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Tuesday Talking Points, v. 16

March 28, 2017

Hey there! Happy Tuesday! Any plans for April Fool’s Day this Saturday? Are you a practical joker? I am most definitely NOT. I can’t take the stress of making someone feel worried or upset. I just can’t. I also don’t particularly like having a joke played on me. I’m just not fun enough :-/ One of my kids has been planning practical jokes for the last 6 months, however, and I’m interested to see if he pulls any off this Saturday!!

If I (Becky) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up…

What I’m reading: I just finished such a lucky grab off the new books shelf!!! The Whydah: A Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked and Found was a super fascinating, super quick read. I’m going to be honest – I didn’t really know that there truly were pirate ships, and that pirates really did abide by a pirate’s code, and that they really did plunder literally MILLIONS of dollars worth of jewels, goods, and food. The caricatures are so strong, I assumed they were based on nothing. My favorite thing about the book was getting a glimpse into the incredibly democratic government on pirate ships and the way that the pirates understood their work to be almost… noble?

Highlight of my week: We started reading Book 6 of Harry Potter two weekends ago. Reading this book together is the highlight of every weekend evening.

Little luxuries: Coffee… poor Susie has been told to stay off caffeine for the remainder of her pregnancy, and I feel totally guilty enjoy my caffeinated coffee these days!!!

Hoping for: That I pick the right outfit for our family shoot in two weeks. Picking clothes for a shoot is so stressful!!!! Clients, I feel your pain!

Don’t miss: Kelsey and Evan had the most natural and sweet engagement session, that started in a bar, moved to the quaint streets of Old Town Frederick, and finished on a beautiful, ivy-colored bridge.

strong>Pictured today: Flowers still going strong from a baby shower two weeks ago!

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