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12 Best Stock Photo Sites in 2022 (Updated)

Stock image websites are a godsend. These databases are a saviour whether you are starting your own business or need a single image to spice up a document. Imagine how long it would take to set up your own shoot. Even if it’s a simple subject, stock image websites save you a ton of time.

These databases have been around for a while. And the number of databases keep growing. We now have access to many stock photo sites boasting over a million images each! Today, I am looking at the best stock photo sites. I will guide you through the best paid and free stock photo sites available on the web.

Shutterstock 10 Free Images

For stunning visuals that will elevate your content, get 10 free images from a trusted stock photo site.

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Shutterstock 10 Free Images

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Best Paid Stock Photo Sites

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a mammoth stock image site. It’s the most extensive stock photo site out there with over 1 billion images to search through. This is because they were one of the first stock photo sites around. Their stock relies on contributions from over 1 million different photographers. With this in mind, you will be able to find an image to suit your needs.

As there is so much content, you may spend a while looking for your perfect picture. It seems like Shutterstock has taken the ‘quantity over quality’ approach. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good images, though. They also provide video, music, templates, and even 3D models. They also offer a simple-to-use photo editing tool.

You can get access to their site through a subscription or on-demand package. Monthly subscriptions start at $29 and go up to $199 depending on how many images you want to use. Their on-demand packages begin at $49 for five images and go up to $229 for 25 images.

Take advantage of Shutterstock’s free trial and enjoy 10 free image downloads. You can check their pricing here and save 15% with our code: EXPERTPHOTO

2. Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos is one of the best stock photo sites I have come across. The breadth of the database offers you a range of options, from stylised shots to more playful and simple images. They also provide royalty-free videos, music, templates, and special effects.

I enjoy the way it lets you refine your search. So will people who know what kind of images they want. Deposit Photos has a refined search bar that even allows you to browse by camera angle. After you choose your image, you select the size and quality you want. Under your photo, they give you similar photo options that may better suit your needs.

Deposit Photos also has a bunch of tools you can take advantage of. They offer features that can remove a background or upscale your image. This is useful for people who aren’t highly skilled at editing.

Deposit Photos offers both monthly and pay on-demand options. The cost is about average amongst stock photo sites.

They have multiple monthly payment rates. Ten images per month will cost you $13, while 750 images per month will cost you $299. (On the monthly plans, additional photos cost $1 each.) Their on-demand options start at $42 for three images and go up to $299 for 100.

3. Jumpstory

Jumpstory boasts an 80% better performance than other stock photo websites. I’m not sure if they measure this by the quality of its results or its search to download success rate. But, I am not surprised by this claim as they provide high-quality images. Along with content, they offer on-site features to perfect your images.

You can use images with confidence, as Jumpstory says they’re safer to use than free platforms. This is because of the international licenses they use as well as offering unique global insurance. They also have a unique AI that uses machine learning to get rid of sub-par images. This is a great feature that makes sense in a stock image site.

Compatibility with other sites is another unique feature. They have integrated access into many programs that you may use, such as Wix and WordPress. This integrated access might be the reason you want to pay for a service like Jumpstory. Their ‘assistant’ feature is also great. If you’re too busy to find images yourself, fill out the form and they will have someone do the searching for you!

Price-wise, they could be among the best. For a single month, plan to spend $39. If you subscribe for the entire year, the cost drops to $19 per month. These prices are for unlimited downloads per month. In comparison to other paid sites, this looks like the cheapest option.

For our readers, Jumpstory offers a coupon code with a 25% discount: EXPO25 – you may use this Jumpstory coupon code on any plan you purchase. Access it here.



iStock is the sister brand of the giant Getty Images database. This database was created in 1999, making it the first website for stock photos ever! When it comes to stock image databases, the longer they exist, the more content they offer. This means they will have a wide range of images to fit the bill.

iStock offers royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. They even have a video editor you can use. This is helpful for someone who wants to make simple video edits but doesn’t have the software or time to do so.

