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The Best Online Photo Printing Services for 2022

There's a big difference between a digital photo and a printed photograph. The latter is a physical object, rather than just an image file displayed on a screen. Sure, you can hold your phone up to someone's face to show them snapshots of your baby niece, but that's no way to proudly display or physically share a favorite shot. Online photo printers like Mpix, Nations Photo Lab, Shutterfly, and Snapfish exist because people still want their pictures printed.

The services included here can produce high-quality prints and memorabilia from your digital photos, whether that's in the form of wallet-size snapshots or wall-size photo canvases. And some, like CVS Photo, can get your shots in your hand within an hour.

Below are the top photo printing services we tested, followed by some helpful ideas of the factors you should consider when choosing the right service to give your digital keepsakes physical form.

Nations Photo Lab

Best Print Quality Overall

4. 5 Outstanding

Why We Picked It

Nations Photo Lab has been delivering high-quality prints since 2005, when three professional photographers couldn't find a lab with the quality, pricing, and turnaround times they required. Now the service serves both pros and amateurs, and it delivered the best quality prints in terms of sharpness and color accuracy in our test orders. Shipped photos arrive in the sturdiest packaging of any services tested, too.

Who It’s For

This photo printing service is for both professionals and picky consumers who don't mind paying just a little more for better quality than you get with budget-minded services. It's also a good option if you're looking for photo greeting cards, wall art, and gifts.


  • Excellent print quality
  • Protective delivery packaging
  • TIFF file support
  • Good selection of photo gifts


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Web interface isn't the slickest

Sold By List Price Price
Nations Photo Lab 40% off with Code: 40PCMAG 40% off with Code: 40PCMAG See It (Opens in a new window)

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CVS Photo

Best for Convenient Local Printing

4. 0 Excellent

Why We Picked It

CVS produced the sharpest photo prints among one-hour local pickup services we tested (Walgreens and Walmart were the others). You pay more for that convenience, but when you need it CVS's excellent printing equipment and paper are up to the task.

Who It’s For

Anyone in a rush. If you're looking for the absolute top quality, you'll want to order photos from a high-end service like Nations Photo Lab or Mpix, but for the fastest turnaround, CVS is a good option.


  • One-hour local pickup
  • Great print sharpness
  • No prepayment necessary; pay on pickup
  • Good ordering interface


  • Oversaturated colors in test prints
  • Relatively expensive


Best for Quality Prints and Paper

4.0 Excellent

Why We Picked It

Mpix is one of the more expensive mail-order photo printing services we tested. It delivers fine prints in some of the strongest packaging of any service, and its giclée(Opens in a new window) and metallic paper and are truly impressive, almost giving your shots a 3D look. The service also uses long-lasting Kodak photo paper.

Who It’s For

Because Mpix costs more than the budget players in our roundup (like Snapfish and Walmart Photo) and offers more high-end options, it will appeal to professionals and serious amateur photographers.


  • Clear interface and options
  • High-end packaging
  • Good print quality
  • Online gallery sharing
  • Film processing


  • Glossy prints cost more
  • Prices on the high end
  • No TIFF or PNG support

Sold By List Price Price
Mpix 25% off First Order 25% off First Order See It (Opens in a new window)

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Best for Low-Cost Prints

4.0 Excellent

Why We Picked It

Value. Despite its market-beating price of just 9 cents per 4-by-6-inch print, Snapfish delivers pleasing print quality and sharpness. The packaging it arrives in can't match that used by more expensive services like Nations Photo Lab, but it's good enough and you'll be paying a quarter of the price. Snapfish also offers some useful photo editing tools and online gallery sharing.

Who It’s For

Snapfish is good for those who want prints but don't want to spend much money. For example, a set of 50 photos would cost just a mere $4.50 plus shipping from Snapfish. That same order would cost $18 from Mpix.


  • Low prices
  • Excellent image quality
  • Well-designed, fast, modern web interface
  • Solid editing tools
  • Tons of print surface options, including mugs, blankets, and much more
  • Online gallery sharing


  • Average shipment packaging
  • Lacks TIFF and high-megapixel file support


Best for Sturdy Packaging

3. 5 Good

Why We Picked It

Printique comes from Adorama, a name long trusted by professional photographers. The company delivers photo prints on a good choice of papers and in the sturdiest shipping material of any service we tested. The site also has one of the clearest, most capable interfaces for assembling and organizing your order.

Who It’s For

Pros who use Adorama will be comfortable with this service, and anyone who needs to be absolutely sure the photos will arrive unharmed should consider it. Pricing is on the high end, but the ordering interface is tops.


  • Superior website usability and features
  • Good print quality
  • Letterbox cropping and border options
  • Highly protective packaging for shipping
  • TIFF and large files supported


  • Prints not as sharp as from some competitors
  • Few printed gift options


Best for Photo-Printed Gifts

3. 5 Good

Why We Picked It

Shutterfly is probably the most recognized name in online photo printing services. It produces perfectly acceptable prints that you order in a well-designed interface. It's not quite as cheap as Snapfish, but it offers the most choice of gifts products emblazoned with your photos—shower curtain, beach bag, or sweatshirt blanket anyone?

Who It’s For

Shutterfly is suitable for those who want low-cost prints, photo books, or any of a huge selection of products with their pictures printed on them.


  • Sharp print images
  • Good delivery packaging
  • Intuitive web interface with online gallery sharing
  • Vast selection of photo-printed gift options


  • Expensive for larger print sizes
  • Weak online photo editing
  • High shipping prices

Walgreens Photo

Best for Speed

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

Our test one-hour photo order from Walgreens Photo was ready the fastest of any similar service we tested, in just nine minutes. It's two cents cheaper per 4-by-6 print than our local-pickup Editors' Choice pick, CVS. The Walgreens Photo site lets you grab photos from your social networks, do a little editing, and share galleries with friends.

Who It’s For

Walgreens Photo is for those who need pictures printed pronto! Especially if you're not near a branch of our local pickup Editors' Choice service, CVS.


  • Fast printing
  • Basic online image editing
  • Grabs photos from social networks for printing
  • Online album sharing


  • Prints not as sharp as competitors’
  • Expensive

Walmart Photo

Best for Low-Cost Enlargements

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

Walmart offers 5-by-7-inch and 8-by-10 prints at a lower price than any competitor we tested. It's by far the cheapest local-pickup option, too, at just 12 cents per 4-by-6 print. Walmart Photo also delivers decent print quality in acceptably protective packaging and uses a well-designed ordering interface.

Who It’s For

Those looking for a bargain on larger prints or on photos they can pick up locally on the same day should consider Walmart. Walmart Plus members will also want to use it since they get free shipping.


  • Affordable
  • Decent web interface
  • Fast service with same-day local pickup option
  • Smartphone ordering app


  • Average image quality
  • Doesn’t accept HEIC or TIFF image files
  • Adequate but not great packaging for shipments

Buying Guide: The Best Online Photo Printing Services for 2022

Where Can You Get Cheap Photo Prints?

You don't have to break the bank to get printed photos. For 15 cents or less per photo, you can have 4-by-6-inch prints from several services here. Snapfish has the lowest price at just 9 cents.

Of the photo printing services we tested, the most expensive mail-order service, Mpix at 36 cents for a mailed 4-by-6 print. Nations Photo Labs' and Printique's charge 32 cents, but they provide excellent image and paper quality. In the middle is Shutterfly at 18 cents for a 4-by-6. Local pickup options usually cost more. CVS Photo costs 39 cents for 4-by-6s for local pickup, and Walgreens charges 37 cents for the same, though Walmart Photo charges only 12 cents—the same price as for mailed prints.

Even if you want enlargements at popular sizes, such as 5-by-7 and 8-by-10, you don't have to spend a lot. Snapfish again has the best price at 69 cents for a 5-by-7 print. Printique charges $2.65 for an 8-by-10 print, and most other services charge a still-reasonable $2.99–$3.99 for that size.

For wall art prints, you'll pay more, but prices still aren't exorbitant. All the services in this roundup sell 16-by-20 prints for about $20, and most charge closer to $15.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that most of the services included here offer special discount pricing from time to time. The See It links above often lead to some unexpected bargains and offers.

What's the Best Photo Printing Service for Gifts and Greeting Cards?

Why stop at ordinary photo prints, when you can have your pictures grace mugs, playing cards, and even pillows? The services here offer a remarkable assortment of objects that you can personalize. All offer greeting cards, calendars, and photo books (more on this below). Most also offer phone cases, blankets, and coffee mugs.

(Credit: PCMag)

Holiday cards mean so much more when they include a photo or photos of your family, and most of the services here can produce them for you at reasonable rates. Most online photo printing services offer 5-by-7 flat cards, which cost in the range from about 50 cents (from Walmart) to about $3 from the higher end services. A few offer traditional folding cards for a bit more. You'll pay less per card with a larger order volume. Premium options like foil printing, special cutout shapes, and linen card stock can be had at premium prices.

Shutterfly offers the largest selection of photo gifts, with flowerpots, blankets, cell phone cases, pillows, shower curtains, and even food bowls for your pets. CVS can sell you a necktie featuring your picture or multiple copies of one shot. I'm still waiting for someone to offer photo-embellished rugs and lampshades. A couple of fun options that many do offer are puzzles and magnets. Walmart will sell you a teddy bear wearing a T-shirt sporting your photo. Some of the latest photo gifts I've seen are capes for kids, drawstring backpacks, tea towels, pot holders, bottle openers, tote bags, pet food containers, and of course face masks.

Where Can You Get Large Canvas Prints?

Two services included here, CanvasChamp and CanvasPop, don't even print standard small photos, but instead offer only large wall art (as well as magnets and pillows). CanvasPop offers 12-by-16 canvas prints wrapped on a 3/4-inch frame for $90. The company also offers retouching and restoration services. CanvasChamp offers prints up to 54 by 54 inches and is more budget-oriented than CanvasPop, with prices starting at just $4.25 for a 5-by-7 or 8-by-8-inch canvas, but the quality doesn't match that of CanvasPop.

(Credit: PCMag)

Those two services aren't the only ones that can turn your photos into large wall art. Nations Photo Lab's canvas offerings start at $56.35 for an 8-by-10 stretched on a 3/4-inch frame; Snapfish canvases start at $39.99 for 8-by-8s, and Printique surprisingly undercuts that at $29.99 for an 8-by-8. But canvas prices can jump up very high with larger sizes: at CanvasPop, you'll pay $566 for a 72-by-40, but that's a lot of canvas.

Where Can You Get Mounted Prints?

Most of the photo printing services here offer a choice of hard backings for larger prints, and they'll also frame your picture. Mounting options for Shutterfly include printing on card stock, which starts at $3.99 for a 5-by-7.

Card stock isn't as suitable for wall hanging as other options, such as styrene, standouts, gator board, and metal prints (more on this last type of print below). Gator board is stronger than standard foam plastic and it's easy to hang on the wall because it's impregnated with wood fibers. All these types of backing are available from many of the online photo printing services included here.

Mpix offers a CollageWall option that lets you group related shots with a matching background. These start at $79.99 for a 2-by-1-foot array consisting of five photos; that can go up over $1,000 for 10-by-3-foot wall display with dozens of component photos. Other services, including Printique, offer similar décor solutions.

Where Can You Get Metal Prints, Wood Prints, and Framing?

Metal prints are an elegant, more permanent option offered by several services. With this process, your photo is printed directly onto a metallic surface for more vivid colors and contrast. Mpix can print to paper using a similar effect, with its Metallic Print option. In actual printing on metal, Nations Photo Lab charges $18.40 for a 4-by-6-inch metal print, and $32.20 for an 8-by-10, for example. Its largest metal option is a substantial 24 by 36 inches, which lists for $264.50.

A stylish twist from Snapfish is its maple wood mounting. This option starts at $129.99 for an 16-by-20 print. The option comes with mounting holes in the back, and the printing process allows the wood grain to show through your image for a rustic look.

Framing adds the ultimate wall-art touch to your large photo prints. It also adds cost. A framed 3.5-by-5 from Mpix costs $26. For matting, you pay an additional $10. Printique charges $102 for framed and matted prints at the 8-by-10 size, while Snapfish starts at $40.49 for that size.

What Is the Easiest Site to Make Photo Books?

Almost all the services included here can print books featuring your photos. For special events such as weddings, graduations, and vacations, nothing serves as a better reminder than a professionally printed photo book. The entry-level price for a book is Shutterfly's $19.98 for a 8-by-8-inch hardcover. Printique and Snapfish also charge $19.99 for an 8-by-8 book, while Mpix charges that for a 5-by-5 book. Nations Photo Lab only makes hardcover books, which start at $33. 35 for 5-by-7-inch books. Mpix offers hardcover books with sewn bindings, called Premium hardcover books starting at $39.99 for a 20-page 5-by-5-inch book and Economy hardcover books starting at $19.99.

As you can imagine, prices go way up with book dimensions and more premium materials. For example, a 20-page 8-by-12 book with Deep Matte stock costs $129.99 from Mpix, and each extra page costs and additional $4.

(Credit: PCMag)

Shutterfly has a service that curates your photos and designs a book for if you feel you're not up to the task yourself. The site has one of the best design tools, with three options: Make My Book; Custom Path, which lets you personalize every page; and Simple Path, which instantly lays out your photos.

If you're comfortable with photo editing software, Adobe's Lightroom Classic offers excellent photo book design tools and let you send your project directly to a professional printer. Lightroom uses the book-only Blurb service. Google Photos includes an easy photo book creator and lets you order softcovers and hardcovers. A 7-inch square softcover is just $14.99 with 49 cents per extra picture over 20 (that includes the front and back). Google Photos can even auto-create suggested photo books based on your trips and occasions.

What are the Best Services for Editing, Ordering, and Sharing Photos?

If you're going to be ordering photos online, it helps if the service has a friendly, navigable website. For example, most services, like Snapfish, let you simply check off all the sizes you want on a single page grid. Others make you select a size for printing before choosing the images you want, and then start over again if you want more sizes.

(Credit: PCMag)

Snapfish and other services offer basic photo-editing tools, letting you brighten or darken an underexposed or overexposed shot, for example. Several services automatically apply color correction. Mpix offers retouching for $8 for one head in a photo and can remove braces or whiten teeth for the same price.

Recommended by Our Editors

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Online Sharing

A few services let you share your images online. Mpix, Printique, and Shutterfly are particularly strong in this area. Shutterfly even lets you create online mini-websites for your photos. Snapfish and Walgreens Photo let you share online galleries that can be viewed as full-window slideshows. Amazon Photos is particularly strong at online photo sharing and galleries, with unlimited free storage for Prime subscribers (though it delivered poor quality results in our tests for printed photos and thus isn't listed among the best services here). Nations Photo Lab doesn't get involved in online gallery sharing.

Film Processing

This may seem a passé topic, but there's a contingent of photographers who still prefer to shoot on film. I recently needed film processing for one of those disposable underwater cameras for a vacation that involved snorkeling. Companies here that still process film include Mpix and some CVS and Walgreens locations. For a film-only service with more options including black-and-white film, check out The Darkroom(Opens in a new window) or Bushwick Community Darkroom(Opens in a new window). These services can include digital scans of your photos, which lets you edit and share them on your PC, but prints usually cost extra.

Which Photo Printing Service Has the Best App?

The most popular camera these days is one that's always with you—your phone. Smartphones have come a long way in terms of image quality, with some capturing images with 20 megapixels of resolution or higher. With most photos now being taken by phones, it only makes sense for a photo printing service to offer a mobile app to get the images straight from your phone to the print service.

Shutterfly's app adds the ability to order photo gifts, while Snapfish and Walgreens Photo's apps can import photos from social networks, perform some editing, and let you share photos with friends. Nations Photo Labs has a mobile app that lets you order prints not only from the phone but from any of your social accounts.

Which Photo Printing Service is the Fastest?

