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Photography Studio in Fulton, MD

January 24, 2019

Hello!!! Welcome to our home studio in Fulton, MD!

We designed this photography studio with one thing in mind – YOU! We want every client to feel like a guest, welcomed, cared for, and comfortable. Photos can be a little stressful for everyone involved, but our hope is that a warm, beautiful studio will create not only timeless photos, but pleasant memories of the time spent creating them.

A recent client said, “Your home studio is gorgeous. I love being there. It’s like a retreat!”

That’s how we want everyone to feel!!! Here are some things we did to create an environment just right for beautiful photos and warm, happy, memories!

1. We chose a neutral color palette to create a calming environment.


A neutral color palette also ensures that any colors added to the photos through wardrobe/props are true and natural. Trendy tints and filters change constantly, so true colors are the key to timeless images.


2. We included lots of texture. Texture creates a rich and luxurious look in the background and ensures that the eye goes to the brightest spot in any image – the subject!


Side by side vertical images of a stuffed lamb on a soft, textured white blanket and a fluffy white bench in front of a window.

3. We chose a room with gorgeous natural light for a variety of soft, flattering looks.


4. We also store both dark and light backdrops in a spacious closet, along with a full setup of professional lighting equipment, so we can create professional headshots for our corporate clients.


5. The studio has an attached bathroom for changing or coping with any newborn/toddler needs.


6. We’ve started a small prop collection in the studio and are constantly adding to it, according to our client’s needs.


Thanks for taking our virtual tour!! Come visit us and let’s make some beautiful photos together!! Reach out anytime through our contact form or by emailing [email protected]!! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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