They offer three types of subscriptions—basic, premium, and premium + video. The monthly rate starts at $29 and goes up to $333 depending on what and how much content you want to download. Check out their pricing page to see which package is best for you.

This is quite a hefty price, but as they are partners with Getty, you’re guaranteed high-quality content.

5. Adobe Stock

Of course, it makes sense for the imaging software giant to create its own database. So they have. Who wouldn’t want stock photo integration with every Adobe product? This is particularly useful for people who design brochures or websites with Adobe software.

The site offers images, vectors, videos, audio, set templates, and even 3D options. Searching is easy thanks to its refined advanced search feature. It even has the option to search images by their depth of field!

I am a fan of the user interface. It’s easy to navigate and displays the stock photos with no distractions.

Adobe offers a free 30-day trial, but beyond that, you need to pay for their services. Their monthly subscriptions include ‘standard assets’ which include standard images, templates, 3D, and music tracks. Subscriptions start at $29.99 for 10 standard assets per month. For 750 standard assets, you’ll need to shell out $199.99 per month.

If you want premium content or video, they offer ‘credit packs’ that start at $49.99. These prices are about average when looking at the top end of the best stock photo sites.

6. EyeEm

EyeEm is a high-end photo stock site, and its sleek design reflects this. But their high-end accolade doesn’t come from the interface. It comes from the wide selection of high-quality images available on their site. They have a well-curated selection of photos. If you are looking for extremely well-taken photographs, the extra price may be worth it.

For on-demand buying, they offer two photo packs. The first is 5 photos for $130. The second is 10 photos for $230.

Their monthly subscription prices are a bit trickier to work out. Their cheapest monthly subscription—allowing you 150 photos—costs $9 per photo. That means the cheapest subscription is $1350 per month, making EyeEm the most expensive on this list.

With this service, you also get a chance to book a custom photoshoot. An excellent high-end option for more prominent companies who want their own images. The site is costly, but that is looking from an individual point of view. Their images are quite possibly the highest of all the sites listed here. So if your company has the money, I recommend EyeEm.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock photo site you can’t avoid. It’s quick and easy to select and download the images you want. This is ideal for people who work with images where sourcing them is the least of their worries.

For a free stock photo site, the quality of the images is excellent. This is why they earn their spot as one of the best free stock photo sites. Of course, they don’t have the range that the paid services do. But over 2 million high-resolution images for free isn’t bad at all.

From its humble beginnings as a Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown tremendously. They are now used by the UN and other global organisations. The only thing I have trouble with is their search engine. It is not as refined as others, and you will have to adjust your search occasionally. You also get premium options on each search. This links you to iStock.

2. Pexels

Pexels is another one of the best free stock photo sites. Their search engine makes finding the perfect image a breeze. Its search bar autofills suggestions as you type the same way Google does. In this same section, can access your recent searches. They also suggest collections of images related to the search terms you use.

Pexels is one of the databases with an excellent curation of free stock photos. You won’t have to scroll through loads of junk to find classy images. Also, Pexels is one of the only free services that gives you access to free videos!

A nice feature is that they display the licensing terms. This clarity can be helpful for people who don’t know about copyrights. You can see what you can use the images for and in what ways.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay offers the broadest range of materials for free. This includes free stock photos, illustrations, vectors, video, music, and sound effects. I hadn’t heard of them before researching for this article. But after seeing their stock, I will use them in the future. Their database is vast, with over 2.4 million images to choose from.

A nice feature that makes them unique is that some images display their metadata. If you’re using stock image websites, you probably don’t care too much about the photo’s information. But, it adds a nice touch to some of the images, almost giving you the feel of more authority over them.

Like Unsplash, Pixabay links to a premium site—iStock. But after browsing their catalog, I doubt you will even need to pay for this service.

4. Burst

Shopify powers burst. Shopify is an online platform that lets people set up stores and sell their products. It’s no surprise that they have dipped their toes into the world of royalty-free stock photos.

I am a fan of their straightforward design. It takes nothing away from the images they present. The only downside is they do not have a dedicated advanced search feature. I also think that their free stock photos aren’t as refined as others. But, it is different. The free stock photos on here are not on any other stock image sites.

Another great feature is their ‘search by business ideas’. This is great for people who are starting a new business or their new Shopify account. Type in your business idea and this feature suggests collections of related images. If you aren’t great at using the search bar to find specific photos, this can be helpful.

5. StockSnap

StockSnap is an average stock image site. They have a great database, but some of the images look like they were taken on a point and shoot camera. This is completely fine and might even be the perfect image for some people. But for finding high-quality stock photos, it doesn’t compare to other sites.

A helpful search feature is you can view ‘trending’ material. This is useful as you can see what kind of images or colors are popular at the moment. On the other hand, you can scroll to the bottom and find free stock photos that are rarely in circulation.

StockSnap’s premium service links with Shutterstock. I don’t like how they mix their premium images with their basic selection. The only indicator you get is a small star in the top left of each premium image. This is a minor issue and doesn’t take away from the browsing experience.

6. Gratisography

Gratisography is a different kind of stock photo site. They advertise themselves as having the world’s ‘quirkiest’ collection of free stock photos. As they specialise in ‘quirky’ collections, it’s curated so that there aren’t as many images as the other stock photo sites on this list. Some of my searches didn’t even come up with any results.

Gratisography claims that ‘stock image sites love too much stock and not enough image‘. This is an interesting point. But, when you look at their free stock photos, it isn’t the best-curated selection. You get a refined search, but I wouldn’t call the images’ quirky’. Instead, they come across as a bit amateurish. The interface is littered with links to the paid website, Shutterstock.

Apart from this, they have an easy interface where searching and downloading is painless. I will use this website if I’m looking for images that wouldn’t be anywhere else. Or if the results I get on other sites are too vanilla. Either way, this is an excellent site to get unexpected results.


Stock photo sites have been around for a while. There is now a whole range of services to choose from. It can be overwhelming to search for a particular image in these vast databases, but it all comes down to importance. If you are using the image for a website or brochure, be conscious the image you choose represents your brand. Spend time picking the right image that conveys your message best.

Most of the time, free stock image sites are enough to find what you need. But, if you are using stock images on a day-to-day basis, it’s worth paying for the services. Realistically, you’re paying for time saved along with the high-quality images.

If you found a great image but it isn’t quite right, The Preset Collection we offer is an easy way to perfect your stock image.

That’s our list of the best stock photo sites. One of these stock image sites on this list will meet your needs. Get browsing! And be sure to bookmark this page in case your preferred site doesn’t have the content you need.

Shutterstock 10 Free Images

For stunning visuals that will elevate your content, get 10 free images from a trusted stock photo site.

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Shutterstock 10 Free Images

17+ Best Stock Photo Websites For 2022 (Most Are Free)

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

But pictures on your WordPress website are only worth a thousand words if they’re high-quality images that are relevant to your site’s content. Otherwise, they are just cheesy, boring, and visually unappealing.

If you join the masses and use the same stock photos every other website owner is using, your site visitors are going to take notice. And the last thing you want is to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Luckily, you can find beautiful stock images for your WordPress website all over the internet if you know where to look. And the best part is, many of them are free!

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level and make it more visually appealing than ever, check out this roundup of the best places to source stock images and keep your site visitors engaged from the moment they arrive.

The best stock photography websites

1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an unlimited subscription service catering to the digital needs of agencies, marketers, and other professionals who need a lot of stuff – all the time.

With a monthly subscription, not only do you have access to an unlimited number of photo downloads, you can also download themes, plugins, videos, music, graphics, fonts, and more.

