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Published: Articles on Lead Workflow

June 24, 2014

Occasionally, I (Susie), write for Black Star Rising, a photography site that has articles from the art of photography, to web design help, to the business side of photography.  Since I love running my business, I’ve written articles for them in the past about business planning and workflow.  My latest Series that’s just been published on their website is how we handle the process when someone calls or emails us and wants more information about us photographing their wedding.

It’s taken Becky and I a long time to get where we are, because we’re constantly growing, refining, and defining our business and brand.  But, a few things never change for us, and that the idea that we want to give everyone we work with a great experience!  This has helped us be able to do that from the very first contact, and we’re always excited to see things like this be implemented.

The first article I wrote is how we handle the initial follow up when people contact us, the second is about creating a script, and the third about talking to your clients on the phone.  I hope they’re helpful to you!


Following Up with Leads

Creating a Script for Client Phone Calls

Conducting a Client Phone Call


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