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Tuesday Talking Points, v.7

March 22, 2016

If I (Becky) had the pleasure of sitting down with you this week, here are a few things that might come up…

Highlight of my week: Going to the zoo with Joshua, Nicholas, and my Aunt Janet today. 3 of my favorite people, the weather was perfect, animals were active, and there was a baby monkey!!!

Little luxuries: we don’t get tv in our home – we stream Netflix and that’s about it. This is mainly a great thing for our family, but I REALLY miss it during big sports events like March Madness. I watched the first Maryland game on Friday afternoon over at my brother’s, but schedules weren’t working out for me to go over on Sunday evening. I found an app called NCAA March Madness Live and watched the second half on there. Yeah, it was a little pathetic to watch on my phone, but at least I got to see it!! It’s a pretty nice little app. The rest of the night my phone was buzzing as it notified me about games coming down to the wire and upsets. Made me feel like I was part of the action 🙂

Hoping for: Maryland to beat Kansas this Thursday night!!

Don’t miss: This post on What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot. Aaaah, how I wish we had started sharing these tips LONG ago!!!

Pictured today: A behind the scenes from spring last year. I have three shoot this week and am wearing this coat a LOT!!



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