Not to mention, subscribers are privy to over 1,200 video courses and eBooks from EnvatoTuts+, which will help educate you on how to make the most of the digital assets you are downloading.

Price: $16.50/month. Free trial available.

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most well-known stock image collection sites, offering users over 250 million high-quality, licensed photos and adding an impressive 200,000 more per day.

In addition to stock photos, Shutterstock provides access to vector images, editorial pieces, music, video footage, and more.

Plus, you can create and share collections, access Shutterstock through popular applications like Adobe and PowerPoint, and even create engaging social media posts with the built-in editing tools.

With plans to meet every budget, whether you’re a solopreneur or a large corporation, Shutterstock has your image needs covered.

Price: Monthly plans start at $29/month for 10 images and increase in price as the number of downloads increase. You can also purchase pre-paid photo packs for one-off projects. A free trial is available in certain regions and offers 10 images for free.

3. Vecteezy

Vecteezy offers millions of free, high-quality stock photos. Their collection also includes vectors, illustrations, and 4K stock videos. While most of the resources are free to download, Vecteezy also offers a collection of Pro resources through a subscription.

Pro subscribers get unlimited downloads of the entire collection of images (vectors and stock photos).

With unlimited downloads and budget-friendly pricing, a Vecteezy Pro subscription is perfect for designers, freelancers, and hobbyists who frequently need beautiful content at the most affordable price.

Price: Free or Pro subscriptions starting at $9/month for exclusive vectors, photos, and videos. Vecteezy also offers pay-as-you-go credits for downloads of Pro resources, starting at $10 for one image.

4. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io has thousands of high-quality stock photos for all your website needs, all organized into convenient categories for easy access.

With an easy to use search function, you can quickly find the exact type of photo you’re looking for if the categories you see don’t work for you.

And if you want an image that’s not that popular, so you don’t end up using images everyone else is using, you can check each photo’s views, likes, and downloads. To top it off, StockSnap always adds hundreds of new photos weekly.

Price: FREE

Visit StockSnap.io

5. Fancycrave

Fancycrave is a collection of stock images that claim to be unique, artistic, and full of emotion, making them perfect for creatives wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Browse by category, preview photo packs before buying them, and even learn a little bit about some of the image sets, so you can have some context about them and give them the value they deserve.

If you find yourself on a limited budget, there are plenty of free photos to choose from too.

Need help creating your next big web project? Check out the blog, broken into categories such as Apps and Resources, Photography, SEO, and Social Media.

Price: FREE, or sign up for a membership to access 41 premium collections (and over 2,050 photos) for $9.99/month ($79.99/year for a 33% savings).

Visit Fancycrave

6. Pexels

Pexels sets out to empower creators by giving them access to hundreds of thousands of free stock images to suit any need.

Each image is conveniently tagged and searchable, making your life a lot easier when it comes to finding the perfect picture.

They’re also hand-picked from photos uploaded by users or sourced from free image websites like Little Visuals, Gratisography, and Pixabay, so you can trust them to be the best.

When you find a photo you like, choose from several size options when downloading, including a custom size. And if you really like an image you see, you can always like it for others to see.

Price: FREE

Visit Pexels

7. Unsplash

Unsplash is a unique stock photo site that offers people images not likely to be found elsewhere. And to make things even better, these images are free do-whatever-you-want photos taken by generous photographers willing to let you use their work.

Every ten days, ten fresh new photos are released, so you know you’ll always have the newest stock photos around. And since every photo is published under the Creative Commons Zero license, you’re free to copy, modify, distribute, and use all images without attribution.

Price: FREE

Visit Unsplash

8. Reshot

Reshot is a stock photo resource full of hand-picked images that any freelancer, startup business owner, or marketer can use to add some visual appeal to their website and keep site visitors engaged.

One thing Reshot tries to do is give emerging photographers a platform to share their best work on, while giving creatives in need of beautiful photography an easy and affordable way to get some for their projects.

