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Photoshoot styles for mens

21 Poses to Try When Photographing Men

While photos of male models were once limited to underwear ads with six-pack abs, the field is changing—for the better. With major brands turning to street-casting and alternative modeling agencies, photographers now have more freedom to experiment with how they portray male individuality and masculinity.

Masculinity is complex and multi-faceted; it means something different for everyone. These days, there’s more to photographing men than the muscle-flexing cliché, and men don’t have to fit a certain mold to steal the spotlight.

Below, we’ll look at just twenty-one versatile male poses to get started with when photographing men. These are all foundational poses, with several possible variations. They come from photo history and the worlds of fashion and portraiture, but they’re also modern and fresh.

Add variety by shooting these poses in vertical and horizontal formats; get close for detail shots, and then move away for full-body shots. Have your model move his head toward and away from the camera to see what works; even slight shifts can have a significant effect.

It’s also important to note that these poses are by no means reserved for men only. They’ll work with women, non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirited individuals, and more. We chose these poses because they can be vehicles for expressing masculinity in many different forms. They are meant to broaden your horizons—not limit them.

The hands-in-pockets


One of the first questions new models ask is, “What should I do with my hands?” The classic hands-in-pockets pose is one way to solve this problem. You can have one hand or both hands in the pockets, depending on the look you want, but make sure the thumb is hooked outside the pocket. That way, the hands won’t look like they’re disappearing or cropped. Of course, this pose can also be combined with other poses on this list for tons of variety.


The arm cross


You know this one; it’s the pose you’ll find on professional directories and profile pages the world over. It’s also easy and simple, especially for men who might not be used to posing professionally. Depending on the facial expression, this pose can evoke all sorts of moods, from businesslike to edgy and non-conforming. Like the hands-in-pockets pose, this one can be combined with several others, so feel free to try it out in different situations.

The wardrobe adjustment


We’re not talking about a literal wardrobe adjustment here but something more subtle. To give your model something to do with his hands, have him roll up his sleeves, adjust his cufflinks, fix his tie, pop his collar, or touch his watch or cap. Another popular one? Holding the labels of his suit with his hands. For fashion photographers, this pose serves two purposes; first, it helps create a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and second, it draws attention to the details of the outfit.


The lean


For a relaxed, expressive portrait, have your model lean against a wall. You can have him lean to the side or straight back. You can also ask him to lift one leg and push it against the wall for a casual vibe. Feel free to experiment with angles here, as walls give you lots of options for bent limbs and sculptural compositions.


This one isn’t a single pose but several! Try out different perspectives, and invite your model to look at the camera, and away from it, for some variety.


This technique was also a favorite of the legendary fashion photographer and portraitist Irving Penn, who sometimes used moving walls while posing his subjects. In the case of Truman Capote and Marcel Duchamp, he included walls on either side of the body, so feel free to get creative.

The strut


If your model’s having trouble loosening up in front of the camera, have them walk towards you from a distance. That sense of movement will make for dynamic images and get rid of any stiffness your subject might need to shake off before getting into other poses.

The jacket toss


You’ll find this pose in fashion magazines and editorials, and it works with a model who’s standing still or moving. For a “nonchalant,” casual-cool vibe, have your subject use one hand to drape his jacket or sweater over his shoulder; if he’s walking, you can get some nice flowing or billowing clothing at the same time.

The hair-swipe


Have your model run his fingers through his hair for a relaxed, spontaneous feeling. You can also ask him to move his arm down and place his hand on the back of his neck for a similar yet distinct pose. These are two favorites among fashion photographers, and you’ll find them across ads and editorials worldwide.


The hand-to-chest


This versatile pose can be used to express introspection and vulnerability, self-confidence and poise, and everything in between. Simply ask your model to place one hand on the opposite shoulder or chest. This easy movement will create interesting lines and angles—plus an added layer of depth. You can also have him hold onto something, like an article of clothing.



Meaning “counterpose” in Italian, this is a pose that borrows heavily from art history, with one of the most famous examples being Michelangelo’s David. To achieve this pose, ask your model to lean his body weight on one straightened leg, bending the other leg and letting his upper body twist slightly off-axis from the hips for an asymmetrical but balanced look. Unlike standing straight, the contrapposto pose conveys dynamism and liveliness; recent studies even suggest that it could make us look more attractive.

