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Poppy Bee Surfaces | Backgrounds For Food and Product Photography






Light & Airy

Dark & Moody

Beautifully Unique

Bold & Colorful

"I LOVE my Poppy Bee Surfaces. Unlike other similar backdrops, Poppy Bee Surfaces have actual texture, making them look and feel real and incredibly beautiful. They have a wonderful matte finish too. Highly recommended."

Kimberly Espinel, The Little Plantation

"Poppy Bee is one of my go-to suppliers for roll-up surfaces. They are perfectly matte and photograph well. I don’t have to worry about glare or texture issues. Their grey and brown surfaces are some of my favourites in my collection. Even with the duties I pay to ship to another country, the cost is worth the quality."

Rachel Korinek, Two Loves Studio

“I love my Poppy Bee Surfaces! They look so realistic and add beautiful texture to images.”

Alanna Taylor-Tobin, The Bojon Gourmet

"OMG, I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!! As a surface or a backdrop, they shoot SO WELL!"

Matt Armendariz Photography

"Poppy Bee Surfaces should be part of every food photographer arsenal. They are great quality and work amazingly well with both natural light as well as artificial light. They are matte and don't have a shine. They also work great with liquids and drips."

Julia Konovalova, Imagelicious

“Your backgrounds are the best I’ve come across of any printed products. The finish is impeccable, no glare, true to color and easy to handle.”

Sam, Hanna Photo

“Poppy Bee Surfaces are game changers for our creative industry. They are portable, lightweight, sturdy, affordable, super matte, and photograph beautifully. These surfaces provide the perfect solution for any art director, stylist, or photographer.”

Korena, Art Director & Photographer

"I have several Poppy Bee Surfaces backdrops in my collection and they're my favorite! The high quality and realistic texture in these beautiful backdrops will bring your photos to the next level. "

Vy Tran, Beyond Sweet & Savory

"Light, portable, dynamic and durable photo surfaces. Truly, works of art. I have now purchased MANY as I look to downsize my (now unnecessary collection of) rusted metals and heavy marble slabs. I cannot recommend Poppy Bee Surfaces enough!"

Charity Burggraaf Photography


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Our subscribers are the ONLY recipients of our sales and special offers. ..so c'mon and get in on that action!


We create beautiful, handmade rollable photography backdrops, perfect for food or product shoots, at a price that won't break your budget. All surfaces are 2' x 3', (and most are also available in 3' x 4.5') rich in color, free from glare and ready for your next photo shoot!

Check out our inventory and please read our FAQ section--it will cover all you need to know about your new backdrops.

Beyond selling our backdrops, we are super passionate about educating and empowering other creatives. From our blog posts and behind-the-scenes reels on Instagram, to our in-person photography workshops, our ultimate goal is to help YOU take your photography to the next level.


Hi! We are Joe and Clare; artists and makers, partners in life and business, proud parents to Hugo (human) and Nina (canine) and lovers of pretty much all things creative.

Joe is a painter, printmaker, musician, furniture builder and contractor. He’s also a kickass pie maker and home cook, fixer of all the broken things and a damn good dancer.

Clare is a food and lifestyle photographer, an obsessive prop collector, a newbie knitter and wannabe potter. She is a master salad maker, a fan of interior design and a big believer in the importance of good lighting.

We have been living, working and collaborating together for over 20 years and are so passionate about what we have created with this business. Poppy Bee Surfaces is an opportunity to combine our skills and experience and create innovative photo surfaces that are perfect for food and product photographers. All of our backgrounds are created by us in our Vermont studio.

We hope you love what you see!

Poppy Bee Surfaces Are...

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When it comes to planning a food photo shoot with a client, there are multiple conversations that must take place well before the camera starts clicking. I usually start with...

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Our subscribers are the ONLY recipients of our sales and special offers...so c'mon and get in on that action!

Food photography backdrops | SIMA-LAND.



Are you an aspiring food photographer? Just love to cook and want to capture the results beautifully? In any case, backgrounds for pictures will be needed. Professionals use handmade backs, but they are heavy and cost a lot. It is unprofitable for amateurs and beginners to buy such. But you can use an alternative - printed photophones. Which of them will be needed for stylish shots, we tell in today's material. nine0003

According to experienced food photographers, 3 reversible backs are enough to get started. So you get 6 surfaces with different textures and shades. Don't make the mistake of choosing overly bright backgrounds right away. They are attractive, but working with them is more difficult, so at first it is better to build a base. Here are some backs that can be attributed to it.

Light gray texture

White is considered to be the universal background for photographs. But in food photography courses, teachers clearly explain why gray is the best option. nine0003

To work with it, you do not need to be able to adjust the white balance and know how to get rid of pink and blue tones in the frames. It is much easier to process such photos.