This free exchange photography platform may not have as many images as some of the other stock photo sites, but you better believe the quality is there.

Price: FREE

Visit Reshot

9. Pixabay

Pixabay comes with over 1.6 million photos to pick from, giving you the opportunity to find something truly unique for your website.

The interface is simple to use and easy to navigate, so don’t let the sheer number of choices scare you. And if you need some help wading through the images, you can filter based on photographs, illustrations, or vector to narrow your results.

Lastly, take advantage of the fact that Pixabay offers free video content to people too, which you can include on your website as an added bonus for site visitors.

Price: FREE

Visit Pixabay

10. Foodiesfeed

Foodiesfeed is the perfect stock photo site for anyone with a food blog. The delicious images you’ll find here are so detailed, you might forget they aren’t real when you view them.

Choose from over 1,300 photos, filter according to food types (pizza, cake, or coffee anyone?!), and check out the popular tags too, such as top viewed, healthy, and vegan.

As you scroll through images you like, you’ll also be shown related images to help you finalize your project. Trust us, no matter what kind of food blog you run, these yummy photos will only enhance the user experience.

Price: FREE

Visit Foodiesfeed

11. Getty Images

Getty Images is a high-profile photo site that has over 200 million creative, editorial, video, and music assets for advertisements, graphic design, print, in-house design, marketing, and online use.

Just search for an image you like and click on it. You’ll then see multiple image dimensions (extra small, small, medium, and large) that you can purchase, each of them varying in price according to size.

There’s also a wide range of tools, content, and services available to help you with your project and make it just right.

Price: Single images start at $375 or $499/download, with discounts for purchasing photo packs. If you have a team in need of images, there are solutions that include no download limits and collaboration tools.

Visit Getty Images

12. Gratisography

Gratisography is another amazing stock photo site that serves up new high-resolution images each week, all of which are covered under the Creative Commons Zero license.

All photos are taken by experienced photographer Ryan McGuire. He boasts having the “quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures” that you just can’t find anywhere else.

In fact, if you’re looking for the status quo, Gratisograhy is not for you. If you are looking for a refined collection of beautiful and unique images, however, this is the place to be. Search for photos using the search, browse the categories, or just take a peek at the homepage and see what’s trending.

Price: FREE

Visit Gratisography

13. New Old Stock

New Old Stock is comprised of old, vintage photos that come from the public archive via Flickr Commons.

Some of these images are old school, some are in black and white, and some are just throwbacks to earlier times that are intended to spark up a feeling of nostalgia.

If you need to add a little bit of history to your site’s content, and want to pull at the heartstrings of your site visitors, hop on over to New Old Stock and see what’s in store for you today.

Price: FREE

Visit New Old Stock

14. Kaboompics

Kaboompics, created by the talented Karolina, is a royalty-free service of stock images for lifestyle, interior design, and specialty blogging sites. There are over 12,000 photos on the site and counting.

And to make things even better, all images come with several size options, a downloadable color palette to complement each photo, and additional photographs that match the photoshoot that you can view and download too, so you have more beautiful images to choose from for your website’s content.

Price: FREE

Visit Kaboompics

15. Death to Stock

Death to Stock creators know how complicated it can be to find the right images for projects that aren’t the same old boring stock photos. That’s why they created a photo library membership filled with carefully curated photographs.

Every single picture on the site is meticulously chosen and tagged so users like you can find what you’re looking for with ease.

All you have to do is subscribe to Death to Stock to access over 3,500 photos and hours of video content. And, to keep things fresh, they release a new media pack each month for subscribers to take advantage of.

Price: $12/month for small businesses, $21/month for agencies, and $399/year for partners.

Visit Death to Stock

16. NegativeSpace

NegativeSpace is a great website that offers up new and free stock photos every week for use on personal or commercial projects.

Aiming to create a community made up of photographers wanting to share their work, and creatives looking for stunning imagery without restrictions, NegativeSpace wants everyone to shine.

One of the coolest things about the filtering system on NegativeSpace is that you can filter images based on a color, which is perfect for those needing images that match their brand. And if you want the latest images delivered straight to your inbox, all you have to do is sign up for their email list.

Price: FREE

Visit NegativeSpace

17. Picography

Picography is a sleek stock photo site that makes funding the perfect photo for your website a cinch, so you can focus on other parts of your website or online business.

Check out the most popular search terms of the day, enter your own search query, or even check out one of the many categories organizing photographs for you, so you don’t have to do all the work.

And to refine your search further, just click on the available tags so you know when you download the image of your choice, it’s the right one.

Price: FREE

Visit Picography



StockUnlimited has a portfolio of over 1 million stock photos, vectors, icons, fonts and templates at your disposal with their subscription plan.

Broken down into over 25 categories such as wildlife, beauty and retro, you’ll find something suitable regardless of your niche.

Subscribers have unlimited royalty-free access to the portfolio, along with unlimited downloads. In addition, StockUnlimited adds thousands of extra images to their portfolio every week.

Price: $19/month, $79/year or $169/3 years. They also have a Download Pack plan, where you can download a set number of assets for a fixed fee, this starts at $9 for 10 assets.

Visit StockUnlimited

Stock photo sites: honorable mentions

It would be impossible to link to every amazing stock photo site on the internet. That said, it is worth adding a few more to the mix, just in case the ones above aren’t quite what you’re looking for:

  • Life of Pix
  • Jay Mantri
  • Picjumbo
  • ISO Republic

Wrapping up

And there you have it! Over 17 of the best stock photo sites on the internet today.

Don’t let your website, social media posts, marketing campaigns, or email newsletters fall victim to cheesy, boring stock photos.

Instead, take it upon yourself to find the perfect photos to match you brand, engage site visitors, and encourage further site exploration or sales.

Looking for more design resources? Be sure to check out our article on the best free websites for vector illustrations.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

Top 10 free stock services

It doesn't take much time to find a suitable image and then place it on a certain site. On the Internet, an ordinary user can find a thousand places where he can download the necessary image, vector image or icon.

The question remains: Is it possible to place downloaded photos in my publications without violating copyright? You need a high quality image and you don't want to spend your money on it. nine0003

We are glad to tell you the good news - you can find amazing free photo stocks that allow you to download and post high-quality images without the risk of copyright infringement and the purchase of a license.


Dreamstime has over 6,000,000 registered users. More than 157,000 photographers and over 17,500,000 photographs, illustrations and vectors can be found on microstock.

Dreamstime has over 11,000,000 unique visitors a month, and microstock is the #2 stock photography market in the world. nine0003


Clients are located in 192 countries of the world. Depositphotos support is available 24/7 in 20 languages.

Stock Up

The best selection of free stock photos.

Stock Up has over 20,000 stock photos for free download. The principle of the service is as follows: the site contains photographs from various websites that have given permission to use their images. nine0003


The best free stock photos in one place.

Currently, the service provides more than 40 thousand free photos.

Pexels presents absolutely free high quality photos. All pictures are searchable in the system.

All The Free Stock

Free stock images, icons and videos.

All photos, videos and icons in one place. The service offers different licenses, but advises you to check the terms of their use on each site before downloading files for your own purposes. nine0003


Free high resolution photos.

Over 300,000 free high resolution photos from the world's most generous photo communities.


Search for free high resolution photos and videos.

The service provides users with a search engine that allows them to find free photos and videos.

Jay Mantri

Free stock images.

The site contains a huge collection of free download photos with stunning landscapes. nine0003

Designers Pics

Free stock photos for designers.

Free stock service adds new photos every month. All downloaded images can be used by users for their personal and commercial purposes.


Free collection of video clips and photos.

Large collection of free HD videos and video clips.


Over a million free quality photos.

