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PNW: Northern California

October 5, 2017

No big intro this time. Just a few words below about a few of the photos.



The Redwoods were my favorite. We planned to arrive at a popular trail at sunset, hoping we would avoid the crowds. It worked. We only saw two other people the entire two hours we were out. These trees are completely magical – like, literally. They feel out of a fairy tale. I don’t think I would have wanted to experience them with other people.




For a brief time, we really tried to ban the killing curses from our family. We gave that up.



Jack couldn’t help it. Nicholas was too adorable. Jack gave up his loooooooong stick. He’s a good brother.



Nothing a big squeeze couldn’t fix.



Constant wrestling. Non-stop.




Still loving the long stick.




Two things about Black Sands Beach – all rocks, pebbles, gravel. No sand. Also – incredibly dangerous currents and “sneaker” waves. Rules are to stay at least 100yds away from the shore. We are often a little loose about these rules, but we were absolutely vigilant about this one.




This one makes me laugh because of the apple in Jack’s left hand. I usually made the grocery store stops, but John ran in on this particular day. He bought apples that were the size of grapefruits. None of us could finish even half of one! We called them “Redwood Apples” and were SO sick of apples (something we thought could never happen) by the time we had eaten our way through his purchase!




Trooper with that cast.




Part of the magic of this beach was the sound of the crashing waves. All the rocks tumbled around on themselves with a crackling and snapping sound. I could listen all day.








Seals. Not cute. Gross, actually. Big mammal slugs.





Collapsed in laughter.



He wouldn’t put on a bathing suit. You see where this is going, right?







Tried to pose an image. I was obsessed with the reflections and the totally neutral color palette.



Unposed was better (of course). Have this image on my desk. Love it so much.


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