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5 Foundations for Building a Strong Brand

May 19, 2022

Let’s talk about the foundational building blocks of every great brand and business. There are five things you must have in place if you want to give your business the best chance to succeed. In this article, we’ll go over the reason for each, and explain how you can start implementing these steps in your business today.

1. Knowing the Heart of Your Business

If you’ve never thought about the reason you’re building your business or working in your field, stop right now and do that! Write down some of the reasons you’re working in the first place. Starting off with “making more money” is fine, but I’d like you to dive even deeper than that into the heart of your business. What is it that makes you come alive in your business? Is it the flexibility your work affords you? Is it that you just love what you do and can’t imagine doing anything else? Is it your strong desire to serve people? Whatever your reasons, come up with as many as you can and write them down. This will help us as we go through the rest of the pillars.

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2. A Clear Message 

I talk alot about this in my video, so go check it out if you have a few minutes. Creating a clear message comes down to identifying your ideal client, nailing their pain points, explaining how you solve their problems, and showing how their lives will change because of you. This can be a lengthy process, but it is definitely a worthwhile one as you create clarity in your brand message!

3. An Impactful Visual Brand

Of course I’m going to talk about this as a photographer! 🙂 These days, so much of what we see and relate to is visual. It goes beyond the words we read. Our brand colors, look, and feel all need to match up with our Why and our Brand Message, or it will just be confusing! If you’re a high-end luxury brand, your photos and colors need to express that or there will be a disconnect in people’s minds. Remember, a confused mind always says no, and that applies to your visual brand as well.

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4. Ways to Get Your Message Out

This is such a critical part of your business! You can have the best looking brand, the prettiest photos, and the clearest message possible, but if no one knows about you, it doesn’t do any good! This comes back determining where the ideal client you identified in step two spends time online and/or in person. From there, you craft your message, find ways to reach them where they’re at, and engage your clients. Once you find some ways that work for you and your business, you’ll find connections happening quickly and easily with a clear message and amazing visual brand.

5. A System to Handle Clients

So you have a strong brand, your website looks amazing, your message is working and you’re getting clients. Now what? The next part of making sure your brand says what you want it to is to have a system in place to take care of your clients. Mapping out the client journey to make sure they are taken care of from beginning to end is critical. These are the clients that will refer you, leave reviews, and ultimately be able to grow your business. This is the heart of your business and the heart of why you do what you do. Take care of them, and you’ll see amazing things happen. 

There you have it — the five things every business must have in order to grow, scale, and serve their clients well. I know it can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that this is an evolving process. You may not know right now who your ideal client is, but you can start somewhere. You might not know what photos portray your brand, but you can put something up now. Doing something is better than doing nothing! Just remember — you’re not in it alone. There are people out there (like me!) who love helping businesses find their heart and soul and share that with the world. Check back soon, as I’ll be unpacking each of these steps in more detail over the next few weeks!


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