The hand-on-hip


The hand-on-hip pose is usually associated with women, but like any pose, gender stereotypes need not apply, and it can work just as well for men.

Just think of Yousuf Karsh’s indelible photo of Winston Churchill, where the Prime Minister stands with one hand on his hip and the other on the back of a chair. It’s the portrait of a lifetime, and it’s not just that incredible facial expression that made it unforgettable—though that certainly helped.

To get the look, make sure you’re positioned slightly below your subject’s eye level. Another hint for an authoritative expression? Follow Karsh’s lead and go for a furrowed brow and narrow eyes, rather than wide-open ones.

The prop


Props can work wonders, but they have to make sense within the context of your photoshoot. That is to say, they should help tell the story of the person you’re photographing, rather than distract attention away from him. It can help to ask your model to bring an object of personal significance on set; not only will this prop help make him feel more comfortable, but it’ll also help prompt new pose ideas.

The jawline


Historically, portraits of men have trended towards hard lighting and contrast, which is great if you want to accentuate the jawline. In this case, remember to ask your model to jut his chin forward and down, as this position will result in that nice strong shadow on the neck.

That’s not to say that you can’t use softer light; there are no rules here. Traditionally used for portraits of women, soft light can produce beautifully dreamy, ethereal pictures of men as well; it just won’t accentuate that jawline in the same way.

The lean-in


Not to be confused with “the lean,” this pose occurs when the model is sitting, with his arms on his knees. If you want to make it a classic “power shot,” position your camera just slightly below the subject’s eye level.


The thinker


We borrowed the name of this pose from the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin, but it can also be traced throughout photo history; one photographer, Alvin Langdon Coburn, even modeled a portrait of George Bernard Shaw after the sculpture itself. In this pose, the model is seated, with his chin on his hand and elbow on his knee. It’s a pose associated with thoughtfulness and heroism, so it works well for serious portraits.

The leg-cross


Crossing your model’s legs can add dynamics and a sense of movement to almost any photo, no matter the pose. Still, one of the most common leg-cross poses you’ll find includes a seated model with the ankle of one foot resting on the knee of the other. This pose can be done on a chair, bench, or sofa for a natural, candid feel.

The backward chair


This classic pose can be found everywhere from senior portraits to album covers (think: Lionel Richie in Can’t Slow Down or Johnny Mathis in Feelings). It works well because it conveys the same sense of self-assurance as the “lean-in” while also giving you some added versatility. Have your subject lean onto the back of the chair or rest his hands there for a cool, casual sensibility.

The face-touch


Use the position of your model’s hands to direct the eye, and play with hiding and revealing different portions of the face. A touch can be used to demonstrate strength, vulnerability, or both.


A hand to the chin, as in Albert Watson’s iconic photo of Steve Jobs, will tell a different story than a gentle hand on the cheek, so check in to see what your model likes and go from there. Asking your subject to touch his face can also result in candid, natural facial expressions that are difficult to “fake.”

The hand-clasp


This pose, usually executed when the model is sitting, can exude humbleness and approachability. As with the “lean-in,” you’ll have your model place his elbows on his knees—only this time, you’ll ask him to join his hands. You can also do it standing up, if your subject is leaning on something like a railing.


You can also use this time to get some close-ups of the hands, which can often help tell someone’s story even better than the face. Your model can also draw attention to any rings or tattoos he might have.


The stairs


Stairs are perfect for portrait and fashion shoots because they allow for different levels and perspectives. Have your model sit on one step and place his feet on two different steps; having those layers will give your photo more depth and interest.

The lean-back


There are tons of “leaning-back” poses to try, but for now, we’ll keep it simple. Have your model lean back, with at least one of his arms behind him, propping him up. He can also place his elbows on the floor, rather than his palms, but it works both ways.

Like many of the poses on this list, this one comes off as relaxed and comfortable, giving your photos an authentic and spontaneous vibe. He can lean back on both hands or leave one free and move it around. He can cross his legs for an added point of interest, or he can bend one leg and extend the other—your call.

The “in-between”


This isn’t a pose per se, but it’s just as important as any conventional pose. The “in-between” refers to the natural poses your model makes when he’s in between formal poses; it could be as simple as turning over his shoulder to look at you or dancing to the music when he thinks you aren’t shooting.

