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PNW Trip: Washington State

August 18, 2017

Since this is a vacation post, I’m going to take a break from writing a long intro and just hop right into pictures. I will say this: sometimes pictures give you a pretty editorialized view of an event. In this case, the trip was even better than the pictures show. We had a precious time together. Six people in the same space for 19 days had the potential to be very, very challenging and my prayers for harmony were on repeat. Prayers were answered. Amen.


First stop: Four days with family in Leavenworth, WA – A mountainous, semi-arid vacation town about two hours east of Seattle


Downtown Leavenworth was the cutest, quaintest little German-inspired town you’ve ever seen. It felt like Christmas in July!


Second stop in Washington: Two full days in Olympic National Park. We had two learning experiences here that informed the rest of our trip. Mainly, we realized that we like to experience nature away from crowds of people. This was easy to achieve over the rest of the trip with a little extra research and mainly by arriving later to our destinations.


We agreed that a core philosophy of our trip was lots and lots of free time for our kids. When we arrived at the overlook for Ruby Beach, we knew this couldn’t be a quick stop. I immediately left with Jack and drove to the one spot within 25 miles where I could buy food. When I came back, we ate a late lunch/early dinner on the beach and played until the sun set. If this was the only day of our trip, it would have been a perfect trip – but there were so many days like this!


The water was COLD – like, numb your legs cold. This little guy couldn’t get enough of it.

NEXT UP: Oregon!

  1. Judyrabenhorst says:

    Love your pictures! Thanks for taking me along…..I enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. Elena says:

    Amaaaazing photography ????

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