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Susie here. :) I'm a typical middle child - into everything & competitive, although I have learned to curb my competitiveness as I've grown up. I'm also an introvert, but growing up with 5 siblings, I had to learn to hold my own at a young age. I loved growing up in a large family, and I'm still super close to all my siblings, even though we are spread out all over the country. I also have a love for travel and have been all over the world. I met my wonderful husband online and am very thankful for the internet! We lived 1000 miles apart and would never have met otherwise. Moving to the DC metro area nine years ago was a major change from my small town where I lived in MS. (we didn't even have a red light, y'all - when I say small, I mean small...) We two amazing daughters, and I must say, one of the greatest joys of my life is watching my husband be such a good dad to our daughters.

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"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi