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hooray you're in!

If you own a business, let me just take a second to tell you that you are amazing!

Welcome! I help entrepreneurs and business owners create images of themselves that look stunning, feel authentic, and connect with their target audience. I do this through images that tell the story of you and your greatness - let’s show your superpower to the world!

meet me

I wake up in the morning excited about business and the coffee my husband brewed for me. Ok, let’s be honest, I mostly wake up for the coffee. But by the time I’m finishing my second cup, I’m definitely ready to tackle the day! I’m a highly motivated enneagram 3 who loves talking all things business and has a big passion for empowering people to be the best version of themselves they can be!

My favorite weekend evenings are those I get to spend at home...where my husband is grilling yummy things on the back patio and our two girls are constantly leaving the door open as they go back and forth playing and fighting and laughing and doing all of the things that make them happy.

My heart just melts when my four year old spontaneously gives me a hug with an “I love you,” or my two year old grabs my face in her hands and says “I wuv your eyes.” Every time they crawl into my lap with their sweet, messy kisses, I’m reminded about how life-changing it can be to show others unconditional love and to intentionally look for beauty in everything we see.

It is so fulfilling for me personally to use the creative outlet of photography to help my clients discover and display the authentic beauty and unique superpower each one of them is using to change the world!


"Susie is PHENOMENAL. I cannot say enough amazing things about her - she has a great eye for working the elements in a photo, making you feel comfortable and at ease, and capturing amazing moments."



the details

What’s your Superpower? What is it that gets you out of bed every day? How are you using your superpower to change the world around you? That’s the story I want to tell - those are the images that are powerful, emotional, and will connect with your target audience.

My branded photography sessions are unlike any photos you’ve had taken! We do a lot of prep work to make sure that these photos will feel authentic to you, make you look stunning, and grow your business. Before the session, we’ll spend a good amount of time diving into not only what your business does, but the WHY behind it. We’ll talk marketing (where will you use the images?) branding (what’s the feeling you need in your photos?) and what inspires you. We’ll make sure your photos are exactly what you need to connect with your target audience.

These images will give you confidence and continue to inspire you to change the world, one day at a time!

My branding sessions include:
- In-depth branding consultation
- Professional Hair and Makeup
- Styling advice
- 3-5 Stories of your business (we’ll come up with the perfect ones together)
- 30 storytelling images delivered via cloud
- Commercial copyright release (make some money with these!)

Not provided: the superpower you bring!


If you don’t need the full branding session, I can help you look and feel amazing in a headshot-only session. You’ll get high resolution images that you can use in any way you like, from business cards or printable items to Linked-In, Facebook, your own website, and more.

I’m always up for a good headshot session and would love to treat you to an amazing experience!

My headshot sessions include:
Professional Hair and Makeup
Styling advice
Two high resolution images


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