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By nature, I'm a very curious person. I love asking questions, finding out about people and what makes them unique and wonderfully made! This serves me so well in helping business owners, because in my line of work the more questions I ask, the sooner we can reach the heart and soul of a business and create a clear message that is incredibly powerful.

Besides being curious, I'm also always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder and I want that for everyone around me, too (I think sometimes my husband and kids wish this wasn't the case! ha) I just can't turn it off, though, so this is always what I'm thinking through when chatting with clients and when I'm working in my own business!

I live my life by two commands: Love God with my heart, mind, soul and strength, and love my neighbor as myself. I always aim to value every person with the love and respect they deserve and love working with clients who are doing the same!

I had lost sight of my why in my business, and in the call with Susie she helped me rediscover it, and I'm so excited to move forward!

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"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi

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