The most generous stock service is pleased to offer users free images in various categories: photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, etc.


Absolutely free photos.

A free photo site created by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013. Over 5 million downloads.

Free and Paid - Plerdy

Simple and catchy popup visualization - high resolution themed photo. There are dozens of paid, free and shareware stocks where you can quickly pick up graphics. At the same time, it is impossible to say with certainty where there is more rare content. Website designers like to buy pictures from paid "banks". Although there are resources that provide no less unique content “for free”, taking into account commercial use. nine0003

20 cool free photo stocks for selecting pictures in pop-up form

Designers in pursuit of the "freshness" of their creations often buy pictures on paid stocks. The only difficulty is that marketers and business owners follow the same logic when selecting pictures for a project, ignoring the good content of free sites. It would be nice to fill this gap! At least 10 resources allow you to create delicious pop-ups without financial costs.

Stock with high-res and completely free stock photos, which are distributed under the CC0 license. This kind of permission allows the use of the content for commercial purposes free of charge and without the author's name. Photos and illustrations are tagged and neatly sorted into sections. nine0003

Stock with lots of free high resolution graphics. One of the most popular image search resources. The latest and actively downloaded photos are placed on the main page. There is tagging by category.

Burst is an easy-to-use Shopify stock of free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Some frames are tagged under CC0, while others are tagged under Shopify's own license.

The site was created specifically for entrepreneurs, so that the latter can quickly and easily draw up their own web projects. Content - original photos acquired by the company and focused on trending business niches. Visualization for people who sell both legume oils and Aliexpress sneakers. nine0003

Library of rare thematic photos. It will be useful to designers, marketers, business owners. Freedom in editing and commercial use of graphic content without attribution is provided.

Pixabay offers a multi-million dollar collection of photos and videos, vectors and illustrations. The "bank" graphics are released under an attribution-free license from Creative Camons.

Complete set of graphics, zero CC license for personal and commercial use. Photos are tagged and sorted into their respective categories. Just take it and use it. nine0003

An impressive selection of graphics distributed under everyone's favorite CC0 license. The materials of the "bank" are authentic and are the property of the photographers of this stock.

Original, personal, fresh photos from Daria in hairez. Here you will find everything you need to decorate your blog, landing page, design. Cards and other content are distributed under a non-attribution license (CC0).

Stylish and delicate - here are collected inspiring photos for women's projects. You will find many conceptual and attractive things both for the project itself and for your target audience. nine0003

Popular stock resources are distinguished by one important point - "banks" offer a lot of stylish thematic graphics in highres under the CC0 license. Zero Creative Cammons - permission that provides for the use of photographs, videos, illustrations without the author's confirmation and mentioning his name. This type of license is valid for commercial and personal projects.

Huge library of high quality photos. New images are added daily for free download. In total, the site presents 100 thematic categories. However, it is easier to find a suitable picture using an internal search. nine0003

Also here you can see the number of views and downloads for each photo.

This is a specialized photo stock offering thousands of food related photos. Here, perhaps, you can find everything: from photos of individual products to ready meals.

Photo stock by Ryan McGuire, web designer at Bells Design. Although this photo stock does not boast a huge library (there are only 9 categories and only a few hundred photos), you can still find interesting high-quality images for your own projects. nine0003

Another small photo stock, consisting of 12 thematic categories and a couple of hundred free quality photos.

Photo stock by Defri Betts. A great selection of photos, desktop wallpapers and even short videos. The author of the project places on a separate page links to sites in the design of which the materials of this stock are used. Thus, this is not only a high-quality photo stock, but also a resource where you can get a link to your site for free. nine0003

Author's photo stock of Czech designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. The project was created in 2013 and during its existence has collected an impressive collection of photographs.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the library, here you can also find the author's blog, as well as donate a few dollars "for coffee" to the creator of the project.

Author's stock photo with Polish roots. The project was created in 2017 by a photographer and designer named Karolina. In addition to the usual search by topic, there is an opportunity to sort photos by dominant color. This is very convenient if you need to choose a photo in a certain color scheme for your site. nine0003

There is also a blog dedicated to design and photography. All photos may be used for commercial purposes, but may not be sold.

Photo stock of the Canadian web studio Leeroy. The photo collection is updated weekly. The nomination “Photographer of the Week”, which marks the authors of the most popular works, attracts attention here.

Photo stock with a collection of archival photos and posters that you can use on your website. Unfortunately, there are no categories here, but there is a keyword search. nine0003

Photostock has been open since March 2014. There is a small selection of photos, mostly panoramas. However, today the service is almost not updated.

A small photo stock that contains a collection of photos in 10 categories. All images from ShotStash are free to use for blogs, websites, social media, presentations, and t-shirts.

10 paid stock photo stocks inspiring volumes

It cannot be said that the resources included in this list offer exclusively paid content. But such an option for using graphic products is also present. If you wish, at any time of the year you can buy a photo you like, subscribe or otherwise thank the author (creators).

Really massive, old stock. It appeared back in 1995, becoming the first "bank" of images in the world. Now Getty Images is rightfully listed as one of the top photo stocks on the Web. The Getty user gets access to millions of photos, illustrations, videos, which can be easily and quickly found thanks to simple navigation. In essence, it’s not a stock, it’s more a store of rare content than a stock. All products are distributed under a royalty-free license. nine0003

iStock equals millions of high-quality photos, audio and video files in high resolution, which are covered by the Royalty Free license. The site is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. At the same time, you can even shop on credit - in case there is no corresponding amount in dollars today.

Adobe brings you its own stock of 50+ million royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos, vectors and 3D drawings. The service is integrated with Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Creative Cloud. nine0003

Flickr isn't even an image databank, it's a whole platform with billions of photos and millions of subject groups. A license is purchased, but you need to remember that even this does not guarantee the cloudless use of a particular image within a commercial project. The admissibility of such an application must be clarified in each case separately.

The resource that designers love and most often use in their daily work. The reason for such a “thrust” for Shutter is its universal content. Everything you need to create a stylish and unique website is presented in one place. Vectors, photos, illustrations, audio, video - the stock contains hundreds of millions of different files. And both free and paid. But the issue of paying a price for the use of an intellectual property object does not relieve the author of the need to obtain permission for the commercial use of the file. If the latter, of course, is required. It is enough to register authorship in some cases, although sometimes attributions can be dispensed with. nine0003

Looking for images, videos and vectors? Here is a resource to meet your needs. There are millions of files of quality content on this stock - you definitely won't be disappointed if you change Shater to Bigstock for a while.

More than 100,000 thousand photos that will fit perfectly into the concept of your business project. These are backgrounds, textures, food, landscapes and much more that can satisfy the needs of your niche, not only high-quality pop-ups on the site. nine0003

"The place" post-production and graphics collected by thousands of creatives from around the world. Distribution and use of photos can be paid or free with attribution for commercial projects and under a CC0 license for personal use.

A dedicated section of Adobe Stock that offers access to royalty-free content of all kinds. This includes photos, 3D graphics, videos and much more. Anything that is not actually used in the creation of pop-ups, but is equally useful for the designer. nine0003

Subscription photostock service. There are two formats: for brands and for freelancers and agencies. Subscribers get access to high quality photos and videos with unlimited downloads. In addition, every month a fresh selection of high-quality photos and videos comes to the mail, which you can use on your website or blog.

As you can see, there are many services for selecting photos and videos that can be used in pop-up forms. This collection lists both free and paid photo stocks. The advantage of paid services is that they tend to have a larger collection and are updated more frequently. On the other hand, even among free stocks there are many high-quality collections and you can choose several of them as a source of photos and videos for your project. In any case, everyone chooses for himself what is closer in spirit and style, and also more convenient to use.

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