug made of art. fur;
  5. stretch fabric;
  6. patterned rug;
  7. clothing stickers;
  8. photophone;
  9. basket.

Links to accessories and clothing for the photo shoot:

  1. tutu skirt with headband;
  2. knitted accessories and suits;
  3. headband of flowers;
  4. flower cap;
  5. knitted hat + bear;
  6. knitted striped suit;
  7. angora wool set;
  8. knit diaper;
  9. feather wings.

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Newborn photography ideas at home

Children grow up fast. Therefore, do not waste time, take a camera or phone and take pictures of your baby. We will tell you how easy it is to have a newborn photo session at home.

Consider restrictions on walking as an opportunity to independently prepare and make a beautiful photo session with a little man at home. Many families choose to hire a professional photographer. However, the temporary closure of photo studios should not be a reason to refuse wonderful photographs. We will teach you how to create beautiful newborn photos at home, simply with your camera phone.

Remember that you are limited by time. Babies change every day. Therefore, do not postpone the photo session for a week or a month. It's much better to have more photos than you need than nothing at all.

Before the start of the photo session, allocate one day for preparation. Our articles How to take pictures on the phone and How to learn how to take pictures step by step will help you overcome the panic before the upcoming photo shoot. You will surely succeed if you use our ideas and advice.

  • Make a list of the positions you want for your baby. Below are easy but cool ideas for a newborn photo shoot at home. To get started, choose simple poses.
  • Prepare props for shooting. A soft blanket, fluffy towel, or large pieces of soft, colored fabric. To stretch your blankets or fabric nicely, find some clips. For this purpose, binders and hair clips are suitable.
  • Consider what to wear for your child. Make sure things are clean, washed and ironed.
  • Choose a room for a photo session. Read in the previous article Home photo shoots, where is the best place to take pictures and what time of day.
  • If there is not enough natural light in the shooting room, prepare additional light sources.

Day X

Baby's comfort is the key to an excellent newborn photo session. Before shooting, warm up the room where you will shoot. Most of the time when you are photographing, the child will be naked. Therefore, it is important that the temperature in the room is not lower than 23 degrees.

If the mother is breastfeeding, it is better for the father to put the baby in different positions. Mom smells like milk and the baby will require feeding.

Be patient. Be prepared that the photo session will last several hours with breaks for feeding. For the photo to come out successful, the baby must immerse himself in each pose. And this takes time.

Newborn photo shoot ideas at home

We offer the cutest and most touching poses for little people:

This is one of the traditional baby positions that parents love.
If your baby prefers to sleep in the frog position, then you just need to prop up his chin with the handles.
If the baby sleeps differently, then spread his legs to the side yourself, like the legs of a frog. And lift your butt up.

Head with handles. If the child cannot hold his head on the handles under his chin, place one handle under his head. In this position, the baby is very comfortable. So you are guaranteed several takes.

In a cocoon.
This idea is very easy to implement. A soft knitted shawl or blanket will lull a newborn baby better than a lullaby.
You can wrap your baby with the handles in or out. Shoot from different angles.

On the back. This is one of the easiest newborn photo shoot ideas. Lay the child on his back, fold the arms on the tummy. Children are comfortable in this position. As a rule, it will not be difficult for you to capture a smile in a dream in a frame.

In the shopping cart.
With a wooden basket, you can get a lot of touching photos.
Make a mini lullaby out of the basket. Place a few soft towels or a blanket in it. Decorate the basket with ribbons, fake fruits, vegetables or flowers.

In a hammock.
Get by with few props. For an infant photo shoot, the expression of a small face and cute folds on the arms and legs are important.
Hang a light blanket or large towel like a hammock. Put the baby in it and shake it a little. The kid will fall asleep, and you will get gorgeous shots with your favorite little man.

With a brother or sister.
Group photos show the love and unity of the family. Don't forget to take and print on canvas photos of the newborn with older siblings.

Order newborn photo
on canvas

With a plot.
Act out a theme. For example, put a sports cap on a boy and place a tennis ball next to him. The girl can be dressed up in a magnificent dress, put on a crown, and put a magic wand in her pen.

With toy. Use a soft toy not only for decoration, but also as a support for a newborn. On a large fluffy bear or bunny, you can lay the baby in almost all of the above poses.

Pets allowed.
Photographing a dog with a child at home is easy. For overly active four-legged pets, we recommend using treats. Reassure the dog, offer her something tasty. As soon as the animal settles down, put the baby next to it and take a picture.
There are no problems with a cat. She will either visit the photo zone with the newborn herself, or you will have to move the shooting to the cat’s resting place.

With mom and dad. Mandatory footage of a newborn photo shoot. Do not invent special poses. Just show your love. Take the baby in your arms or lie down next to him. The frame will immediately be filled with an atmosphere of endless love.

Cast aside all fears and take pictures of your little man. We hope that our advice will add confidence. do not store the received frames in the memory of the smartphone or on the hard drive.

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