If you want your pictures pronto, CVS Photo or Walgreens Photo or Walmart Photo are the way to go. Target Photo no longer lets you pick up prints at its store locations.

If you decide you can wait a few days or you want special options not available with local pickup, such as matte finish, mail order is provided by all the services tested. None of them takes an inordinate amount of time. The additional shipping costs for our order of 22 photos ranged from $5 to $10, although the reason for the difference was stark—packaging. Packaging matters. Target Photo and RitzPix (which scored too low to be included in the list of the best photo printing services) pack photos in a soft flimsy envelope compared with the carefully protected Mpix order that arrived in a strong cardboard box with clear plastic envelopes for photo size sets.

(Credit: Michael Muchmore)

If you want faster delivery, most services offer second-day and overnight delivery, but keep in mind that the products still have to be produced, so "overnight" doesn't necessarily mean your photos will arrive the day after you order them, even if you pay $15 for overnight shipping. Still, it could mean your pictures arrive a few days faster than if you selected standard shipping.

Which Photo Printing Service Has the Best Quality?

For us, print quality is the most important factor when ordering prints. How accurately do the photos reflect the images you shot? Most of the prints I received, especially at the smaller 4-by-6-inch size, revealed acceptable image quality, but there are noticeable differences in lighting and saturation. You can see the differences in the detail-rich city scene below.

(Credit: Michael Muchmore)

Paper is another consideration. Most services use Fuji Crystal archive, but the higher-end services like Printique, Mpix, and Nations Photo Lab use truly professional-quality Kodak Endura paper, which is thicker and rated to last longer.

Please don't hesitate to share your experiences with photo printing services in the comments below. To learn more about improving your photos, check out our collections of Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos, Beyond-Basic Photography Tips, and The Best Photo Editing Software. And if you're set on printing your own pictures, our list of the best photo printers is a good place to start.

The Best Online Photo Printing Service for 2022

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Photo: Amadou Diallo


We removed our runner-up pick because our top pick now has a mobile app that provides a better experience than Printique’s.

After more than 40 hours of research and comparison, including a blind test with a panel of photo novices and hobbyists, we recommend Nations Photo Lab as the best online service for ordering hassle-free, high-quality photo prints delivered straight to your home. Nations produces prints with pleasing skin tones on a range of paper types and in a variety of aspect ratios, all at a reasonable price. And it ships everything in professional packaging—ensuring that your prints arrive in great shape.

Our pick

Nations Photo Lab

Of the labs we tested, Nations Photo Lab offers the best combination of quality, price, options, and service, delivering good-looking prints in secure packaging.

Nations Photo Lab delivers good-looking prints and packs them securely to avoid any shipping damage. It offers a wide range of print sizes, from wallet size to 30 inches wide. The order process is straightforward, giving you the choice of a simple Web interface, a standalone desktop app, or a mobile app. For a nominal fee, you can have your images color-corrected to more closely match what you see on screen if you’re using a calibrated monitor. Crucially, Nations Photo Lab is also one of the few services we found that offer an attractive gift-packaging option: A sleek box tied with a silk ribbon makes for an attractive gift shipped directly to family or friends (or clients, if you’re selling your photos). The company offers free shipping for orders of $50 or more, too.

If you’d rather print at home for the ultimate in image quality, color accuracy, and sharpness, a well-made inkjet print from the best photo inkjet printer delivers superior results that in some cases may be worth the added time, effort, and expense. But the printer, ink, and paper aren’t cheap, and it takes some practice and a properly calibrated monitor to get great results. If you have boxes of prints from your film days and want them digitized, take a look at our guide to the best photo scanning service.

The research

  • Why you should trust us
  • Who should use an online print service
  • How we picked
  • How we tested
  • Our pick: Nations Photo Lab
  • Flaws but not dealbreakers
  • What about professional photo labs?
  • What about big-box stores and pharmacies?
  • The competition

Why you should trust us

I’ve covered camera and printer gear here at Wirecutter since 2013 and have worked as a professional photographer and digital-imaging consultant for 15 years. I also ran my own digital-printmaking shop for a nearly a decade, producing exhibition-quality photographs on wide-format inkjet printers. I’m on the faculty of New York City’s International Center of Photography, and I lead photography workshops around the country.

In preparing this guide I researched pricing and features for 24 US-based online print shops. I sent an identical selection of digital files to the 10 most promising contenders and asked a panel of photo novices and hobbyists to weigh in on the results.

Who should use an online print service

With the ubiquity of images shared online, there’s something special and inherently pleasing about holding a physical print. Whether you’re into scrapbooking, creating a one-of-a-kind photo album, hanging prints on the wall, or sending your loved ones keepsakes of special moments, photo prints can be cherished for years to come.

If you need prints only occasionally, an online photo service saves you the up-front hardware cost and the hassle of ink and paper replacement.

Seasoned photographers often opt for a home inkjet photo printer. The best models, like our current photo printer pick, produce noticeably sharper images than the high-volume chemical process that online photo labs use. And of course, having a printer in-house means you can generate prints any time you desire. But inkjet printers optimized for pro-level photo output start at around $800 and take up a lot of desk space. They make the most sense for folks who print on a regular basis and demand gallery-quality results with unerring consistency. If you need prints only occasionally, an online photo service saves you the up-front hardware cost and the hassle of ink and paper replacement.

An Internet connection and access to your digital image files are all you need to place an order. Turnaround times are usually just a day or two (excluding shipping), and the best shops pack your photos securely to avoid damage in transit. And with print prices for the shops we looked at ranging from 9¢ to 30¢ for a 4-by-6, online printing is very economical.

How we picked

We ordered prints from 10 online services to find out which ones offered the best combination of price, service, and features. Photo: Michael Hession

We kept our initial criteria simple, opting for services that let you upload multiple image files, select individual print sizes, and ship them to your home. We began with 24 services and quickly realized how difficult it would be to make recommendations based on price. Shutterfly, for example, charges less for 4-by-6 prints than many of its rivals but significantly more for an 8-by-10. Print shops frequently offer discounts and promotions throughout the year, making price-per-print comparisons even less reliable. Shipping costs and options also vary, so although we do provide the order totals for our final picks here, we can rarely say with any certainty that one service will always be cheaper than another. And of course, a low price means little if the photos don’t look good.

In the interest of choosing services relevant to as many readers as possible, we were able to dismiss those of Costco and Sam’s Club, because they require an annual membership. We also eliminated services requiring in-store pickup, because the quality of the prints you receive can vary greatly from store to store. After creating logins for 20 services in order to evaluate the user interface, print choices, and shipping options, we narrowed the list to 10 contenders. (For a more detailed look at what we dismissed and why, see the Competition section.)

We found precious few editorial sources that had conducted real-world comparisons of print services, and none that had included all of our contenders. So we conducted our own test, uploading an identical set of image files to each service.

How we tested

We uploaded a variety of images, shot on a range of digital cameras, to our top 10 contenders and then compared the results side by side. Photo: Amadou Diallo

We uploaded 20 images—shot with mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones—to each of our finalists. We included landscapes, a range of skin tones, neutral and tinted black-and-whites, low-light images, and photos with heavily saturated colors. When given the option, we had the images printed on luster paper and requested that the lab make no additional color adjustments. For each service we ordered 4-by-6 prints (or similar), a 5-by-5 square image, an 8-by-10 black-and-white portrait, and an 11-by-14 color landscape. As a reference we used the Epson SureColor P600 inkjet printer (our pick for the best photo inkjet printer) to make our own identically sized prints from these same files. The P600 produced notably sharp prints that matched the colors we saw on our properly calibrated iMac 27-inch monitor, providing a baseline by which we could evaluate results from the online print services.

Most of the shops we tested delivered “good enough” results.

After comparing the prints from each lab not just in image quality but also in how well they were packed for shipment, I whittled our list of contenders down to five finalists. I then set up a blind test with several colleagues in the Wirecutter office; some of the panelists were photo novices, and others owned DSLRs and took photographs on a regular basis. The testers made side-by-side comparisons of six sets of identical image files printed by Printique (then called AdoramaPix), Aspen Creek Photo, Bay Photo, Mpix, and Nations Photo Lab, along with the reference prints I made using the Epson SureColor P600. For each set of prints, I asked the testers to rate their first and second choices, as well as their least favorite prints.