The breaks between traditional “poses” are all opportunities to grab some candid, off-the-cuff poses and gestures that are unique to your model. These are the poses that can’t be planned or choreographed, so take advantage of these moments.

These poses are just a starting point, and we recommend staying open to improvisation on set. There are hundreds if not thousands of other poses to explore, so we’ve barely scratched the surface here. Your approach will also vary based on the person you’re photographing—what works for one face and personality might not work for another.

Take the time to get to know your model and understand what he wants from the session, and remember to provide encouragement and feedback throughout the shoot. Posing and direction should always be positive and fun.

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Boys photo shoot - ideas for a guys photo shoot

A photo session of guys requires a special approach, because, unlike the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, not all young people like to spend a lot of time in front of the camera. The concept of a male photo shoot is different from female photosets : if it is important for girls to convey the mood and natural attractiveness in the photo, then representatives of the strong half of humanity tend to emphasize some kind of character trait.

Photo shoots of modern guys differ from photo shoots of girls also in that it is not customary for the representatives of the stronger sex to show off in front of the photographer. They don’t have favorite angles, they don’t know how to stand in front of the camera, and this leaves a certain imprint on the theme of filming. Meanwhile photo shoots for men quite common and have a place to be. Often they are ordered as a gift for a loved one. Bypassing this difficulty will help you ideas, thanks to which you can get successful and effective photos for work or a family album.

Preparing for a photoshoot

To make the photo session comfortable for the guys themselves, you need to thoroughly prepare for it. To begin with, it is worth deciding where the shooting will take place - at home, in the studio, at work or elsewhere. It is also important to think over the style, taking into account the fact that a themed photo shoot for one guy is different from a photo shoot of two friends or a group of young people. There are various styles of photo shoots for guys, the main ones are the following:

  • portrait photography
  • fashion photography
  • trash
  • military

Portrait photography - this kind of photography usually takes place on the street. It can be night or held in the evening, winter or summer - details and scenery are not important, since its basis is natural masculinity and attractiveness.

Fashion - fashion photos tend to be spectacular. Most often, such a photo shoot is held in a studio with an emphasis on a fashionable wardrobe.

Trash - such a photoset is suitable for "rebels", as it is anti-fashion. Young people are photographed in dirty, torn jeans and shirts in settings that are far from ideal, but that's how the best shots are made.

Military - the emphasis is on military clothing and weapons. One representative of the strong half of humanity or a group of friends, an aged person or teenagers can take part in such photography.

Then you need to prepare clothes that match the idea of ​​a photo session and invite a professional photographer who can make original thematic photos really spectacular and interesting.

Mask Styles

Ideas for a photo shoot for men depend on the image. There are so-called mask styles that representatives of the stronger half can try on. The most common "masks" for a photo shoot of real guys are as follows:

  • brutal
  • restrained
  • hardworking
  • loving

Brutal - a person with bestial habits, self-confident and able to stand up for himself. A sort of "real kid", responsible for his words and actions, athletic and simple. He does not need beautiful poses, but a wardrobe - a leather jacket or vest, frayed jeans and a minimum of gloss.

Restrained - a flint man, stingy with emotions. The hero of the novel that every woman dreams of. The photo shoot will be spectacular if the hero is dressed in a strict coat, a classic suit, and a cashmere scarf is used as an accessory.

Hardworking - the main character is a businessman. The main character is photographed sitting at a table in the office, standing in full growth on the street near the business center, in a restaurant watching the press, etc. To get used to such a role, you do not need to be a model, since most of the representatives of the strong half of humanity are actually workaholics, which means that the result of the photoset will be the best photos in your album. As a wardrobe, you should choose a classic trouser suit or simple jeans with a light jumper.

Loving is a natural masculine style. This person is popular with representatives of the weak half of humanity. His gaze is enough to make a woman fall in love without memory. For such a photoset, the main character must be surrounded by girls. Night photos in the city, for example, in the park, when the lights are on, will be original. The main thing is to choose the right poses for the photo shoot.

Unusual photoshoot ideas and the right images will be selected by a professional photographer who you should contact if you need really interesting shots.

Photoshoots at any time of the year

Photo shoots of several guys are also common, and there are a lot of ideas for them. Best friends, colleagues or relatives can have a great time and keep the memory of it for years to come. As a theme for a photoset, you can use different ideas. Take a photo for example:

  • on a walk
  • in the interior
  • on football
  • in training
  • in a studio

Walking down the street

Photoshoot can be arranged in summer, winter, autumn or spring. It doesn’t matter what the weather or landscape will be, the main thing is to choose a great theme. In the summer, you can arrange a themed photoset for one person in the city. Behave the way you behave in real life. Ordinary wardrobe, bottle of mineral water, natural pose. You don’t have to be a model, just photos taken as if from the outside are enough, and good shots are guaranteed.

Outdoor games

In summer, unusual pictures are taken in nature. For example, young people play football on the field, they are wearing simple sports shorts and T-shirts. Their poses are characteristic: one stands on the goal, the second kicks the ball. The advantage of these summer photos is their brightness.

In training

Such a photoset is suitable for both mature representatives of the strong half of humanity, and for teenagers. An original summer session can be organized in the city on a sports ground, for example, take a pose, as if you are doing push-ups or pulling yourself up on a horizontal bar. Winter pictures can be taken on the waterfront, where you will be jogging.

In a studio

Here you will feel like a model. An experienced photographer will select an interesting, unusual style for you, tell you what emotions to express to make professional photos spectacular. Before shooting, the photomaster will offer you to look at the catalog of pictures, and you will select the options that match your image.

In the interior

Such a photo shoot is more suitable for one or two people. The situation can be any, but combined with the style, mood, appearance and behavior of the representatives of the strong half of humanity who take part in the shooting.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to winter photosets. They can be organized anywhere, even tied to the New Year and Christmas holidays. Good photos are taken on New Year's Eve itself near a decorated Christmas tree, with fireworks, next to a snowman. They can be family, where you and your family open New Year's gifts or sit at the festive table.

Also, winter shots are good in nature. For example, on a hockey rink, because hockey is a real man's game. For such a winter photoset, you need to invite at least two friends and rent a uniform.

Before choosing your photoshoot option, check out the catalogs of photo studios. This will help you determine the right direction, and then the photo session of the guys will turn out to be really successful.

poses and styles, 92 photo ideas for street and studio

Deep down, many men dream of participating in professional shooting, but they don't always decide on it. It is worth at least once to be in front of the camera with a photographer, to try on a brutal or classic image, as all stereotypes are destroyed. Men's photo session in the studio or outdoors gives you the opportunity to get stylish photos for a model portfolio, social media page, resume or home photo collection . Masculinity, romance or aggressiveness in photographs attracts the attention of girls. Among the huge number of styles and poses for a male photo shoot, you can choose what will characterize you.

1 Psychological features of a male portrait

2 Types of male photography

3 Male photo session on the street

3.1 Photo session for a man in the city

3.2 Photo shoot in nature

4 Photo shoot of a man in the interior

4.1 Men's photo session at home or in another room

4.2 Men's photo shoot in the studio

5 Choice of style for a man's photo shoot

6 Poses for a man's photo shoot0

6.2 Portrait of a man in front

6.3 Portrait of a man in profile

6.4 Leaning against the vertical

6.5 Asymmetrical pose

6.6 at the workplace

6.7 sitting on the table

6.8 Sitting at the table

6. 9 Dominizing

6.10 Sitting on the ground

6.11 without support

6.12 with a support of

6.13 with a support for vertical

6.14 large large plan

7 Ideas for a men's photo shoot

7.1 Men's photo shoot with a car

8 Preparing for a man's photo shoot

8.1 Choosing clothes for a photo shoot

8.2 Accessories for a men's photo shoot

8.3 Preparing shoes for shooting

8.4 Styling a man for a photo session

In the case of men, the emphasis is on something else: on masculinity, closeness, coolness, or even professionalism. That is, on those features that are considered traditionally inherent in the stronger sex. A classic photo session for men is a studio or a city, an urban or natural landscape in which the main character wanders, showing himself from his own sides. Here he sits down on a bench and smokes, leans against the wall, arms folded and looking past the camera, looks into the distance and his face is spiritual and courageous. Variations are allowed, of course: the emphasis can shift towards aggressiveness or sadness, rebelliousness or cold professionalism. But openly expressed sexuality, undisguised softness and tenderness, emphasizing innocence in the image - this is not very typical for male photographs, this will need to be negotiated with the photographer separately. From a technical point of view, a male photo session is not much different from a photo shoot where the photographer works with a woman or a child. But in the field of accents, preferred images, poses and colors, the difference is huge. A photo session for men is a difficult process for both the photographer and the model. Representatives of the stronger sex 9It is difficult for 0071 to admit his inability to pose for the camera, his fears and insecurities .

