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Photography for 4th Graders: Want YOUR Work!!!!

April 21, 2015

Hi! So, photography for 4th Graders is over, but the links are going to live forever, of course! Look below to catch up on any articles you missed. My 4th grade students are preparing for the Enrichment Fair by picking their favorite photos to display. I’m so excited to see what the choose and if they are the same as what I would choose! After the fair, I can’t wait to do a Student Work post here on the blog showing you some of the absolutely amazing images they created throughout this seminar. Some of you in the blogosphere have been sharing your impressive work as well and I would really love to include it!!! If you have a picture you’ve taken as a result of this seminar, would you please send it to me? Email becky (at) susieandbecky (dot) com. I’m so excited to see it!!!!!


I. Composition
Choosing what goes into a frame and where to put it. The idea with composition is to place a subject and background together in a way that tells one story!!
1. Rule of Thirds
2. Symmetry
3. Leading Lines
4. Natural Frames
5. Color and Clutter

II. Lighting
Learning to see and use natural light to create a mood and attract the eye.
6. Dynamic Range
7. Expose for the Subject
8. Hard Light vs. Soft Light
9. Backlight vs. Frontlight


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