Our pick: Nations Photo Lab

Our pick

Nations Photo Lab

Of the labs we tested, Nations Photo Lab offers the best combination of quality, price, options, and service, delivering good-looking prints in secure packaging.

Nations Photo Lab is the best choice for most people looking to order photo prints online. Its service is easy to use, with pricing and printing options clearly displayed on a single Web page. In our tests, turnaround was impressively fast: Our prints shipped out the same day we placed our order. The prints had pleasing contrast and detail, and they ranked among the most color-accurate across the services we tested. And unlike some of the other shops we ordered from, Nations Photo Lab packed our prints very securely, ensuring that they wouldn’t take damage in transit.

Nearly all of the services we tested delivered prints good enough to frame and put on the mantel. To be honest, the differences in print quality that did exist were too subtle for us to show you via the Web. And all of the services we used had our orders ready to ship within three business days or less. Some shops are less expensive than Nations Photo Lab (prices vary with print size and quantity). But each service we tested brings compromises of some sort. Nations Photo Lab gets the most important things right: color-accurate prints, packaging that avoids damage in transit, and a hassle-free ordering process.

Nations Photo Lab gets the most important things right: color-accurate prints, packaging that avoids damage in transit, and a hassle-free ordering process.

As with other services, you begin the order process with Nations Photo Lab by creating an online account. Once that’s complete, you can order images in one of two ways. The Web browser interface lets you drag and drop images to upload them from your computer. At this point you can select an image to specify print size and select a paper type before manually cropping the image to taste, if necessary. You can also choose to have your image mounted on foamcore for an additional fee or converted to black-and-white or a sepia tone.

In Nations Photo Lab’s Web interface, you can choose from a range of paper options and print sizes, and then manually adjust the image’s crop if you desire. Photo: Amadou Diallo

If you plan to order a lot of images at the same print size, you’re better off downloading the ROES (Remote Order Entry System) app from Nations Photo Lab and using that instead. ROES is a third-party app that many photo labs license to use for their customer orders. Though designed with the high-volume needs of wedding and portrait photographers in mind, the app is simple enough for just about anyone to use. To begin, you point the app to a folder on your computer containing the images you want to print (the images don’t actually upload to Nations Photo Lab until you place your order). Selecting a print size calls up a blank page onto which you simply drag an image. Add the image to your shopping cart, and then just drag the next image in its place. For large orders of multiple prints at different sizes, this process can be faster than using Nations Photo Lab’s Web interface.

You can also place orders by downloading the pro-oriented ROES software, which is more efficient for large orders of multiple prints at different sizes. Photo: Amadou Diallo

The biggest advantage to using the ROES software, however, is that you can avoid having your photos cropped when there’s a mismatch between the aspect ratio of your image file and the paper size you’ve chosen. I’ll explain.

The standard 4-by-6 print has an aspect ratio of 3:2. It became a standard print size precisely because it’s the same ratio that analog cameras produced using 35mm film. DSLRs and most mirrorless cameras still use that aspect ratio today. But the image sensors in smartphone, point-and-shoot, and Micro Four Thirds cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio instead.

An uncropped iPhone photo has a 4:3 aspect ratio, a mismatch for the traditional 4-by-6 print, which has a 3:2 aspect ratio. Photo: Amadou Diallo

Faced with this mismatch, you have two options. First, you can crop the digital file so that it fills the frame of a 4-by-6 print. But as you can see below, this tactic risks cropping out important areas of your image.

When you’re forced to print in a 3:2 aspect ratio (indicated here by the red lines), you have to crop the image on two sides, potentially losing important image area (shaded in white). Photo: Amadou Diallo

The second—and in this case preferable—option is to print the image at its native aspect ratio and leave a paper border on two sides of the print. The ROES app offers a Fit Entire Print icon that does just that, resulting in a print like the one below. You’ll have to manually trim the borders if you find them distracting, but you avoid an unwanted image crop.

Using the ROES app you can instruct Nations Photo Lab to print your image uncropped, leaving a white paper border (shown above) on two sides instead. Photo: Amadou Diallo

Although I’ve used the example of an iPhone photo on a 4-by-6 print, the idea applies equally to any photo from any camera in which the aspect ratio of your final image doesn’t match that of the print size you want to make.

This package could have taken a severe beating without any damage done to the prints.

Our order of 17 small prints, plus an 8-by-10 and an 11-by-17, came out to $18.09 with shipping. The average order cost of the 10 services we tested was $20.70, placing Nations Photo Lab roughly in the middle in cost. Within hours of placing the order, we received an email saying the job was complete and ready to ship. Nations Photo Lab is based in Maryland, and we received the prints at our New York City address the very next day. We need to stress, however, that ours was a very low-volume order placed well outside of the holiday-rush season. Your mileage may vary.

Our prints arrived in perfect condition, which came as no surprise once we inspected the packaging. The prints were in transparent sleeves and taped down to an oversize sheet of thick cardboard with another laid on top so they were sandwiched in between. This bundle then went into a shallow but sturdy shipping box for maximum protection. I ran a digital-printmaking service for almost 10 years, and we shipped high-end prints on a daily basis. There’s simply no better way to pack photos of this size. This package could have taken a severe beating without any damage done to the prints.

Nations Photo Lab places your prints in transparent sleeves and sandwiches them between thick, oversize cardboard sheets, taping them down to ensure they don’t move in transit. Photo: Amadou Diallo

We think most folks will be very pleased with the image quality of prints from Nations Photo Lab. In our tests, the print contrast was pleasingly punchy without sacrificing image detail, and colors were reasonably accurate compared with the digital files. If you’re serious about color fidelity and you have your monitor calibrated and profiled for accuracy, Nations Photo Lab offers a “color-corrected” add-on for a nominal fee that makes adjustments to your image before printing to produce a closer match to what you see on screen. The difference can be subtle for casual photographers who send only 4-by-6 holiday photos once a year, but is a worthwhile option for anyone making larger prints to hang on their wall.

Over a wide range of images including various skin tones, foliage, and saturated colors, our panel of testers consistently ranked prints from Nations Photo Lab near the top among our contenders. Nations Photo Lab tied with Aspen Creek Photo for the number of times selected as either a first or second choice, and it had among the fewest designations as a least favorite choice. Though no print service scored as high overall with our testers as the Epson SureColor P600 inkjet printer, we want to emphasize that image quality is not a dealbreaker with the majority of services we tested. Prints from one lab don’t necessarily appear identical to those from another shop, but the differences are very subtle and largely come down to personal preference. Viewing the images in isolation, we think that outside of imaging professionals, most folks will find little to complain about.

Though gift wrapping is not an essential feature, Nations Photo Lab’s boutique packaging add-on should hold great appeal for anyone wanting a special gift for family or friends, or for clients if you’re a pro photographer: For an additional $6, Nations can deliver the photos in a sleek box tied with a silk ribbon in one of three color options, a classy touch.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As we described above, the image sensors on smartphone cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio, so we’d appreciate appropriately proportioned print sizes like the 4-by-5.3 offering that Snapfish and York Photo offer. Again, Nations Photo Lab does give you a full-print option in which your uncropped image prints on a 4-by-6 sheet, but that leaves you with white borders on the left and right that you’ll need to trim manually.

Finally, we’d like to see an additional verso-printing option in which the filename and capture date are automatically pulled from the files’ metadata and printed on the back of each photo. This stamp would prevent confusion over when an image was taken (assuming you’ve set your camera’s time and date correctly) and make it easier to locate the original digital file by searching for its filename. Again, this isn’t a new feature; two of the shops we tested, Printique and Shutterfly, already provide this as an option.

What about professional photo labs?

Miller’s Professional Imaging, ProDPI, and WHCC all have reputations for high quality and excellent service, but they’re geared toward working photographers, with services such as custom portfolios and drop-shipping directly to clients. Using these services effectively requires a degree of input that’s beyond what we expect most amateurs would feel comfortable with.

