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Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos

March 30, 2016

I try – I really, truly try hard – not to gush over my couples. But I have to tell you: I’m just so happy to be working with Kristina and Iyad!!!! These two are such great conversationalists that I often had to drag myself away from conversation and back to the job at hand – taking photos! Of course, they were so easy to photograph, I also had to will myself stop shooting and move onto new locations. These two were so natural, their neighborhood was full of such variety, and the night was so gorgeous, I could have kept photographing long after they would have been worn out. Can’t wait to share a few of my favorites!!!

We began at Kristina and Iyad’s home in Old Town Alexandria where the light happened to be perfect and the backyard completely and utterly charming. We got the classic photo out of the way immediately and these two were looking stunning from the very FIRST frame!



They immediately began to warm up to one another and the camera. Iyad wasn’t loving the idea of being photographed for an hour or so – really, who among us does?! – but Kristina coaxed smiles out of him from the very beginning.



Their precious pup, Layla, joined them for quite a few photos. Thankfully, Kristina and Iyad were very forgiving about the fact that I repeatedly referred to HER as HIM.




The blues and whites and blush colors going on in their front yard looked perfectly planned for them – can you believe the color harmony here?!



Loving the way Iyad smiles at Kristina…




Hi Layla! I’m sorry I kept referring to you as “he”!!!! Please don’t be mad at me!




This bridge was less than half a block from their home – how amazing is that?! That one little strand of ivy marked our spot… by this point, Kristina and Iyad were such pros and were having such a great time together, I hardly had to pose them.




I went to my brother’s house to watch some NCAA basketball action after this shoot and immediately began to cull (a coping mechanism for watching my Terps get trounced!)… my sister-in-law looked over my shoulder and said, “Wow, she’s GORGEOUS!” I definitely agree!!!



Definitely a favorite photo from the evening.




After that, Iyad, who is fearless in conversation, engaged me in a long talk about family and life and the Palestinian heritage that he shares with my husband. During that time, the light changed entirely, the wind picked up, and we walked to this old lighthouse Jones Point Park, where we were able to get photos that were both softer and wilder than the sunnier shots that happened earlier in the evening.




I just love the movement and wind that you can feel in this photo.




This is another of my favorites – their interaction is so natural and their enjoyment of one another’s company is so palpable. It’s not as artsy or creative as some of the others, but it’s a photo that makes me HAPPY!




Kristina and Iyad, thanks for making this such a pleasure. I can’t wait until May….!!!!



  1. Laurie A. Lewis says:

    This group of photos of Kristina, Iyad and Layla has everything – charm, beauty, fun, contrast and lots of LOVE! As mother of the bride, kudos to Becky and Susie for work exceedingly well done!

  2. Angela Ann Churchill says:

    How beautiful!! So natural.

  3. Suzy Wilson says:

    What lovely photos!! Thank you for sharing them with me!

  4. Paul N Michelle Heusinkveld says:

    Beautiful couple and wonderful photos!

  5. Robin Stone Smith says:

    Simply beautiful! I love every one of them! What a happy looking couple!

  6. Shams Fattom says:

    Gorgeous couple, Our son Iyad and wife to be, our daughter in law Kristina, love them and their amazing pictures with Layla.

  7. Nadra Kassis says:

    Congratulations, wishing you all the best life has to offer, love you.

  8. Barbara Stefan says:

    Fabulous photos! Kristina & Iyad look very happy! Congratulations to the mother of the bride, my friend Laurie A. Lewis!

  9. Em Cee Connell says:

    Wow – gorgeous people and stunning photos! I can’t wait for the wedding shots!!

  10. Elizabeth Tryon Crockett says:

    charming images of a happy couple – their happiness glows and blends in with the arrival of spring flowers and the walkways of Old Town

  11. Carol Hopkins says:

    These photos are truly lovely.

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