Being under the lens of the lens, many men get lost, pinched and behave unnaturally . But still - far from everything! In order for the photo session to be successful, the photographer and the model need to meet in advance, discuss the nuances and, ideally, establish contact that will allow them to hear each other during the photo shoot.

Usually, it is more familiar and easier for photographers to work with uninhibited girls who are ready to experiment from the first minute of shooting. It must be understood that for girls, a photo session has a different meaning. They enjoy not only the result of shooting, but also the process itself. Ladies like to dress up, pose for the camera, trying on all sorts of images. Men's photo shoot requires clarity, clarity and concentration.

It is important for young people to feel psychological comfort while working in a photo studio. In order for the shooting to be productive and pleased with its result, the photographer must find an individual approach to the model. It is important for men to understand why this or that pose is needed, how to show emotions more effectively, what will come of it.

Every professional photographer has secrets of how to shoot a male portrait so that the client is satisfied. Here are just some of the obvious principles for the success of any male photo shoot:

  • the right wardrobe;
  • quality lighting;
  • experienced photographer;
  • a good place to take pictures;
  • psychological and physical looseness of the model during posing.

Men's photo shoot is held to show young people from an original, interesting side. Boldness, strength and charisma look advantageous. In a male portrait, there is rarely a place for grace and softness (although everything depends very much on the plot and character!). The photo shows correct facial features, body relief, status, mind, hobby or masculine character.

Types of male photography

When the general idea of ​​photography is chosen, you need to choose an interior or exterior that will work best with the chosen image. A photo session of a man can take place in a photo studio, in nature, in an office, in a city, at home. Types of male photography directly depend on the goals of the hero of our shooting. Among the main reasons to go to the photographer are the following desires:

  • win the admiration of female representatives;
  • demonstrate attractiveness, success or wealth;
  • take memorable pictures for a photo collection;
  • save your hobbies and passions in photographs;
  • make a portrait in a business style for placement in a resume or on the company's website;
  • have fun and take photos that shock the public and possibly catch a hype in social networks ;-)

To choose an idea and style for a male photo shoot, first of all you need to decide what you want to get in the end. Each type of shooting needs its own entourage, background, emotional mood and angle. Accessories in the form of a motorcycle, guitar, boxing gloves, laptop or phone will help to make shots more expressive. The finished picture will be obtained only if the style, location and image of the model are harmoniously combined.

Men's photo shoot on the street

Man's photo shoot in the city

The city is endless opportunities to take advantage of. For example:

  • Day streets . It is good to show dynamics, vigor and pleasure from life in the modern world on them. Let the main character walk, look into the distance, sit on a bench, stand on the stairs, enter a cafe or shop, or climb a Ferris wheel. There is a lot of light, even more activities, you can take portrait photos, and pictures at work or while walking, or story, genre photos.
  • Night streets . Ideal to show the image of a rebel, loneliness and freedom. More lanterns, more dancing through the empty streets, running through the park at night, and anything else. You can find an abandoned construction site or shoot a model next to a beautiful view of the whole city.

Men's photoshoot, shot on the street, allows you to change several locations and backgrounds in one walk. In the city, noisy streets, squares, historical sites, bridges, as well as areas where business centers are concentrated are suitable for shooting. You can go to a summer cafe, pose against the backdrop of fashion boutiques or stand at an ordinary pole. The main thing in male shooting in urban conditions is the atmosphere and emotions. This is comfort, self-sufficiency and confidence.

If you want the men's photo session to take place at a calm pace, choose the morning hours for it, when the street is not crowded. For a male photo shoot in the city, the following accessories are suitable:

  • hat;
  • glasses;
  • coffee cup;
  • diary;
  • Notebook

Outdoor photography is best done in fine weather with natural light. The exception is photographs against the backdrop of night city lights. But remember that rules are there to be broken. For example, rainy and inclement weather can play a role in the idea of ​​gloomy or harsh photographs, consciously using such an atmosphere to convey the intended image or character of the character.

Photo shoot in nature

During a male photo shoot in nature, the photographer has the same problems as in the city - you need to be ready to improvise and use everything that you find in a particular location. Therefore, if you do not feel confident, come to the chosen location in advance and outline a shooting plan. However, the game is worth the candle, because by combining nature and man, you can get frames of intoxicating beauty. Anything will do - a forest or a small grove, a large field or a lake shore. You can even do without the image, just shooting a handsome man in a delightful environment. A photo session for a man in nature suggests relaxation, active sports, walks and hobbies as the main idea for photographs. The photo shoot can take place in a park, on a sports ground, on a city embankment or in a forest. If you are embarrassed by prying eyes, go to nature outside the city. The plot can be based on one of the following ideas:

  • a walk on the pier with yachts or ships in the background;
  • playing sports, running in the park with a dog;
  • standing in the middle of the road, on the bridge;
  • leisurely walk or picnic near the trees or on a bench in an autumn park;
  • lying or sitting on the grass near a river or in a field;

Men's photo session in the interior

Successful photos at a men's photo session can be obtained both in a stylized studio and in urban interiors. Suitable surroundings and background for a photo can be found at home, at work, in a restaurant or cafe, in a shopping center, in a garage and in other public places. The interior affects the perception of the whole plot. With it, it is easy to demonstrate the image, status, mood and feelings.

Men's photo shoot at home or in another room

The interior option is good because it is completely controlled. It may rain or wind in the city, the light may suddenly go out or, on the contrary, become too bright. A photographer needs to be able to improvise and work according to circumstances. In the room, the light is set using bright lamps, the accents are placed independently: a vase of flowers, an open laptop, graffiti on the wall, a poster or a photo in a frame - you can emphasize the image with little things, strengthen and deepen it. That is why portrait photography is most often carried out precisely in interior conditions. Classic places for male photo shoots in the interior:

  • in your stylish kitchen or living room at home;
  • in a cozy cafe at a table or bar counter;
  • in a luxury hotel room;
  • in a restaurant with panoramic windows;
  • in the office or behind the workplace;
  • at the window in any room;
  • any specific space associated with a man's profession or hobby: garage, music studio or art studio;

The photo with an expensive interior focuses on both the man and the details surrounding him. Style harmony is very important. If you are doing a photo shoot for a man at home, use everything you find in the room - sofas, chairs and tables, the interior of a living room or kitchen, details of a person’s habitat can tell a lot about him in photographs. The main thing is to use all this in his interests ;-).

Men's photo shoot in the studio

Men's stylish photo shoots in the studio allow you to achieve any result. If you want to get a business image, a black and white portrait, try on an aggressive mask, go to a photo studio in search of a suitable entourage. Only you will be in the center of the frame. Shooting a classic male portrait does not require additional accessories and complex scenery. You can stand in front of a brick or white wall, sit on a chair or on a ladder.

If your goal is to get photographs in a thematic style, then you will have to try to translate ideas. For a military look, you will need a military uniform, bandana, weapons or sunglasses. And to get a realistic rock musician, you have to get a guitar or drum set.

Choosing a style for a male photo shoot

Any format of a male photo shoot implies a demonstration of the personal qualities and character of the model. Almost all ideas for a male photo shoot are designed to show the positive side of a person. Through posture, movement, gaze and facial expressions, moods and feelings can be conveyed. The style for the photo should reveal the personality and be in harmony with his clothes, postures and facial expressions. Most often, young people at a photo shoot use an image that will reflect in the photograph:

  • confidence;
  • charm;
  • force;
  • charisma;
  • masculinity

On holidays, it becomes important to give certificates for photography as a present to friends and relatives. Therefore, men, photo shoots for which have become a kind of gift of fate, may not even know what they need to do, how to pose and how to prepare for photography. You can use the help of a photographer or contact a stylist.

Men's photo shoot poses

For those of the stronger sex who are preparing for a men's photo shoot for the first time, it will be useful to familiarize themselves with simple male poses. Depending on the image, background and emotions of the model, the body position and facial expression can carry a different semantic load.

Standing photo

In order to get a beautiful standing photo during a men's photo session, it is important to monitor your posture, pull in your stomach, straighten and pull back your shoulders. For a good angle, a pose is suitable when a man stands at full height, crossing his arms over his chest. It is very important to be natural and not strain. You can also cross your legs or put one on your toe.

Front view of a man

Front view is the view you get if you shoot a person looking directly at the camera. When a man has a deep look, full-face shots are very expressive. Almost every male photo session begins with this pose. Stand up straight, look confidently at the camera or to the side, hands can be put in pockets.

Profile photo of a man

It's a great idea to take a profile photo of a man. As a rule, portraits are very characteristic and charismatic.

Leaning against the vertical

Interesting poses and plots will be obtained if you use a wall, a tree, a vertical ladder, a lamppost as a background. You can touch them with your back or just lean on your hand. The gaze during a male photo shoot should be directed at the photographer or into the distance. It is better to hold some kind of accessory in your hands - a cigarette, glasses or a briefcase.

Asymmetrical pose

If you shift your body weight on one leg and bend the other at the knee, while throwing the jacket over your shoulder, you will get a great shot. You can complement it with a confident smile, smirk or a serious look. Another example of an asymmetrical posture is when a young man touches his hair with one hand, while the other clings to a belt. Try to turn your torso a few centimeters away from the camera, but look into the lens.

In the workplace

The standard pose in which a man sits cross-legged is easy to replicate in a work office. You can sit at the table or in the office for negotiations. To do this, put on a suit or shirt, pick up a phone or pretend to work at a computer. A business photo session cannot do without such business images. Another idea is to stand up to your full height, pick up a diary and direct a thoughtful look at the window.

Sitting on a table

For successful business people, a very important factor is the seriousness of photography, a photo session of men should correspond to their status. To take an original picture, you can sit on the edge of the table in the office or in a makeshift office in the photo studio.

Rules of etiquette and common sense do not allow a businessman to put his feet on the table completely. And in a creative thematic photo shoot, such a plot is possible.

Sitting at a table

A fairly simple and natural posture is obtained at a table. A man can put his hands on the tabletop, touch his chin with his hands, or hold his hands relaxed behind his head, leaning back in his chair. In order to indicate the type of activity, work items should be added to the frame. They can be drawings or maps, books, documents. A natural photo will come out if the model turns halfway, and the photographer shoots from the back.


The role of a self-confident boss will become an authoritative and dominant image for a photo session. Here you can not do without a decisive look. A man can relax in a chair, cross his legs, smoke a pipe. Every movement and emotion must express strength. For a successful shot, you should rehearse a gaze, an impudent smirk, or a serious facial expression filled with meaning.

Sitting on the ground

In a photography studio or outdoors, try the sitting position. It will effectively turn out both on the floor and on grass or earth. You can make juicy shots in nature, sitting in the grass. Even easier is to go to a photo studio with a fireplace and sit comfortably in front of it. It is very convenient to take photos with a pet in this position.


The mesmerizing scenery of the beach is ideal for seated shots without the support of the arms. A man can admire the sunset or look at the water. It is more convenient to place the legs in front of you, bend, and clasp your knees with your hands. This is a great pose for a male photo shoot in the field, on the banks of the river or in the forest.


A natural pose that is easy to replicate under any conditions is the sitting position, when one or both of the subject's hands rest on the floor. The photographer can choose an interesting angle, suitable light and the right shooting angle to show the model from the best side.


For a casual male photo session, you can use the sitting position against a wall or a tree. Wear comfortable clothing: jeans, t-shirt, plaid shirt. Sit on the floor, stretch or bend your legs, leaning back against the wall. The classic pose looks simple: the model sits with her back and the back of her head against the wall, her legs are bent at the knees, her hands are relaxed on them. Or, if so uncomfortable, you can stretch your legs and cross your arms over your chest.

To achieve a relaxed posture, sit comfortably, do not slouch or tense up. A beautiful shot against the backdrop of nature will turn out if you lean on the wheel of a car while sitting on the ground.


Men's photo session cannot do without close-ups. There are no ready-made solutions for them - the details, the best angles depend on the specific person and image. Shooting from different angles, applying black and white effects, unexpected angles - all this will help to make a cool portrait. The model can look at the camera, raise her head, frown, smile, raise her hand to her face, look away or lower her eyes. The main secret of the close-up is emotions. Masterpiece photos are obtained when a man knows how to express his feelings with his eyes. Minimalism and black and white effect in the pictures will make facial features even more expressive. There should be a lot of pictures so that later you can choose the best ones from them.

Ideas for a men's photo shoot

Men's photo session with a car

We all know how men love cool cars, motorcycles, ships and other technical means of transportation - so why not use it in a photo shoot?

Preparing for a male photo shoot

Preparing for a photo shoot starts with coming up with an idea for an image and trying to determine what the model wants to get as a result. It can be, for example:

  • Just a beautifully presented appearance. Then it will be enough styling, properly selected clothes and discreet makeup, which will be invisible as a result.
  • Emphasized character trait. Then it will be necessary to focus on showing exactly her. A man wants to look brutal in the photo? Then you need a T-shirt, under which muscles, a barbell, a lot of light and mirrors are visible. Do you want to emphasize your coldness? Then he will need an outfit in dark, strict colors and suitable accessories - for example, an umbrella, a cane and a tie.
  • A certain image. It can be a medieval aristocrat, a cheerful rebel, a hero-lover - everything needs an appropriate frame.

It's best to come up with the general idea of ​​a photo session before contacting a photographer. Most masters have a section on the site called "men's photo session" or "photo of men", and there you can see in what style the photographer shoots and how well he does it. And, if he is used to the usual portrait shooting, and the model wants to look like Batman in the pictures or try on another unusual image, then it is better to look for another person.

Selection of clothes for a photo shoot

When the idea is thought up and discussed with the photographer, it's time to prepare and select the details of the image. Clothing sets the background, which is then complemented by nuances. For example:

  • For the image of a professional in their field, appropriate things are needed - from a formal suit for an office clerk to bright overalls for a road worker;
  • for portrait shooting you need things that do not distract from the face and sit on the figure - the classic option is dark trousers and a white shirt;
  • For the image of a hero or a person of a certain period, appropriate things are needed - for example, a black cloak for Batman or a tailcoat with a top hat for a dandy of the late 19th century.

If the men's photo session is held outdoors, you should take a warm jacket with you. And you need to get to the venue in casual clothes so as not to stain or tear the outfit for shooting.

Accessories for the men's photo shoot

We've decided on the clothes and the place — then we need to decide what to do with the accessories.

It can be anything: profession attributes, books, flowers, animals, photographs, weapons, cigarettes or bottles of alcohol. The main thing is that things should fit into the image and emphasize it.

So, giving a cigarette to a guy who wants to look liberated and a little brutal in the photo is worth it. But for someone who emphasizes their muscles and demonstrates a love for sports, it will completely ruin the whole image.

Getting ready for shooting

Shoes must be at least two pairs. One to get to the studio in it (or to the shooting location, if it is a street), the second to fit it into the image and capture it in the photo. The first should be comfortable, the second should fit into the overall concept - and this is where the requirements end.

Man's styling for a photo shoot

In real life, a man may look "a little prettier than a monkey", as in the old joke, but in the photo he should look interesting and advantageous for himself. Therefore, without the services of a hairdresser who will take care of styling, you can not do.

A man's hairstyle should also play into the image. A deliberately disheveled haircut is suitable for a brutal macho, for a professional in his field - especially if he has clothes, this is a strict suit - a neat hair to hair hairstyle, a wild bouffant for a rebel.

For a portrait photo session, it is worth consulting with the master, and style your hair in such a way that it emphasizes the advantages, while hiding the imperfections of the face.

Men's make-up - needed for photography

The very idea of ​​make-up may seem ridiculous, but you can't do without it to create an image - it will emphasize the best, give the face that beauty that it may lack in everyday life. The foundation will hide the imperfections of the skin, skillfully used shadows will make the look more expressive, a small amount of lipstick will highlight the lips.

To make the result both imperceptible and beneficially transforming the facial features of the hero of the photo shoot , it is worth using the services of a professional stylist, and preferably one working with the photographer.

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