According to its website, Miller’s is “reserved for professional photographers.” It points all other photographers toward Mpix, the online lab that Miller’s created specifically for consumers and hobbyists. We spoke with representatives of ProDPI, who told us the company individually vets all new clients and requires prospective customers to submit a link to a site featuring their photography to gain approval to place orders.

Before you can place an order with WHCC, the lab requires you to submit up to five test images, which the company prints (free of charge) as 8-by-10s for you to confirm that your monitor is properly calibrated. Only after this process may you place your initial order. Though committed photographers can appreciate this dedication to print accuracy, we think that folks looking to get occasional 4-by-6 prints of the family vacation will find this extra step arduous.

What about big-box stores and pharmacies?

Costco and Sam’s Club each offer photo printing services, but you must be a member to use them, greatly limiting their appeal. We also eliminated shops with in-store pickup options, like CVS, Office Depot, Target, and Walgreens. Although picking up your print from a local retailer within a couple of hours of placing the order is a great convenience, the results we’ve seen in the past have been very disappointing. The quality of the prints you get with in-store pickup depends on the maintenance of that location’s equipment as well as on the expertise of whoever happens to be behind the counter when your online order arrives. We’ve seen dreadful output from our local Walgreens, for example. Your results may vary, of course, but the inherent lack of consistency means we can’t recommend such services as an option for most people. In addition, these shops offer a very limited range of print sizes, and none of them can print a smartphone photo at its native 4:3 aspect ratio without cropping the image’s edges. Walmart does offer a smartphone-friendly 4½-by-6 print size that avoids any cropping, but its overall choice of print sizes is far more limited than those of our main picks, and we have the same concerns about using its in-store pickup option.

The competition

Printique had been our runner-up pick for this guide, but that was almost entirely because it offered an app that lets you upload images from your mobile devices, even though that app doesn’t let you place an order. You have to go to the website on a computer to do that. Now that Nations has an app, we didn’t feel the need to keep this recommendation.

Aspen Creek Photo was our top pick in a previous version of this guide. In our testing, we ranked the color accuracy of its images above that of any other service we tested, and we loved its intuitive ordering interface. Unfortunately, after hearing from some readers about delays in fulfillment of their orders from Aspen Creek, changes in the company’s pricing for smaller prints, and conflicting communications regarding the company’s future, we have dropped our recommendation.

Mpix is one of the most popular photo services, with a mobile app that lets you order photos directly from your smartphone. In our tests, however, we were disappointed by its inability to print smartphone photos without significant cropping. Smartphones, along with point-and-shoot and Micro Four Thirds cameras, have sensors that produce images in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and Mpix offers no small print sizes that match that ratio. Sending Mpix a smartphone photo to make a 4-by-6 print, which has a 3:2 aspect ratio, means your image will be enlarged to fill the extra width of the paper, with portions of the image cropped off along the sides as a result.

If you create images with careful attention to composition, this forced cropping is likely a dealbreaker. EZprints, RitzPix, and York Photo, for example, offer a smartphone-friendly print size at a 4:3 aspect ratio, and Printique, Aspen Creek Photo, and Nations Photo Lab give you the option to print your image uncropped, no matter the aspect-ratio mismatch. As of this writing Mpix provides neither of those options.

In our blind print tests, though no company was a runaway winner, Mpix’s photos ranked as a least-favorite choice more than any other contender. With image quality that fell below the competition’s, plus its lack of support for smartphone-format images and its middle-of-the-road prices, Mpix simply didn’t make a compelling choice against our main picks.

Bay Photo offers small print sizes optimized for smartphone photos, along with sturdy packaging of your order, but in our tests its print output was decidedly middling. In our blind print test, participants rarely made it a first or last choice in side-by-side comparisons with our other contenders, usually slotting it as a reasonable second choice. On their own, we suspect the prints would look fine to most people, but we had many contenders that elicited favorable responses more frequently.

No other service we tested offers lower prices than Snapfish, but this service yielded some of the most disappointing results. The 8-by-10 and 4-by-6 prints suffered from harsh contrast (meaning fewer details in shadows and highlights), and our portrait pics had noticeably orangish skin tones. A close look also revealed sharpening artifacts along detail edges. We weren’t pleased with the packaging, either: Smaller prints shipped in a thin cardboard mailing envelope with no additional padding to protect against rough handling. The 11-by-14 print shipped in a sufficiently thick tube, but no padding was placed inside to protect the print’s edges from the tube’s end caps, resulting in a bent print, shown below.

Snapfish shipped our 11-by-14 print in a tube for protection, but with no internal padding supplied, the print suffered a crease along the top edge after jamming into the end cap during shipping. Photo: Amadou Diallo

A print from RitzPix arrived damaged, as well. The company shipped our 11-by-14 print in a flat envelope sandwiched between thin sheets of backing board (the kind you see in the back of cheap photo frames). Because the shipping envelope was only marginally larger than the 11-by-14 photo, the print was dinged in the corner when the package was crushed on its edge during shipping. RitzPix could have prevented the damage by simply using a larger envelope, or better yet, a box, as several other shops did. The inadequate packaging was especially disappointing given that the company billed us a whopping $14. 95 for shipping, more than twice the average shipping cost of the other shops we ordered from.

This 11-by-14 print from RitzPix took damage when its too-small envelope was crushed on the corner during shipping. Photo: Amadou Diallo

EZprints, like Snapfish, was one of the few services whose prints stood out as uncommonly poor. Every print had a hazy, washed-out appearance, as if covered by a veil. These were the least sharp photos of the bunch, and clear areas of tone had a somewhat mottled appearance. Like all of the other services we tested, EZprints uses a wet chemical printing process. The photos were printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. Other services used this paper with much more pleasing results, so we can ascribe EZprints’s poor results only to quality control rather than the equipment or the development process.

Our order from Shutterfly was the second most expensive in our tests, and the print quality was average at best. Our biggest complaint was about the packaging. The small prints came in a thin, flat envelope, and the 11-by-14 came in a tube, resulting in a curled print that would need flattening before display. (Note: The quickest way to uncurl a print is to wrap it around a wide-diameter tube in the opposite direction of the original curl and roll it up. It can take some practice to do this without accidentally creasing or creating ripple marks in the print, however. A much safer approach is to lay the prints flat under some weight for a day or two.)

Though a tube is a necessity for very large prints, other competitors were able to ship our 11-by-14 print flat and still provide plenty of protection. Given the choice, we’d rather avoid having to flatten a print.

Although a shipping tube can offer substantial protection, the print you receive will have a lot of curl. Photo: Amadou Diallo

York Photo sent us prints that consistently had a warmer, less accurate color cast than those from the best-performing shops. Our 11-by-14 print shipped in a tube, and though York Photo did put end padding inside to prevent the sort of damage we saw with Snapfish’s print, we still prefer a flat-shipping option at this size to avoid having to uncurl the print. Also worth noting is that York Photo’s 11-by-14 print shipped from District Photo Inc., the same photo finisher that owns Snapfish.

The safest—though not the quickest—way to uncurl a print is to sandwich it between sheets of cardboard and leave it under some weight (coffee-table books are perfect) for 24 to 48 hours. Photo: Amadou Diallo

Zazzle lets you make photo prints but has a user interface designed for single-order-at-a-time jobs. You can’t upload more than 10 images at a time, and the process of choosing a print size involves dragging each image individually on its own order page over a print-size template. That’s far too tedious to make even a handful of separate prints.

Winkflash has a steady stream of very negative reviews. Apparently the company was sold to new ownership recently, and during the transition many customers lost access to their photos hosted on the company’s servers. That, coupled with the fact that the only customer support available is via a Web form—there’s no phone number or even an email option—made Winkflash an easy dismissal.

