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Maternity Photos: Lindsey

January 25, 2019

Susie took these gorgeous maternity photos in our studio in Fulton, MD, then left the card in the camera for me to download later. As I imported the images, I texted Susie and said, “Lindsey looks like a GODDESS!” Then I texted Lindsey and said, “You look like a gorgeous GODDESS!!” I mean…. she does!!

Normally, it might be hard to be friends with a woman as beautiful Lindsey, but she makes it very easy, actually. Lindsey is about the most humble and affirming friend that I have in my life. She is truly interested in other people and has the gift of making them feel so important, talented, and appreciated. Considering her generous spirit, it is actually impossible to be jealous of Lindsey, even though she is stunning!

This will be Lindsey’s third baby, and truly, her children are gifts to the world. Even at 3, her sensitive oldest son is more emotionally intelligent than many adults I know! Honestly; he’s an emotional prodigy. Just like Lindsey, he is interested in others – actually, it’s more than that – he is actually *concerned* for others! He asks probing questions to uncover how people really feel about situations. I’ve never seen anything like it in a 3 year old! He also loves the sunglasses filter on Instagram and he makes the funniest videos playing with them. 😉 As for little Elsa, who just turned 2…. that girl is just a sunbeam, even (especially) when she’s being sassy. You can tell that her long lashes and adorable smile cover the brightest brain in the room, and while she may keep her parents on their toes, she will always keep them laughing as well! I can’t wait to meet their third baby!! God’s got amazing plans for these little ones.

Pregnancy and motherhood is hard; we all know that’s an understatement. Three pregnancies in 3 years… that’s something very few of us have tackled. But as you will see in these images, all of Lindsey’s sacrifices have only made her more beautiful.

(p.s. Lindsey also has a pretty special gift for personal style, so we’re actually splitting her maternity photos into 2 posts – this one, and another one on What to Wear because we loved her outfit choices so much! HOWEVER, I’m kicking it off with one of the What to Wear dress shots, because this is my favorite photo from the entire session. 😉 Gorgeous, Lindsey!!!)

snowy maternity photos in maryland







  1. Cyndi Alder says:

    Wow!!! These are gorgeous!

  2. Eileen Dowd says:

    Lindsay, you’re so beautiful and you shine Jesus!! What a wonderful photographer to capture the essence of who you are! I love you in green💚💚💚

  3. Sally Ann Price says:

    Those are beautiful photos of you. You are so pretty!

    Sally Ann

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