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Kelly Shore and Her Beautiful Family :-)

June 25, 2014

I’m grateful for photography for so many reasons, but high on the list is the chance to meet and begin a beautiful friendship with Kelly Shore, the owner and head designer of Petals by the Shore.  I admire Kelly so much for her talent as a florist, her success as a businesswoman, and definitely, her perseverance and selflessness as a mother.  Although Susie and I aren’t doing family sessions now, there are a few rare friends here and there that we want to celebrate through images.  Kelly is definitely one of those friends, so we tried many times over the winter to get together to do a one year shoot for her daughter, Ella.  Unfortunately, in addition to many health difficulties for the Shore family this year, sweet little Ella was hospitalized multiple times for pneumonia.  Because our plans were derailed so many times, we finally decided to just do a family shoot and make Ella the star.  Good thing… it’s a role she excels in 🙂

Woodlawn Manor PhotosWoodlawn Manor Photos
Had to include this image because it was photo-bombed by a runner that turned out to be a good friend of mine!! 🙂  Don’t worry, we’ll fix it all up (and swap out a kissing Jackson for a smiling Jackson), but this made me happy 🙂

  1. Laura Samuel says:

    Love these!

  2. Judy Patterson says:

    So sweet!

  3. Marian Rotz says:

    All adorable….spread the joy!

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