FreePrints, as its name suggests, lets you get up to 1,000 4-by-6 prints per year without charge, though you do pay for shipping. Judging from the limited information on its single-page website, you must do everything via a phone app. With virtually no information provided online about the company, the prints, or the order process, we fall back on the maxim, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

SmugMug is a platform for creating a website that showcases your photography (for a monthly subscription) with photo printing offered as a service to anyone who wants to buy prints of your work. This feature is of limited use to most people, and the actual print services are handled through partnerships with labs like Bay Photo, EZprints, and WHCC, companies you can order directly from instead.

Amazon Prints offers 4-by-6 prints at 9¢ each, matching low-cost rivals like Snapfish and providing free shipping. Amazon Prime members already using the company’s Prime Photos service to store their pics can order prints of those images directly. We placed an order using the same test files we submitted to our other contenders. Amazon’s order process was dead simple. Print quality fell toward the middle of the pack—certainly not the best that we saw (skin tones skewed toward orange), but not the worst. The photos arrived within six business days. We were disappointed in the packaging, which consisted of a flat mailer with two sheets of thin cardboard inside; the entire package bent easily in the hand, so not surprisingly one of the prints arrived with a corner ding.

As of this writing, Amazon’s service has significant limitations. Anyone shooting with a smartphone should know that unlike every other service we tested, Amazon won’t let you print those 4:3-aspect-ratio smartphone images full size (with borders) on a 4-by-6 sheet. Instead those images will have to be cropped, so you may lose bits of heads or limbs if you’ve shot tightly framed portraits.

About your guide

Amadou Diallo

Amadou Diallo is a writer based in New York. His work has appeared in Al Jazeera America, The New York Times, Forbes, and The Atlantic.

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3. Click Apply, save and share.

70 tools for working with images

Updated: Sergey Lomakin

We found and tested 70 services that definitely work in Russia. Go!

Table of contents:

Photo editing services and software

1. PicMonkey

2. BeFunky

3. Fotor

4. MS Paint

5. Picsart Photo Studio



8. Inshot

9. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

10. Lunapic


14. iPiccy

15. Portrait Pro

16. Pixelz Solo

17. Polarr

18. Pizap

19. Snapstouch


23. Pho.to

24. Photo505

Tools for creating infographics, gifs, memes, demotivators, postcards

25. Piktochart

26. Infogram

27. Logogarden

28. Logotypemaker

29,0005 29,0005.

31. Photovisi

32. Smilebox

33. Profile Picture Maker

34. Internet Marketing Ninjas

35. IMGFLip

36. QuickMe0005

51. VSCO

52. Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

53. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters


55. Vinci

56. Photoshop Express

57. Snapchat

58. YouCam Makeup


60. Retrica

61. Airbrush

62. Cupslice


64. Lightx

65. Photo Lab

004 68. BeautyPlus

69. DHQ Solutions Photo Editor

70. PhotoDirector

71. Freelance Exchanges

Table of contents:

Services and programs for processing photos

1. Picmonkey

2. Befunky

3. Fotor

4. MS Paint

5. Picsart Photo Studio



8. InShot

9. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

10. Lunapic

11. Fotoflexer

12. Ribbet

13. Poladroid

14. Ipiccy

15. Portrait Pro

16. Pixelz Solo

17000. Polarr

18. PizaP 9000. PizaP 9000. PizaP SNAPSTOUCH

20. Sumo Paint

21. Imagebot

22. Online Image Editor

23. PHO.TO

24. Photo505


26. Infogram

27. LogoGarden

28. LogotypeMaker

29. Quozio

30. Quotescover

31. Photovisi

32. Smilebox

33. Profile Picture Maker

34. Internet Marketing Ninjas


36. QuickMEME

37. PIN IT




41. Quickpictools


43. Jing


45. Lightshot

46. Screenger Yandex.Disk

Converters and resaiders

47. SIMAGE 9,0004 48. PicermaSIZE 9000. 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000s In JPG

Mobile tools for working with photo

50. Snapseed

51. VSCO

52. Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

53. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters

54. Moldiv 9000.0005

56. Photoshop Express

57. Snapchat

58. YouCam Makeup

59. Afterlight

60. Retrica

61. AirBrush

62. Cupslice

63. Pics Art

64. LightX

65. Photo Lab

66. Cymera

67. Square Instapic

68. BeautyPlus

69. Photos of DHQ SULUTIONS


71 . It includes about 30 web services with which you can create pictures with text. Over the past three years, many new tools for working with visual content have appeared. Thanks to convenient mobile applications, people have learned how to create masterpieces literally on the go. Therefore, the updated selection includes multifunctional tools. With them, you can process photos online in a browser or in a smartphone application. The list contains various services and programs: from simple and even children's to professional visual editors.

We have checked each service manually and each of them works with Russian users in 2022.

Services and programs for photo processing

This section presents photo editors: web services and programs for photo processing.

1. PicMonkey

Paid service. There is a free trial period. You can upload a photo from your hard drive or network resources, crop it, resize it, change the background, add an inscription or effects. The initial tariff will cost $6 per month of use.

In PicMonkey, you can quickly remove the background or use cool effects

2. BeFunky

Shareware photo editor. Basic functions are available for free, some effects and tools need to be purchased. In the free version, ads are shown in your account. Russified interface makes it easier to work with the service.

Photo editor with wide functionality: photos can be processed with filters, add captions, resize, change the image with stylish effects. Retouching, graphics, texture changes are available.

BeFunky contains 10 main sections (from the image manager to working with texture and typography)

Collage Manager and Designer services are available to users, with which you can create collages and design elements, for example, headers for blogs, posters, infographics. Most of the features in the Designer tool are paid.

In the Editor's Choice section, all designs are grouped by media type (banners, social networks, YouTube, invites, infographics)

3. Fotor

The service is conditionally free. A free subscription allows you to retouch a photo, apply effects to it, add text, frames, stickers. The paid subscription costs $8.99 per month. Paid account holders use the service without ads in their personal account and get access to all functionality. There is an app for Android and iOS.

You can crop images, resize them, add text to photos, create photo collages and easily create graphic designs.

4. MS Paint

Excellent free photo editor. Can add text and pointers to the image, crop, rotate the image, resize, and perform other actions. Installed as a standard application on older versions of Windows. In newer versions of Windows, MS Paint is no longer available.

This is what MS Paint looks like. There are only primitive tools, you can forget about working with layers, for example

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a photo editing tool that allows you to modify images in various ways, applying masks, creating collages, adding frames and edges, stickers, text, rotating images, adjusting color and more. Special mention deserves effects that allow you to apply filters very similar to those used in the banned social network.

Many options are available to add the finishing touch to a photo, such as comic effect, neon, paper, old paper effect or out of focus. Edited photos from the PicsArt app can be shared directly on various social networks, including Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox or Tumblr.

Available for iOS and Android.

Picsart has an extensive library of ready-made templates and designs


This program is traditionally considered as a free alternative to Photoshop. There is a version for Linux and Windows.

With GIMP, you can draw, retouch photos, perform photo correction, use filters, work with masks and layers.

Select multiple layers and write a name for the set. Now this set can be selected again at any time

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Designing the VKontakte group: the most detailed guide on RuNet How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer How to develop a text and design for a commercial offer so that customers buy from you

7. Pixlr

Photo editor with wide functionality. Can be used online, as a browser extension, on mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Image editing in PIXLR E is a breeze for those who are familiar with professional image editors



InShot is a feature-packed mobile photo and video editing app for iOS and Android that allows you to use even sophisticated enhancement tools sources.

Although the application is free, during editing you will see ads at the top of the screen, and the finished photo will be watermarked with the InShot logo in the lower right corner of the screen. If that suits you, then you don't have to pay. A paid plan without ads and watermarks will cost $2.99.

InShot can work not only with photos, but also with videos

How to remove a watermark in Photoshop - simple instructions

9. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This photo editor is positioned as a professional one. Retouches photos, adds effects and filters. There is a tool for adding makeup to selfies.

In Bonfire Photo Editor Pro you can make amazing stylizations for different painting techniques (oil, gouache)



Free online editor. There are tools for drawing, color correction, effects, animation. After loading an image, you can work with filters, borders, layers, masks, and even create animation in it.

