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We’re Growing!

February 16, 2016

No, neither of us are adding to our families (at the moment!), but we ARE growing as a business!!! We’re bringing on two associates and hoping to fill their schedules with all the weddings that we can’t photograph!!!

Now some people may think, “Wow, are you shooting 100 weddings a year?” Nope! But, this definitely seems like the right thing for our business right now for several reasons:

  1. We have our business operations systemized, which means we can handle more during the typical Monday-Friday work week.
  2. We have young, growing families, and we don’t want to be gone more weekends than we already are. But, we definitely still want to grow!
  3. We enjoy interacting with clients and creating a great experience for them by answering emails, handling expectations, easing concerns, creating timelines for them.
  4. There are certain dates that we get leads for over and over again! Because Susie and I always work together and take only one wedding/day, we’re turning away lots of business.
  5. As our experience has increased, we’ve raised our prices. We get LOTS of emails from brides that love our style and the way we approach a wedding day, but simply have a different budget. We’d love to serve these brides while maintaining a profitable business.
  6. We LOVE teaching and working with other photographers.

7. And finally – this is the biggest reason of all – God crossed our paths with two remarkable photographers who were looking to grow their photography INCOME but NOT their wedding photography businesses. This really is the most critical thing that made us say, “NOW’s the time – let’s do this!! Earlier this year, we actually had a few other business ideas that we were beginning to plan. When these two wonderful ladies said, “We’re in” – well, it all came together!!!

We can’t wait to introduce our two new photographers in the coming weeks!!!

Here are a couple of gorgeous photos that our new associates took at a styled shoot we did with them last Friday! Can’t quite share the unique details of the shoot yet! But aren’t these photos that we CAN share just absolutely gorgeous?!


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