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Sarah Josephine | two months old!

August 9, 2017

Poor Sarah is already very much a second child.  Instead of everything happening right on time everything is a few days late! But, she’s happy, healthy, and eating a lot, so that’s what matters!  She was two months old on the 3rd of August, and so far has been such a great little baby!

Here are a few of her two month photos.  She really is becoming such a fun baby, and smiles and talks to us a lot of the time when she’s awake (and when we’re not running after Jasmine).  She’s growing like a weed and already wearing some six month clothes.  Jasmine is adjusting well, and she likes to hold her baby sister when we let her.  Sarah’s still getting up a few times at night, but it’s really not bad.  We’ve settled into a routine (well, as much as you can have with a toddler and a baby!) and we’re loving watching Sarah grow up!

I LOVE her little dimples!!!


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