If you want to experiment with white, practice on gray first and gain experience.

Light wood

This option assumes that you can choose both a warm and a cold shade of wood - depending on your desire. But for those who do not tolerate yellowness in the pictures, we advise you to look for cold and borderline tones. With some backdrops in warm colors, sometimes you have to fiddle to correct the color. nine0003

However, in any case, a light wooden background is a great solution: it matches perfectly with modern tableware and is suitable for atmospheric photographs in the spirit of Kinfolk magazine.

Dark wood

This is a must have if you want to make money from food photography. Cafes and restaurants often order dishes to be photographed against this background, so it is important to learn how to work with it.

If food photography is a hobby for you, then having such a backdrop is optional, but desirable. It will help you get more beautiful pictures. nine0003

When choosing a background, pay attention to natural shades, such as chocolate nuts, cherries. Photos with them are natural and vibrant.

Dark texture

The most popular background in this category is black and gray concrete. But other surfaces of a deep dark shade will do.

The magic of such backdrops is that they do not draw attention away from the dishes and at the same time add presentability to the pictures. Photos with these substrates can often be seen on the menu of expensive restaurants

Tip: Use this backdrop in natural light or with a reflector. In bright artificial light, it can glare. This is a feature of all dark backdrops.

Fancy texture

This option is for when you want to take creative and vibrant pictures.

The format of the substrate can be very different. It can be an imitation of fabric, a fantasy print, or just a plain backdrop. With what you will create - it's up to you. nine0003

Look for more backgrounds and inspiration for food shots in a special section. Good luck!


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How to edit and make a product photo background 2023

The background can be one of the most important parts of your product photography.

If you want to take a high-quality product photo, you should pay attention to its background. Apart from the main product photography on a white and black background, there are plenty of creative and classic backdrops for you to try. The question is do you know how to edit and modify product photo background ?

  • Part 1. Product photo background. Getting Sites
  • Part 2: Editing the background of a product photo
  • Part 3 FAQ of Product Background Photography

Part 1. Top 3 Product Photos to Help Get Websites

You can easily access a lot of creative and classic backgrounds online. You can draw inspiration from them for your product photography. Here in this part, we would like to introduce you 3 great image sites where you can search for good backgrounds for product photos. nine0003


Unsplash is a popular image sharing site that has a collection of free images and photos that you can get and use for any project. It is designed with an efficient search feature so you can quickly find the images you want. You can directly search the product photo background to find similar results. When you select one picture on her site, you get recommendations for similar pictures.


Shutterstock collects a wide variety of free images, videos, music and more for your creative projects. You can easily find many useful background images for product photography. Shutterstock is not a free photo download site. But it offers a 1-month trial to download 10 images for free. You can register a new account and then start a free trial.


Pinterest is one of the most popular image sharing sites. It contains millions of images for you to explore for inspiration. It is mainly for saving and searching for ideas on the web. Similar to the recommended sites above, Pinterest makes it easy to find product photo backgrounds using the search feature. Please note that not all images offered on this site are free or legal to create product photos. nine0003

Part 2. How to edit and make a product photo background

Once you find the right image for your product, you can rely on the easy-to-use Free Online Background Remover to edit it and then set it as your photo background product. It supports all commonly used image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and more. You can use it to take a black and white product background photo with ease. What's more, it offers an easy way to replace an unwanted background with a new picture. nine0003

Step 1:

In your web browser such as Chrome, Safari, IE, Yahoo or Firefox, go to this free site to remove and edit the background. Click on the Upload Portrait button to upload the image file. Here you can upload a photo of the product.

Step 2:

It will automatically remove the unwanted background once the image upload is complete. You can adjust the brush size to suit your needs and choose the Save or Erase way to adjust and crop the background of the area. nine0003

Step 3:

Click Edit in the left pane to access additional editing features. To add a new background to your product photo, you can click on the Product Photo icon button to do so. If you only want to take a product photo with a white or black background, you can directly select the appropriate color. At this point, you can also use its crop feature based on your needs and make the background of the image transparent. nine0003

Step 4:

When you are satisfied with the background of the product photo, you can click on the Download button to save it to your computer. The uploaded image file will be saved in PNG format by default.

Part 3 Product Background Photography FAQ

1. What background should I use for product photography?

When you take and edit photos of your products, it's best to use a white background. Relatively speaking, a white background is better suited for subsequent editing. nine0003

2. How do I add a background to a product image?

You can use the recommended Free Online Background Remover above to easily replace the original background of your product image with a new one. Also, you can rely on some other image editors or background removers.

3. How can I make the background of my photo transparent for free?

There are many online background removers such as Free Online Background Remover, remove.bg, Adobe Express, Fotor and others can help you make the background of your photo transparent.

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