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A chapter closing…two new beginnings

June 17, 2019

I (Susie) have been thinking about this blog post and how we’ll be announcing some changes coming to the business for a while, and I’m not quite sure how to put it into words.  How do you write about some of the best years of your life, working with an amazing woman, who also happens to be your sister-in-law, and announce that this chapter is closing and that this is our last wedding season together?

Life has a funny way of taking us down roads we didn’t even ask for or dream of, but were so much better than we could have dreamed.

When I moved to Maryland almost 9 years ago, I really didn’t know Becky well at all.  After only a few months of living here, though, I quickly saw what a lot of her friends already knew – that she was a genuine, loving, person, who would do anything to help a friend.  Plus, she was becoming an amazing photographer! When she approached me about working together, it took me no time at all to let her know that I was really excited about this opportunity.  And so it began. In July of 2011 we shot our first wedding together and things just took off from there.

When we built the business, we built it on the premise that this has to work for us and our family.  With Becky’s youngest starting kindergarten this year, she’s realizing she needs to be there for her family on evenings and weekends and I’m 100% behind her.  She also is doing some amazing food photography (follow along on instagram! @shopteaandtable) and you’ll be inspired (and get hungry!)

So, yes, this is our last year working together, and we’ve got some amazing weddings to finish out a wonderful 8 years.  At this point, I’ll be taking a break from weddings, and focusing on family portraiture and business/personal branding photography. The name has also changed from Susie & Becky to Susie Hadeed Photography.

Before I go, I just have a little more to say –

Thank you, Becky, for inspiring me to becoming a better photographer, look for the good in people, and for being an amazing business partner.  You never let us settle for mediocre but were always pushing us to become better businesswomen, photographers, and give 150% at every job we do.  I’m so grateful for your friendship, your inspiration, and your love for God and people. Working with you has made me a much better person, and I’m so thankful for this amazing partnership we’ve had.  People say you shouldn’t work with family, but if I would have followed that advice I would have missed out on one of the best chapters of my life. <3

  1. I’m so proud of BOTH of you!!!! Thankful to know you, and cheering for you in your new endeavors!!

  2. Congrats on your new season!

  3. Irina says:

    Aw, I had a few tears reading this. I respect both of you so much, and now even more for sticking to your original goal of making sure your business works for the season your families are in. 💕 I wish you all the best as you move forward into the next chapter!

  4. Marietta Yoder says:

    I’m with Irina and her comments. I’ve loved watching you two work together! And God bless this new season of your lives!

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