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Recommendation: LensRentals.com

May 7, 2013

When it comes to my travel, our company camera equipment falls into a no-man’s land for insurance.  I couldn’t get it covered any which way.  This meant I had to settle for a minimalist’s approach to my gear, which was good for several reasons.  I did, however, feel that this trip would be a great time to try out a 35mm lens, which is not in my regular bag. It’s a sharp little lens – the results were pretty good!

John and I are in this very full phase of life where it’s pretty difficult to get away.  So, I didn’t actually get to the “rent lens” line item on my list until, well, ONE business day before we were leaving 🙂  So right off the bat, I highly recommend lensrentals.com because that this was NO problem for them.  I did have to pay a little extra for shipping, but they literally got this lens up from Tennessee on Friday evening after receiving the order Friday morning (I placed it Thursday night around midnight).

Another thing that I loved about my experience with LensRentals.com is that they understood the fact that I couldn’t be at home all day waiting for the FedEx guy.  When I placed the order online, I simply put in the instructions that I needed the package dropped off at my local FedEx store.

A third great thing about my experience – they were SUPER easy, friendly, and patient on the phone.  When I received the confirmation Friday morning, I wasn’t 100% convinced that they realized the shipment was supposed to go to the store, so I called.  That conversation was one of the most pleasant customer experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Fourth, I found their return policy to be *extremely* reasonable and generous.  For one thing, their policy state that I had to ship the box back on the 14th day, not that it had to arrive back at their facility on the 14th day.  In addition, they actually gave me an extra weekend for free.  Even though they shipped my lens on a Friday, they didn’t expect it to ship back until three Mondays after that – more like 17 days.

The whole experience was just super convenient.  The original box contained a pre-paid shipping label, so when I was done, I just dropped the lens into the original packaging, taped it up, stuck the label on, and brought it back to my FedEx store.  No problem.

The irony – I hardly used the lens at all 🙂  I did have it on my camera, however, when I turned around and saw John leaning on a priceless work of art.

man leaning on statue

Can’t take that guy anywhere 🙂

Highly recommend LensRentals.com – will definitely use them in the future!!!!

— Becky

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