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What is branding? (And why you should pay attention…)

March 3, 2022

If you’ve been following along, you know that recently I’ve switched to branding photography from weddings. It’s been fun getting into the world of business owners, and finding ways to help them make more money with the images they use in their business. I’ve been finding as I talk to business owners that the topic of branding can be a confusing subject.  I’d like to make it less complicated, so I’m going to do a little series here on the blog about branding, how to simplify it for your business, and a few practical takeaways you can use to help define your brand even better!

First let’s look at what a brand is:

  • A promise to your customer
  • A name, symbol, or other features that identify your business as distinct
  • The idea or image people have in their mind when thinking about your business
  • A person’s gut feeling about your business or product that you sell

So, in a nutshell, branding gives meaning to your business.  

personal coach branding photos

Let’s dive a little deeper into branding and talk about you and your business.  

How do you want people to think of your business?  

Why do you do what you do? 

How are you different from the competition? (You are different, trust me!)

Are you consistent on your online platforms and in person?

annapolis, maryland realtor branding headshot photo

A strong brand isn’t just getting a new website or a new profile photo.  It’s not achieved overnight, either. Your brand comes from your core values and beliefs that you live over and over each day, and in each interaction with your customers

Take a few minutes, write down 3 of your core values.

Now write down 3 things you want people to feel and think when your company comes to mind.

Now go out and do those. Every day. In the same way.

That’s what will make your brand stand out. 

Do you have questions about your brand?  I’d love to chat with you! I’m offering 5 lucky business owners a free brand strategy call with me ($450 value), where we’ll go over your visual brand together and come up practical steps you can make to uplevel your brand!

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Susie Hadeed
Brand Strategist & Photographer

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