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Susie’s Family Vacation Photos

September 27, 2017

A few weeks ago my family and I all got together for our yearly vacation.  We love hanging out together, and this year we rented a beach house for a few days at Gulf Shores.  We all agreed it was a wonderful vacation – but not nearly long enough!

With a very, very active toddler plus a 3 month old, I didn’t have a chance to pull out my camera except for our family photos on the beach.  We wanted to get a great photo together as a family, but with 13 adults and 12 kids (10 of them 5 and under) it was definitely a challenge pulling it off!!  I thought I’d give you a glimpse into a few of the things that went on behind the scenes….


The baby feet!

and we have a runner!

this one just makes me laugh.

Sarah got bored and decided sleeping was the best way to handle the chaos.

and another runner!

poor baby. 🙁

Time for sand angels.  (And no, we weren’t done at this point).

…all the sleepy babies.

Who wouldn’t want a crab shell in family photos??


…and then the final photos!



and the whole crew!


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