LunaPic is an online editor that allows you to upload, edit and share your photos.

11. FotoFlexer

The online tool has many image editing options, a large number of effects and filters for quick photo retouching and restoration. There is a function of creating collages. The photo editor has nice overlay effects.

Fully integrated with popular social media photo-sharing sites, FotoFlexer is an effective tool for those who frequently share their photos.

Filters and effects in FotoFlexer are not as advanced as in other photo editors.

12. Ribbet

Photo editor. Available in basic version online. There is also a Chrome extension and an iOS app. Ribbet adds effects to the photo, makes inscriptions. There are themed stickers, frames and many other tools.

Ribbet provides easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tools for all occasions. Start from scratch, or choose a pre-made template right away, then add effects, text, and stickers that match the design you want.

There are not only ready-made templates here, but also stickers, overlays, collages and other graphic components

13. Poladroid

Quickly stylizes pictures like photos taken with the legendary camera. Requires installation on a computer.

Polaroid stylization allows you to look at objects from a new angle

14. iPiccy

Photo editor and collage tool. iPiccy is convenient in that it is an online editor and a well-designed tool specifically for creating collages.

This editor makes it easy to create complex designs. 15. Portrait Pro . Positioned as a professional software. It costs $54.95, there is a test period.

PortraitPro is a great tool for those just getting started with portrait retouching. It's simple yet incredibly powerful and produces pleasing results in seconds.

A couple of moves and we have a completely different person in front of us

16. Pixelz Solo

An interesting editor for online retailers. The main feature is replacing the background of images. Photos are processed by real people at the request of the user. Paid tool, there is a test opportunity to process three photos for free.

Free images will be deducted from your next order at checkout.

17. polarr

A free online photo editor that allows you to create various photo effects by applying layers, filters and masks to your images and then use these images in your graphic design projects.

The software runs online and through native apps on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

There are filters and effects, color correction, retouching and painting tools.

All filters in polarr are divided into categories (modern, film, skin tone, disintegration, atmosphere)

18. piZap

piZap online editor. Pizap has filters, stickers, the ability to add text, create memes, draw, retouch photos. The basic version is available for free. With the piZap Pro plan, you get ad-free access to hundreds of fonts, royalty-free stock images, filters, stickers, collage layouts, and more.

piZap makes it easy to showcase your creativity with unusual patterns and ready-made design components

19. SnapsTouch

The tool turns photos into drawings made using different tools and techniques. Available for free.

Snapstouch provides tools to convert photos to sketch (including pencil version), painting, drawing, outline.

20. Sumo Paint

Functional online editor. Basic tools are available for free. Knows how to draw, correct photos, crop, correct colors. The developers position the service as a browser version of Photoshop.

The main advantages of Sumo Paint are easy-to-use tools + a wide range of them even in the free version

21. ImageBot

Free photo editor. There are filters and effects, stickers, drawing tools. You can add text to the photo.

This is a unique example of a mothballed editor that has remained unchanged since 2016

22. Online Image Editor

A simple but useful editor. Corrects colors. Adds text, frames, shapes to photos. Available for free.

Easily resize, crop and add text to an image. You can also make an animated image based on a photo

23. Pho.to

With Pho.to you can add effects, frames and stickers. There are color correction and retouching tools.

Crop, rotate, colors, sharpen, stickers, text, effects, frames, textures - the main sections of the editor



A huge collection of filters and effects for photo editing. There is nothing at all here, except for templates. Choose an effect, upload a photo and see the result immediately.

In order not to get bad, upload a photo of good quality and high resolution (at least 1000 pixels)

We will develop your corporate identity

Fast and beautiful!


Tools for creating infographics, gifs, memes, demotivators, postcards

This section contains both serious tools for professionals and services and programs for creating entertainment content.

25. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online editor for creating infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters and more for both print and online channels. By combining charts, graphs, text, and embedded graphics, educators and students can easily collect and present information using a drag-and-drop interface.

This shareware service allows you to easily and quickly create high-quality infographics. Basic features are available for free. Access to full functionality costs from $14 per month. There are preferential conditions for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Piktochart consists of seven sections: graphics, design components, downloads, backgrounds, text, color schemes, tools

Piktochart can also be used to create presentations and layouts for printed products such as posters and flyers.

26. Infogram

My favorite service for creating infographics. A conditionally free tool: basic functions are available for free, access to all features is paid. Interesting features of a paid account include:

  • Adding your logo to the infographic.
  • Publication of clickable links on charts.
  • Premium infographic templates.
  • Unlimited projects.

Paid packages start at $19 per month.

A large number of templates are available for different purposes (posters, maps, charts, social media posts)

27. LogoGarden

This is a service for creating logos. Registration is not required. The service recognizes only the Latin alphabet, which is inconvenient for Russian-speaking users. You can make template logos yourself.

The user can:

  • Select a ready-made template from different categories.
  • Select an appropriate font.
  • Apply effects to images and text.

It's convenient that all patterns are categorized (children, alphabet, beauty, computers, fashion, decor, food, sports)

28. LogotypeMaker

Service for creating logos. To get started, you must enter the name of the company in a special field on the main page. After that, the service offers logo templates that can be customized.

Once completed, you can save the logo and buy access to download. The basic subscription, which gives access to 300 dpi .PNG files, is $19.99 per month with permanent access.

The result is quite good for a fully automatic generator

29. Quozio

Quozio is an online quote maker that allows you to create beautiful images from your favorite quotes and thoughts. Simply upload your quote and author, and Quozio will instantly create dozens of professionally designed quote images for you to choose from. And the best part: you can not only save, but also share your creation on Pinterest, Twitter or social networks banned in Russia.

Quozio allows you to share the created postcard in different social networks

30. Quotescover

This service allows you to create pictures with quotes. Here you can find interesting quotes from famous English-speaking people, as well as use your favorite quotes that are not on the list. The service only supports Latin. With it, you can design:

  • Covers and posts for social networks.
  • Desktop wallpapers.
  • Screensavers for smartphones and tablets.
  • Templates for printing and prints for clothes.
  • Posters, announcements.

You can work through the postcard wizard or manually in the visual editor. Cyrillic is supported, but all such fonts are ugly and do not compete with the original Latin-based fonts:

The visual editor is simple but functional. There is support for layers and additional graphic components. Its advantages include ease of use. Basic features are available for free. Access to full functionality starts at $2.5 per month.

A large number of templates for digital media and printing are available

32. Smilebox

A program for creating collages, postcards and photo editing. After installing and registering the software, basic functions are available free of charge. Use this tool if you want to be able to work with photos regardless of your internet connection.

With the program you can:

  • Process photos.
  • Create postcards and collages.
  • Make flyers and photo albums.
  • Prepare e-mails.
  • Create video postcards.

Smilebox differs from other collage generators in that it also has animated versions. The tool is available for free and without registration. Photos can be improved with a simple editor. Templates and effects are also available. You can upload a photo with a resolution suitable for VK, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

If you wish, you can play with gradients, transparency and masks

34. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Using this tool, you can quickly adapt an image for publication in social networks: resize and crop a photo. You can choose an arbitrary image size or save the photo in a standard format for social networks: as a cover or profile photo for VK, Twitter, social networks banned in Russia.

Conveniently, a dozen different templates for all social networks are available in the Export Settings line

35. Imgflip

With this free service, you can make GIF animation from online videos, computer videos or photos. It is enough to specify a link to a video or upload a photo, select options and save the file as a gif.

Also, the service can make demotivators, simple diagrams, memes.

Imgflip has not only a meme generator, but also a kind of social network - with comments and ratings of the best memes

36. Quickmeme

To create a template meme, you need to log in using a social network account banned in Russia, select a template and add text.

Quickmeme also has a meme rating and the ability to vote for the best

37. Pin it

The Pin it browser extension lets you instantly post any image you see online to Pinterest. Install the extension, specify the board for publications and use the extension.

After installing the extension in the browser, when you call the context menu on the page, the "Save to Pinterest" button appears

38. LICEcap

A convenient free tool for capturing GIF animation from the screen. The program needs to be installed on a computer. By the way, the LICEcap developer has a simple free SnapEase photo editor.

SnapEase allows you to import photos (or folders), and then crop, rotate, discolor, rename or delete images from the general list

There are several other domestic services with a similar ability. Examples:

  • 1001 mem.
  • Mem-arsenal.
  • Memchik.

39. Snappa

Cool tool for creating and editing photos, social media covers, infographics. There are paid and free features.

We create a thumbnail for a YouTube video (1280 x 720 pixels) based on a pre-made template



Paid tool for creating 3D snapshots and animations. Primarily suitable for online retailers. You no longer need to render models and spaces on your production PC.

KeyShot includes over 750 pre-installed materials, with thousands more in the KeyShot cloud. There are also advanced options for creating your own materials, textures, components. Powerful KeyShot tools can be used not only for modeling objects, interiors, and other spaces, but also for working with lighting and image processing in production.

KeyShot provides real-time 3D rendering, instantly displays results and reduces time to create realistic product images

text, create a calendar, partially blur and add neon effects.

Ideal when you need to add text or combine multiple images into one

42. Big Huge Labs

Tool for creating demotivators, posters, postcards. Registration required. Here is a complete list of what Big Huge Labs can create:

  • Motivator.
  • Pop art poster.
  • Movie poster.
  • Magazine cover.
  • Puzzle.
  • Photo booth.
  • Mosaic styling.
  • Hockneyiser (photocollage in the style of artist David Hockney).
  • Forex.
  • Cartographer.
  • Pocket album.
  • Documents or identity card.
  • Calendar.
  • Collection card.
  • Framed.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Color Palette Generator.
  • Beaded stylization.
  • CD cover.
  • Billboard.

Just select a photo, size and it will turn into Andy Warhol art

Screenshot Tools

The tools presented in this section take screenshots.

43. Jing

A free program that helps you quickly take a screenshot or record a video. Installation and account registration required.

44. Awesome Screenshot

A free extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to quickly take a screenshot and process the resulting image. Also, the tool will help you edit existing photos and record video from the screen.

Awesome Screenshot allows you to take screenshots and record videos in one program

40 Google Chrome extensions essential for online marketers

45. LightShot

Another simple and free screen capture software. With LightShot, you can add text to a screenshot, highlight an area, add arrows, or draw arbitrary shapes. LightShot is also notorious for its privacy scandals. Screenshots taken by LightShot were often made public.

LightShot is much more convenient and functional than the default screenshot built into MacOS or Windows

46. Yandex.Disk Screenshot

A simple and convenient screenshoter. Takes screenshots, adds pointers, text, highlights areas.

The Yandex.Disk interface allows you to manage taking and editing screenshots

Converters and resizers

There are several tools in this section that make it convenient to convert files and resize photos.

47. Simple Image Resizer

With this tool, you can instantly change the size or resolution of your photo. To do this, upload an image and select a new size. The service also knows how to compress, optimize and convert photos. Supports PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TIFF formats.

You can determine the image size by specifying a percentage reduction or specifying specific sizes

48. Picresize

Another service for resizing photos. Also, this tool allows you to rotate the photo and process it with simple effects.

In addition to resizing, you can choose the effect and format of the saved image

49. Converters from PDF to JPG

Here are some tools:

  • Smallpdf.
  • ConvertMyImage.
  • PDF to Image.
  • PDF Converter.

Mobile Photo Tools

This section provides Android and iOS apps for photo editing.

50. Snapseed

Free app for Android and iOS. Knows how to change photos using filters and manually, add text, crop photos.

Snapseed has professional-grade photo editing tools, such as working with RAW images.

51. VSCO

Mobile photo editing tool. Available for iOS and Android. The application will help you add filters to the photo, change the contrast, colors, and make other improvements.

Different scenarios for using VSCO on iPhone

52. Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

Application for lovers, or rather, for selfie lovers. Before posting a photo to Instagram, the app helps you add a virtual makeover. Available for Android and iOS.

Key Features:

  • Over 20 makeup and beauty tools to customize your personal style - shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks;
  • Over 200 preset styles;
  • Unlimited custom colors with Pro Color Palette;
  • Video tutorials from your favorite YouTube creators;
  • Recommendations for beauty and fashion products;
  • Daily makeup and fashion tips.

Apply makeup with the utmost precision thanks to advanced face detection. Save and share your images on social networks.

Fine touch-up functions available for no-makeup radiance effect

53. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters

Popular app for iOS and Android. Enhance photos with effects and filters. There are paid and free features.


Photo editor for iOS and Android. The program adds photo frames, creates collages, adds background and stickers to the image.

More than 280 new stickers have been added in the latest version, and categories have been merged to make it easier and faster to find stickers.

55. Vinci

A mobile application that uses the capabilities of neural networks. Knows how to retouch photos, add art filters and effects. Available for Android and iOS.

Dozens of inspiring filters available for instant photo editing


Photoshop Express

The big Photoshop is gone, but its little brother remains. This is a free mobile version of Photoshop. With it, you can add filters to photos, crop images, retouch pictures. There is a version for Android and iOS.

Basic scenarios for using Photoshop Express-Photo Editor

57. Snapchat

Application for Android and iOS with photo editor, instant messenger and social network functions. Snapchat allows you to share photos with your friends. You can edit images before sending.

Snapchat is a full-fledged superapp with many functions (from chats and music to a full-fledged social network)

58. YouCam Makeup

Application for young selfie lovers and social networks. The program will help to add makeup to the photo. There is a version for iOS and Android.

Main scenarios for using YouCam Makeup on one photo



Mobile application for photo editing. Adds filters, crops, crops photos. Link to Google Play and iTunes.

Filtering in Afterlight is the same as in other photo editing applications

60. Retrica

Application for creating photos and short videos. With Retrica, you can add filters, stickers, text to images. It is possible to make collages. Can be used on Android and iOS.

Basic scenarios for using the Retrica app on iOS

61. AirBrush

Application for selfie lovers. Available for iOS and Android. Improves photos, eliminates defects, adds makeup. AirBrush has acne removal, wrinkle smoothing, skin tone smoothing, teeth whitening and more.

Automatic photo enhancement in different styles

62. Cupslice

Handy mobile editor. Use filters to enhance photos before posting on social networks.

Cupslice is only available for Android, no iOS version yet


Pics Art

Mobile photo editor for iOS and Android. There are filters, stickers, drawing tools. Knows how to make collages.

Pics Art is convenient because it has hundreds of ready-made templates for editing and adding objects to photos.

64. LightX

Mobile editor. The application is under development, but is already available for download on Google Play. Changes the background, adds text. There are drawing tools.

Smoothing out skin imperfections with LightX

65. Photo Lab

With the help of the program you can make collages and animated postcards. Photos can be changed using effects. There are versions for Android and iOS.

Photo Lab main use cases

66. Cymera

Application for Android and iOS. Designed for lovers of beauty photography: adds effects and makeup, masks skin imperfections. Cymera has over 200 million users worldwide. In fact, this is a powerful editor and a 2-in-1 beauty camera.

Cymera has its own filters, collages, retouching

67. Square InstaPic

Application for editing photos before posting to Instagram. Adds filters, background, frames. Crops, crops the image. Can be installed on Android and iOS.

68. BeautyPlus

Photo editor for beauty lovers. Visually improves the condition and color of the skin, masks imperfections, removes dark circles under the eyes, whitens teeth and performs many other virtually rejuvenating procedures. Available for Android and iOS.

In BeautyPlus, you can get the perfect selfie with the Auto-Beautification tool

69. DHQ Solutions Photo Editor

With the mobile editor, you can add filters and effects to your photo, make a collage or postcard, scale. There is a drawing tool.

There are not as many filters in DHQ Solutions as in other editors, but the most popular options are left



Application for mobile phones. Can add frames and scenes to photos, create collages. With PhotoDirector, you can remove individual objects from an image.

It is especially convenient to delete individual objects from a photo in PhotoDirector

If you want to delegate photo processing to specialists, the last item in the selection is for you.

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